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60 Examples of Responsive Website Design

60 Examples of Responsive Website Design
The digital age is here to stay, and we must adapt in order to compete. The growth of smart-phones, tablets(let’s be honest, iPad), and netbooks is increasing every year. While moving into the so called “post-PC era,” the job of a modern web designer is getting tad more difficult. Currently, Responsive Website Design is the talk of the neighborhood. Designers and developers are pushing the boundarie every single day. What exactly is responsive web design? Responsive Website Design is nothing new, back in the day tablet based designers either chose the fluid or static route. Flexible LayoutsFlexible ImagesMedia Queries Flexible Layouts: Your first step should be to create a flexiable layout. Flexible Images: As obvious as it seems, adjustable images are very important. Media Queries: Media Queries behave similar to conditional comments. Conclusion Responsive Website Design is quite important for any business owner who has a website. As always, our goal is to inspire you and push you further.

Workspace inspiration #3 Design, Lifestyle · Par Joffrey · 2 years Si vous êtes à la recherche d’inspiration pour votre environnement de travail, où l’ordinateur fait partie intégrante de celui-ci, voici une nouvelle sélection des meilleurs exemples. N’hésitez pas à notamment partager le vôtre en commentaire. À découvrir en photos dans la suite de l’article… Retrouvez également les séries #1 et #2. Écrire un commentaire Responsive design – harnessing the power of media queries Webmaster Level: Intermediate / Advanced We love data, and spend a lot of time monitoring the analytics on our websites. Any web developer doing the same will have noticed the increase in traffic from mobile devices of late. Over the past year we’ve seen many key sites garner a significant percentage of pageviews from smartphones and tablets. These represent large numbers of visitors, with sophisticated browsers which support the latest HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but which also have limited screen space with widths as narrow as 320 pixels. Our commitment to accessibility means we strive to provide a good browsing experience for all our users. Our pages should render legibly at any screen resolutionWe mark up one set of content, making it viewable on any deviceWe should never show a horizontal scrollbar, whatever the window size Stacked content, tweaked navigation and rescaled images – Chromebooks Implementation Liquid layout is a good start, but can lack a certain finesse. Viewports

Десяток ресурсов, которые помогают быть дизайнером / Веб-дизайн Работать дизайнером очень интересно. Это творческая работа. И как любому творческому человеку, дизайнеру нужна муза или вдохновение. Я уверен, что у каждого дизайнера есть набор сайтов, на которые они периодически заходят для того что бы черпать это самое вдохновение. У меня так же есть такой список. Естественно, если вы расскажите о своих ресурсах, я буду благодарен. Хочу сразу предупредить, что практически все ресурсы, собранные мной — англоязычные. 1. Пожалуй один из самых любимых моих ресурсов. RSS feedabduzeedo 2. Так же как и первый ресурс, smashingmagazine является отличным блогом, который содержит огромное количество полезной информации для дизайнеров. RSS feedSmashing Magazine 3. Отличный молодой ресурс для дизайнеров. RSS feedCrazy Pixels 4. Я уже не помню чем именно меня привлек данный ресурс, но могу сказать, что на нем часто появляются интересные статьи и ресурсы. RSS feedDesignModo 5. Ресурс не только о дизайне. RSS feedUnderworld Magazines 6. Отличный ресурс. 7. Dejurka 365psd

Incredible Workspace Design – World’s Most Popular Tech Companies Offices Big companies care very much to details so that their staff can feel convenient and comfortable working there. Creative workspace inspire employees and that leads to more constructive ideas which contribute to the profit of their companies. Below you can see some examples of such type of offices. Inventionland Offices Adobe – Massachusetts Adlucent Autodesk - San Francisco Cartoon Network and Turner Sports Offices Dinahosting

Performance Implications of Mobile Design GoMo: An Initiative From Google Workspace Design Inspiration With the insurgence of folks starting their own businesses or simply working out of their homes, HD decided it is only appropriate that we feature some inspiring home offices to get your entrepreneurial spirits going. And since some of our homes are smaller than average, creating workstations that work seamlessly in a room can be a creative task in itself. Here are a few workstations that HD thought you’d appreciate. If there was only something we could do to hide those aweful inevitably exposed wires… A hogpash of vintage furniture dresses this corner of a home with a retrospective touch of inspiration. We are loving the little pops of color against that white brick wall. A collection of cool frames adorns the wall above this desk on a few simple shelves that collectively create a sweet focal point! Storage can pose an issue when you have a workstation exposed to the rest of the home, but these guys did a great job making it sparkle.

Ultimate Responsive Web Design ToolKit When it comes to web designing industry, technology is evolving a lot with the passage of time and things are still growing with every passing day. Because of this constant evolvement, nothing can be considered as a sure shot idea to have a nice, responsive web design. This article will help designers in building a strong toolkit to make a responsive website. Getting Started In order to have a strong responsive website, there is a lot that designers have to do. Important Elements in making a Website Responsive As mentioned earlier, this field is very vast hence, important elements can be many. Advertisement A supple and fluid frameworkReactive imagesMedium being used If a responsive website is under discussion, it can be a vast one. Beginner Tools Before you even begin with website building, it is essential for you to prepare a plan related as to how the essential features on the page will acclimatize in order to fit various browser sizes of multiple devices. Sketch Sheets Foldy960 Simple Grid

New High-Quality Free Fonts (2012 Edition) - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Every now and then, we look around, select fresh free high-quality fonts and present them to you in a brief overview. The choice is enormous, so the time you need to find them is usually time you should be investing in your projects. We search for them and find them so that you don’t have to. In this selection, we’re pleased to present Homestead, Bree Serif, Levanderia, Valencia, Nomed Font, Carton and other quality fonts. Free Fonts HomesteadHomestead is a very distinctive Slab Serif typeface that leaves a lasting impression with its geometric forms and a modern, progressive look. Bree Serif RegularThis typeface is the serif cousin of the playful, charming and versatile type family Bree which was designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione back in 2008. LavanderiaLavanderia is a script font based on lettering found on Laundromat windows of San Francisco’s Mission District. JuraJura is an elegant serif typeface with narrow proportions and distinguishing details. (vf) (il)

35 Useful Responsive Web Design Tools With the great popularity of tablets and smart-phones, the demand for responsive website design is more serious than ever. Right now, more and more websites are adopting responsive layouts and this trend is expected to become more intense as the percentage of mobile Internet users increase. This development have created tremendous demand for the services of web designers and developers proficient in this highly adaptable system of website layouts. Already, we can see responsive WordPress themes, available from major theme providers that meet the challenges of adopting to different screen sizes. As expected, some pretty useful responsive web design tools have surfaced recently to support the design and development process of responsive websites. You can find valuable layout aid tools, prototyping tools, code generators, and even a collection of inspirational responsive website designs in this article. Advertisement Article Index Responsive Wireframes and starting out templates Style Tiles

20+ Examples of Perfect Landing Page Design A landing page is quite important for the promotion of your business or product and services through your website. It is a crucial element for several online business marketers and there are numerous landing page examples provided online. Most of the companies usually focus much on the home page of their website and the effectiveness is a very important quality in it. But how do you create an effective landing page? The most important aspect you need to consider while creating the landing page is that it should not have any information that deviates the customers to other websites. The best landing page examples could be an important factor for the success of any online business. Also check if the words or sentences mentioned on the landing page is relevant to your product or service that you sell. Groupon TripLingo Kickoff ClubDivot Bundlr Ben the Bodyguard Statusboard dribbblr