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Cognitive Learning Styles in the Student-Centered Classroom A few weeks ago, a commercial came on TV that immediately caught both my husband’s and my attention. A young boy walked to home plate of a baseball field with a bat and ball and repeatedly threw the ball in the air and then tried to hit it with the bat. Before each attempt to hit the ball, he would yell, “I’m the greatest hitter in the world!” How to Create a Press Kit for Your Business You may have heard the term press kit and may have even received a press kit for something. Although the form and function of a press kit can vary greatly by industry, the accepted definition of one is: "A package of promotional material provided to members of the press to brief them, especially about a product, service, or candidate." Because there's so much variety, let's look at the actual components that can make up a press kit, and how to assemble one that gives your product or service the best chance of free publicity, also known as earned media. If you do your press kit correctly, you will see a return many times greater than your initial investment, especially if the kit gets your product or service airtime on news stations, or write-ups online and in print media outlets.

Pocket “Real self-esteem is an integration of an inner value with things in the world around you,” Anna Deavere Smith wrote in her invaluable advice to young artists. But how does one master the intricacies of that integration? That’s what legendary Chinese-American martial artist, philosopher, and filmmaker Bruce Lee (November 27, 1940–July 20, 1973) explores in one of the pieces collected in Bruce Lee: Artist of Life (public library) — the invaluable compendium of his never-before-published private letters, notes, essays, and poems that also gave us the origin of his famous metaphor for resilience.

About Learning 4MAT Overview 4MAT is a model for creating more dynamic and engaging learning. It is a framework for learning that helps educators deliver information in more dynamic and engaging ways. While traditional instruction may focus primarily on facts and Information (What?) the 4MAT model encourages a broader array of questions to elicit much higher levels of student understanding and involvement. Pocket Recently, a colleague and I were lamenting the process of growing older and the inevitable increasing difficulty of remembering things we want to remember. That becomes particularly annoying when you attend a conference or a learning seminar and find yourself forgetting the entire session just days later. But then my colleague told me about the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, a 100-year-old formula developed by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, who pioneered the experimental study of memory.

A Learning Secret: Don't Take Notes with a Laptop “More is better.” From the number of gigs in a cellular data plan to the horsepower in a pickup truck, this mantra is ubiquitous in American culture. When it comes to college students, the belief that more is better may underlie their widely-held view that laptops in the classroom enhance their academic performance. Laptops do in fact allow students to do more, like engage in online activities and demonstrations, collaborate more easily on papers and projects, access information from the internet, and take more notes. Lead Nurturing PowerPoint Diagram A marketing template of Lead Nurturing PowerPoint Diagram is a unique funnel shape presentation. There are two slides of assorting background to demonstrate the same concept diagram. This PowerPoint diagram precisely displays three business processes i.e. marketing, sales, and revenue. The purpose of this lead nurturing diagram is to display strategic process flow.

There’s no emotion we ought to think harder about than anger There’s no emotion we ought to think harder and more clearly about than anger. Anger greets most of us every day – in our personal relationships, in the workplace, on the highway, on airline trips – and, often, in our political lives as well. Anger is both poisonous and popular. Even when people acknowledge its destructive tendencies, they still so often cling to it, seeing it as a strong emotion, connected to self-respect and manliness (or, for women, to the vindication of equality). If you react to insults and wrongs without anger you’ll be seen as spineless and downtrodden. When people wrong you, says conventional wisdom, you should use justified rage to put them in their place, exact a penalty.

The Cornell Note-taking System – Learning Strategies Center Why do you take notes? What do you hope to get from your notes? What are Cornell Notes and how do you use the Cornell note-taking system? There are many ways to take notes. 8 Productivity Techniques to Tackle Your To-Do List Everyday No matter what’s on your list of things to do for the day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether it’s the book of work you told your manager you’d have done by Friday or the weekend list of grocery shopping and cleaning the house, it can feel never-ending. How you decide to cross off the items on your list is up to you, but it’s always a good idea to utilize a technique to ensure you don’t fall victim to distractions, procrastination, or just straight-up forgetting. What is a productivity technique? A productivity technique is a method or process you put in place to make sure everything, or at least almost everything, that is on your to-do list actually gets crossed off. When it’s time to buckle down and get serious about getting a task or project accomplished, it’s best to have a plan in place as to what’s most important, what will take you the longest to complete, and how much time you should allocate to each task.

Note Taking Skills for 21st Century Students Note taking skills aren’t just automatic. We tell students “take notes” but they have no idea what that means. What makes “good notes.” What do they write down? How should notes look? Ever since I went through the Writing Across the Curriculum Course at my school I realized the tremendous gap between “writing” as we’ve taught it traditionally and 21st century writing skills.