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What an ART!!! - Graphic Arts Gallery

What an ART!!! - Graphic Arts Gallery
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10 Twisted Princesses - Jeffrey Thomas What would happen if a princess didn't need her prince? If you've ever wanted to imagine what the most prim and proper princesses would look like if they decided to take control of their own destiny, check out the artwork of Jeffrey Thomas. His Twisted Princesses series gets dark and dirty, changing up our familiar fairy tales and giving us beautifully wicked endings. Make no mistake, these princesses will kick anyone's ass. Alice Mulan Pocahontas Jane from Tarzan Aurora from Sleeping Beauty Cinderella Jasmine from Aladdin Belle from Beauty and the Beast Arial from Little Mermaid Snow White Jeffrey Thomas More Amazing Deviant Artists:Stepping Into a Dream With Kaycee Kennedy (10 Photos)Artist Spotlight: Lora8 (10 total)Magnificent, Modern Day Anime - Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (6 Total)Artistic Water Drops - Sortvind (8 Total Drops)Just Breathe (7 Photos)

THECAB - The Concept Art Blog 106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos Click on a photo and you make it bigger and can post a comment on it. And thats some of the most beloved Street Art Photos posted in 2012 on Street Art Utopia! A member of Street Art Utopia on Facebook wrote two year ago this nice piece about the future: – My son, do you want to hear something strange? – Yes! – You know the new tree painting we did on the garage last week.. – What? – Well, yes, many were. – Was art forbidden? – Well no, but it had to be in special buildings only. – Wow.. – Yes, my son.

stumbleupon Germany-native Jeannette Woitzik is an artist with a fantastic imagination. Her artwork is filled with sweet and blissful scenes. As the artist states, "Most of my images contain a surrealistic atmosphere and sometimes this serves to express my feelings." Jeannette Woitzik's website Welcome Beautiful Marker and Pen Portrait Time-lapse This is a beautiful video showing the exquisite control of 27-year old Indonesian artist Elfan Diary as he draws a new portrait. Watch as he works with Fine Color markers, a Sakura Pigma Micron pen, and standard Faber-Castell colored pencils over a period of about three hours. Beautiful work.

Eric Drooker • drawings Joy Copyright © Eric Drooker. All rights reserved. Darksiders II Concept Art by Avery Coleman Concept artist Avery Coleman has released some concept art he created for Darksiders II while working at Vigil Games. Avery worked directly under Joe Madureira and Brian Jones creating a variety of key creature, character, props and equipment designs. Link: The following are collaborations with artist Joe Madureira. All images used with permission by the artist. © THQ and Vigil Games. Portraits of Women by Ikenaga Yasunari Ikenaga Yasunari is a 1965-born Japanese artist. His paintings depict beautiful women, whose expressions and postures suggest a dreamy atmosphere. Ikenaga’s paintings also showcase exquisite textile pattern designs. His subjects are always women of modern times, but at the same time, the Nihonga painting style reflects ancient Japanese traditions, which gives his works a timeless feel. He creates his art by dropping Japanese paints into the canvas that he calls “linen cloth”, with a Menso brush. found via Empty Kingdom

Video Game Girls on - The best resource of free comic babe wallpapers, coverart and images! With Lady death, Caitlin Fairchild, Vampirella, Darkchylde and Witchblade backgrounds Main / Video Game Girls Info Video Game Girls:Girls from various video games, post a comment on an image so we can sort them by game and or characterSource: All of our Video Game Girls images, coverart and wallpapers... Check our characters: Abbey Chase, Angela, Aphrodite IX, Avengelyne, Bad Kitty, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Black Canary, Black Widow, Blackcat, Bloodrayne, Caitlin Fairchild, Catwoman, Chastity, Chun-Li, Darkchylde, Dawn, Domino, Elektra, Fathom, Glory, Harley Quinn, Huntress, Invisible Woman, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Lady Death, Lara Croft, Madelyne Pryor, Magik, Mary Jane, mixed, Ms. Most images are copyrighted to their respective owners.

Welcome to The Computer Graphics Society #Art of Fantasy 24: Pascal Blanche | Woelf Dietrich I’m venturing into science fiction territory with today’s showcase. Although I prefer fantasy generally and given that I created #Art of Fantasy for, well, fantasy, when I saw Pascal Blanche’s work I instantly knew I wanted to show you. Pascal is a 3D French artist, and I may not be fond of 3D art, but I tell you, his work is so vivid and fantastic he made me do a double-take. Mechanical elements feature heavily in his post-apocalyptic alien world and is extremely detailed, but what sets his style apart, I think, is his use of color and texture. Pascal started his career at the video games magazine TILT and stayed in the video games industry for twelve years working for companies such as Virtual Xperience, Xilam, Haikus Studios, and Sony. So dear reader, feast your eyes on a very colourful edition of #Art of Fantasy. I hope I surprised you today. Enjoy! Woelf Like this: Like Loading...

FAN-TAS-TIC! Inspiration Galleries French Psychologist Creates Eerily Beautiful Illustrations of Lonely Characters - ViewKick Cyril Rolando is a 30-year-old psychologist from Toulon, France. Over the past ten years he grew deeply interested in digital art. His illustrations magically combine fantasy elements and surreal style. Interestingly, Rolando has never taken any art course. Rolando admires deeply Tim Burton, Boris Vian and Hayao Miyazaki. Learn more about this artist by visiting his pages: / Facebook / And, if you are interested in learning how to draw digitally, you can subscribe to Rolando’s channel on YouTube and watch his tutorials.