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12 Free Must Have Fonts

12 Free Must Have Fonts
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60 Free Handwritten & Script Fonts People mostly use either serif or sans-serif fonts and often miss out the handwritten fonts. They are as important as the main font classifications. I particularly like to use handwritten fonts to highlight significant items in screen captures. akaDora Alako Ampersand Angelina Avant que Bee Marker Ink BethHand Bradley Hand ITC (update: not free) Brankovic Brook 23 CAC Pinafore Carefree Chalkdust Cheryl CoertSchrift Dik Complete in Him CoolHandLuke Creampuff Deathrattle Desyrel Dwerneck Eraser Fafers Handwriting FFF Tusj Freehand 575 Freestyle Script (update: not free) Graph Hand of Sean HarabaraHand Honey Script HZHandwrite It Ain't Rocket Science Japanese Brush J.D. Jenelson Koala (update: not free) Lauren C. Learning Curve Marketing Script Mighty to Save Mural Script Never Let Go Neville Script One Stroke Script OneMiguel Shaded PP Handwriting Prelude FLF Serena Shelter Me SimpleLife Sketch Rockwell

Cool Tips I just found out about this remarkable tool, so I jumped at the offer and thought I would pass this on to you, my friends, thinking it may be of use and a new way to organize/bookmark the things you discover very neatly. As a blogger, I tend to collect bookmarks like crazy, always looking for new ideas and inspiration from all over the world wide web from the cozy comfort of my over stuffed desk chair. If you're anything like me "heaven forbid" your bookmarks are clumsy and unorganized to say the least. Help is on the way and it's called Pearltrees. Pearltrees is the social way to organize, discover and share the stuff you like on the Web.

10 Pinterest Infographics: Visual Explanations for a Visual Social Network As of Q1 of 2012, Pinterest had generated 11.7 million unique visitors. And here at HubSpot, our main website receives 1,000+ monthly visits through referral traffic from Pinterest -- and all we do is pin some content! Everyone keeps talking about how Pinterest will grow to become one of the largest used social networks, but truth is, it already is. As a social network that is built around one of the hottest trends in social media today -- visual content -- it's no wonder Pinterest is thriving. What Is Pinterest? First things first: let's review the basics to ensure we're all on the same page. Source: Infographic Labs Who Uses Pinterest? As marketers, it's important to understand the audience of each social network we use. Source: Modea The Rise of Pinterest Before we continue, let's briefly review the rise of Pinterest as a social network. Source: Statista Why Is Pinterest So Addictive? We've seen facts and figures about Pinterest, but what makes this social platform so addictive anyway?

8 Fresh High-Quality Free Fonts We’re always trying to find new high-quality freebies. Whether it’s PSD’s, patterns, or icons, we love finding free stuff and sharing it with you. We do the searching so you don’t have to. This saves you time and helps you focus on what’s important. So for this post, we’ve rounded up 8 new high quality fonts for you to use in your designs. Dense Regular Poetsen geogram typeface Track free font Look Up Kelson Sans About the Author Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. Related Posts 384 shares 9 Free Icon Sets to Diversify your Library Every designer needs to be ready to go wherever their projects take them. Read More 945 shares 10 Best New Free Fonts We’ve been on the prowl for some new free fonts to share with you.

30+ Free and Delightful Doodle Fonts Words are powerful tools in making an impression, and in graphic designing, words added with style is a wow. Different kinds of font styles are now available today and the styles can very help on how your design will turn out to be, depending on how you would use it. These font styles play a significant role it making a design impressive, unique and extraordinary. To add up to our freebies, we have collected 30+ Free and Delightful Doodle Fonts. If you want to make give your a design a fun and less serious, then these fonts can help you make that fashion you imagine. Just keep your imagination and creativity flowing and better and more unique designs will be made. Do Doodle By Galdino Otten. Crown Doodle By Denise Bentulan. Riscada Doodle By Galdino Otten. A Morris Line font By JOEBOB graphics. Doodle Pen Limited By Letters & Numbers. Skinny Jeans Doodles By Agam. Pijamas font By Billy Argel. MTF Cupcake font By Miss Tiina. MTF Dear Santa font By Miss Tiina. Diamondgirl font By Des. By Fontomen. Painting Tips, Artist Reviews, Selling Art Online and more How to implement technology in your school counseling program There are thousands (or more) great resources on the web that counselors, teachers, or administrators can use (usually free of charge) in their daily work. The nice thing is that most of it is already created and a teacher or counselor simply needs to fit it into their curriculum. I will point you to a few general resources that I enjoy using and have found safe. A brief note about internet use, suggested programs, and just general good sense (I hope this is not new to you). Okay, now that we are all experts on how to use the internet safely – lets get cracking. First resource that I want to share is the all powerful Second, Third, college websites. If anyone else has great websites, sound off in the comments or send me an email.

New Useful Free Fonts To Help You On Your Projects I believe you are already used to the tradition in here of featuring a serious batch of new fonts once in a few months. I’m really happy that designers put a lot of work into creating these fonts cause the results are quite impressive. You can download these fonts for free and use them according to their licenses or you can use them on your web sites with the help of the Google @font-face database cause some of them are in there too. Rex Lavanderia Haymaker Sofia FV Almelo Alfa Slab Arvil Accent Ferrica Light Cubano Hagin Carton Inder Prosto Sansita One Archive Poly Duru Sans Bispo Unna Blanch Crete Round Sullivan Open Sans Condensed Lorena La Tribune CP Noticia Text Manteka Intro Web Serveroff Exo Origram Ropa Sans Bemio Frederic Nomed Volkhov Bender That’s Font Folks Ubuntu Mono Static Clemente Urbe Asap

Fonts! Chank’s Free Font Archive is a world-class collection of fun original free fonts by different designers from all over the world. These fonts are all exclusive to and should not be redistributed under any circumstances. They are free for you to use for your own personal, recreational uses, but you must purchase a license if you wish to use them commercially. ALIEN MUSHROOMS ATOMIC VEGAS SEASNAKES BRIARWOOD BROKEN DREAMS BROOKINGS CHESTER DRAWERS CHUMMMMLEY DECOPOLITAN DESIGNY DICKENS MCQUEEN EATSTREET FARMERS DELIGHT FLOWER POWER FOWL PLAY FRIDAY LUCK HILLYARD KAISER KEGGER COLLEGIATE LEMONADE SPEEDSTER MARIEKE MATT B MUSTACHIO NOMAK PARTICULATE SARCASTIC ROBOT SNIPPLE TARTAN CABARET TENDERLOIN TORTUGA WESTSAC Like free fonts?

Cheat Sheets - Shading/Shadows & Highlights: Created for The following cheat sheets and the tutorial posted below these were created for Wilma4Ever. Great store, great people. Go check them out, you'll be glad you did! Cheat Sheets - Shading/Shadows & Highlights These Cheat Sheets are 3600x3600, click on the image to get the full size and do a right mouse click and save as.