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Tents & Camping Equipment

Tents & Camping Equipment

Outdoor Clothing, Camping Equipment & Footwear - Webtogs UK June 2005 Bought a few ingredients and water before catching the bus, the journey passed quickly enough as I was engrossed in reading and drinking all the water. There was still a couple of hours of daylight left when I reached my spot for the night; under a tree by the river, a perfect spot. I got my petrol stove out in order to make some tea before cooking, after a minor fireball which I survived with eyebrows in tact, I’m getting used to the thing now, I went to boil some water. It was here that things started to go wrong, not that I realised it at the time. I could choose between using river water and walking back to the nearest shop. In the spirit of this living outside thing I decided to go for the later. I boiled the water and made tea which I drank as I made a Tuscan Bean Stew with Rice, not that I’m sure any Tuscan would have recognised it as such but it was rather nice.

The Best Camping Foods | Camping Food Ideas For some people, camping is an outdoor activity. For others, camping is a hobby or even a passion. Whether you’re a novice in the camping area or you’re a connoisseur, it’s important to know the best ways to prepare yourself for camping. Water – You absolutely cannot afford to forget water. Pre-made Sandwiches – Sandwiches provide a lot of nutrition and can essentially replace an entire meal. Salad – Salads rich in fruits and vegetables can provide a lot of nutrition and are extremely healthy. Fresh Fruits – Bananas, apples, or other fruits that are high in nutrition can help you stay healthy during your camping trip. Stew, Noodles, Chili – These are great, filling foods that are high in protein and carbs that provide needed energy. Energy Bars – These require no cooking, and can give you a lot of protein and energy very quickly. Coffee, Tea, and Other Beverages – It’s super easy to take instant coffees, teas, and beverages that can be mixed with water at the camp site.

Freeman-on-the-Land Forum Gateway Wild Camping for Armchair Survivalists Q. I have enjoyed surfing your website. A group of us are 'armchair survivalists' (I know the worst kind) and would like to get our feet wet. What is the best way and what are rules/laws regarding 'wild camping' in the UK. I know in other questions covered topics like trespass and rights of way, but what about things like fires and the such like. Please don't flame me, I'm just a 'wild camping' virgin who does not want to upset anyone on my first attempt, but would like as bear a basics experience as I can. Thanks? Rob Bacon, Nottingham A. There is very little land that is not cultivated from the land owners point of view, as cultivated also means "for the breeding of game (grouse,etc..)" The principles of the new 'SCOTTISH OUTDOOR ACCESS CODE' will be responsibility of the visitor to the wilderness to ensure it remains that way ' wilderness ', remember a fire will destroy the ground vegetation which will take many years to recover (if ever) and litters the land with an eyesore. Colin J. A.

Bicycle Camping Bicyclist choose bicycle camping for many reasons. For me, traveling on a bicycle is an adventure and sometimes quite unpredictable. So the ability to camp between hotel or hostel stays allows me to go where I want and when I want. I am not tied to a certain mileage or destination to reach the next available room. And the economic benefits can be quite appealing. Very seldom have I planned on bicycle camping every night that I was on the road; unless the trip was mainly a mountain biking adventure where camping was my only alternative. A few years ago, I went on an extended trip where I didn’t have contact with any media, radio, or television for about five weeks. Bicycle camping allows me to remember those weeks when world events didn’t matter. How To Select Your Gear Buy lightweight and quality gear and it will last for years. Expensive four-season expedition tents are definitely overkill for most bicycle camping. Sometimes just a tarp, bug tent and groundcloth can suffice. Back to Top

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