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Praj Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Praj Industrial Water Treatment Systems
Sustainability of the world through circular economy has always been the driving force for Praj to offer complete End-to End Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions to our customers. Praj has been at the forefront in offering the most techno-commercially viable Technologies based on the foundational principle of 3Rs - Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. The Industrial Waste water treatment division of Praj offers comprehensive range of Basic to most advanced solutions for Industrial Effluent treatment, Recycling and Zero Liquid Discharge with > 98% Water and Resource Recovery to customers across sectors namely steel, power, chemicals, fertilizers, Food & Beverage, Textile, Tannery, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals. Praj offers to it’s clients a One Stop Solution for all their Wastewater treatment needs: Treatment and DisposalThe 3Rs of Reduce, Recycle and ReuseZLD and Resource recovery.Operation and Maintenance ServicesValue Added Services

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Building A Sustainable & Colourful World with Metal Roofing Sheets - The metal sheet has become the ‘Tesla’ of the roofing landscape, as it is a truly innovative product that is destined to transcend the industrial challenges of conventional roofing solutions and is bound to bring a positive change for the environment. A product that is advanced in all imaginable ways and does not cost a fortune to make. It stands as a remarkable accomplishment, as all the years of hard work, research and investments have paid off big-time! Leading roofing sheets manufacturers like TATA BlueScope Steel and JSW Steel are betting big on this and are offering a wide array of metal roofing solutions for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Metal roofing has shown tremendous success across all business verticals due to its ground-breaking advantages. Here are the most popular benefits of metal roofing sheets:

Revamp Your Office Interiors with Industrial Style Design Industrial office designs refer to an interior design trend that takes inspiration from old factories and industries that had been abandoned in the recent past owing to the modern revolution. The typical components reminiscent of the industrial era include tall ceilings, exposed brick walls, bulky pipes, beams and ducts along with worn-out wood and metallic furniture. In contrast to modern workplace designs, Industrial design embraces the utilitarian nature of the building and focuses on them rather than concealing them. If you are looking forward to applying this style to your office space, here are some useful tips by ‘HNI India’ on how you can go about it. HNI India is one of the finest & best known office chairs manufacturers in Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi among the rest of cities of India.

Can Advanced Analytics for Credit Scoring Change the Lending Market? Anyone who has ever applied for a loan or a credit card knows the importance of maintaining a good credit score. Building a good consumer credit score involves a lot of financial planning and discipline and is a time-consuming process. In case you have no idea, a credit score is a three-digit number assigned by a credit bureau to every lendee, indicating their ability to repay a debt. 6 Ways Identity Thieves Get Hold of Your Data & How to Dodge Them - Identity Verification Identity thieves are the ones who steal personal or financial information of another person and use it to make transactions or purchases. Acts committed under identity theft are categorised as identity fraud. A variant of identity theft is application fraud where an applicant uses somebody else’s stolen identity to make an application for an account, policy, service or insurance claim. While identity thefts can be conducted in many ways, the proliferation of the internet and smartphones today has made way for more high-tech fraud methods. Here are some ‘cyber’ ways in which your identity may be stolen by the thieves. A data breach is a security conflict wherein personal or classified information is accessed without authorization of the owner.

Importance of Financial Due Diligence When Acquiring New Business – My Credit Score If you are thinking of buying a business or expanding your existing one or are looking to onboard a new supplier for your business, this is where you stop in your steps to conduct what is called ‘due diligence’. Due diligence is an investigative process which covers a wide range of critical areas including legal, financial and operational matters. Financial due diligence helps determine the exact value of the target company. It goes beyond auditing, which is an opinion on whether the historical financial statements represent a fair view of the company’s operations; it instead delves deeper into the reasons for those statements with their relevancy. It focuses specifically on the key information that has been asserted to the buyer, often largely through the financial statements. For conducting financial due diligence, the prospective purchaser is required to get access from the seller to conduct due diligence on them.

5 Technologies That Will Help Us Curb the Water Scarcity Crisis - India is on a path to becoming a global super power. We are witnessing a massive-scale industrialization and urbanization across the nation, leading to an increased usage of water resources. But that’s only the beginning the of the problem! The main issue we are facing, is the rapid increase wastewater discharges from every new residential, commercial and industrial project.

5 Technologies That Will Help Us Curb the Water Scarcity Crisis India is on a path to becoming a global super power. We are witnessing a massive-scale industrialization and urbanization across the nation, leading to an increased usage of water resources. But that’s only the beginning the of the problem! The main issue we are facing, is the rapid increase wastewater discharges from every new residential, commercial and industrial project. Let’s take a look at the major problems we are currently facing in our fight against water scarcity; Choosing The Right Metal Roofing For Industries In Coastal Areas Choosing the Right Metal Roofing for Industries in Coastal Areas Metal roofing materials certainly come with a lot of benefits for industrial use. For beginners, they are tough enough to survive more than 4 decades with minimum maintenance. They are good reflectors of heat and protect the home from extremities of weather. With colour coated roofing sheets available, there are plenty of aesthetically pleasing options too.

What Is Application Fraud And What Are The Measures To Prevent It? - rajmalhotra If you have ever watched the movie ‘Catch me if you can’, you must have realized how smartly the lead actor uses false checks to commit sensational frauds. Such movies perfectly picturise the concept of banking and application frauds. Note that fraud is an unlawful activity, and in India, the fraudster is liable to hefty fines or even years of imprisonment. Application Fraud is one of the several types of identity frauds where an applicant uses their own name but makes an application for an account, policy, service or insurance claim containing false information for the purpose of influencing the outcome of the application.

Credit Bureaus – What Do They Mean for You? – Site Title Credit bureaus are also known as Credit Information Companies (CICs) in India, are organizations which collect credit data related to loan and debt repayment history for individuals, businesses, and firms. They provide this data to financial institutions such as banks and NBFCs as personal credit score and credit report whenever an individual approaches a bank/financial institution to avail loan and as a business credit score and credit report whenever a business or a firm approaches a bank/financial institution seeking a new credit facility. A credit bureau in India is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India and governed under The Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005 also known as CICRA 2005.

Production of Ethanol using Dry Milling . Ethanol is produced from biomass, primarily by fermenting the glucose derived from sugars obtained from sugar cane, sugar beet, and molasses, or starches obtained from corn, wheat, grains or using cellulose as raw materials. Industrial production of ethanol is majorly carried on using either the wet mill or dry mill process. Wet milling process involves separating the grain kernel into its constituents of germ, fiber, protein, and starch, before fermentation. The Future of BioFuel in India – Ethanol Plant Suppliers Since the time we have heard the word ‘fuel’, we have always been taught to think of it as a highly valuable resource, forever on the verge of extinction. Hence our brains have been auto-wired to use fuel conscientiously. Be it in a vehicle, in a cooking stove, for automobile, or simply for burning things, a fuel contains all the fire we ever need. Certainly then, man has always been striving to devise various ways to develop alternate fuel in the lab, fearing the day when we run out of fossils! BioFuel is one such advancement in the field of fuel production. They are regarded as cleaner and greener alternatives to fossil fuels.