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EdTech Blog How to Integrate Project-Based STEM Challenges into Your Teaching What type of project-based STEM experiences do your students have access to this school year? STEM is more than just a buzzword. And if you are committed to infusing STEM and project-based learning into your classroom, I have an excellent resource for you! The annual 3M Young Scientist Challenge in partnership with Discovery Education for […] Quick, Creative Reading Responses with Capstone Connect and Flipgrid Silvia Tolisano- Langwitches Blog Remote Scavenger Hunt We are heading into our third week of social distancing, school closures and “shelter at home&... We are in the Midst of... Are you aware that we are in the middle of making history? It is March of 2020.

When curiosity is sparked... deep cycles of learning can occur. Moving forward I will be using Friday's to write a simple reflection on five things that worked well in the "classroom" each week (distance learning or face-to-face) This post is meant to be simple, to the point, and may contain obvious realizations about teaching and learning. I apologize ahead for any redundancy in previous posts, and feel the need to reflect on the week in a concise way is meaningful for me, and hopefully other teachers, looking for empathy, insight, or ideas. 1.

7 examples of innovative educational technology I tend to have a love-hate relationship with technology. On one hand, I enjoy the old-school pencil and paper, face-to-face communication, and less screen-related interaction. On the other hand, there are plenty of forms of technology I enjoy, rely upon, and find extremely convenient. I have the same hesitancy with new technology in education. Point of Entry: Poetry in the Classroom A Way In At the beginning of the school year, poetry is a creative way to get to know your students. Begin by having students Think, Turn, and Talk about where they are from. (I often show clips from an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show, "Where Did I Come From?") After talking, display the poem "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyon. After reading and analyzing the poem, have students create their own versions of it, emulating Lyon's structure and imagery.

Technology in Education: The Complete Guide by Becton Loveless Technology is increasingly becoming a more important part of education. Both software and hardware is becoming ever more important to improving the education process. Thanks to mobile phones and tablets, teachers can now deploy a range of technologies in the classroom, including augmented reality technology. However, mobile devices themselves act as powerful computing devices these days. Teachers should also look to innovative ways of integrating technology that students are used to using, such as social media networks. School: Is It a Q&A Period or a Place to Explore New Ideas? A MiddleWeb Blog I’ve never considered myself to be a fearful person. Sure, I have been afraid.

6 Examples of classroom tech that improves education This post has been updated on April 9, 2020. Keeping up with classroom technology can seem a daunting task for teachers. They have students to teach, papers to grade, and meetings to attend — and that barely scratches the surface of what teachers do each day. That is why it is usually easier to stick with the same tools, even if they no longer serve the educational process. Using Morning Messages to Start the Day in Elementary School Distance Learning The beginning of the school day is an important time for students as they transition from home to school. Helping students make this transition is even more important when they’re doing their school work at home. One strategy I use to set the tone for a day of learning is an interactive morning message. The morning message is a daily message from the teacher that is posted for students when they enter the classroom. It can be written on chart paper or projected on the whiteboard.

Vicki Davis is a Google-certified educator who has great ideas for tech integration and teaching digital citizenship skills. by mrsurbanmama13 Nov 15