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Monthly Parking Ottawa - Parking Lots and Indoor Outdoor Parking Spaces

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Student Storage in Ottawa - Just Right Self Storage We are conveniently located for students all across Ottawa. We are easily accessible by several buses and the Bayview O-Train, as well as students at Ottawa University as we are located in the city’s core. Self storage facilities are a great way for students to store their belongings in an ever-changing environment. Many students have collected things that they do not have room for, either in their dorm rooms or the revolving door of apartments that they will occupy, or at their parents’ house. Storing things at mom and dad’s house can be helpful for short periods of time, but often leaves belongings open to be examined and can make personal objects face scrutiny, possible destruction, being packed away in a basement or attic (and further destruction), or refused when the old bedroom is being reused for something else or storage room runs out. Students need self storage options in order to keep items handy.

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