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Getting Started with Trello

Getting Started with Trello

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How DANIELS Pitched Their Music Video Idea to Manchester Orchestra Ever wondered how to pitch a music video to a band and how precise you should be? Fear no more, the video below will show you how DANIELS pitched Simple Math to Manchester Orchestra. A bit of context: when the Simple Math pitch happened, Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert had already directed few projects under DANIELS name and garnered attention, but they also hadn’t had a “serious” gig in 6 months. A bit before Christmas 2009, the duo decided to shoot a short and send it as a personalized Christmas card to all their professional connections: The video got tremendous success, a music video rep saw it thanks to DANIELS’ music video rep and decided that one of his 2010 goal would be to find them a music video gig. That gig turned out to be for Simple Math.

How to use Trello like a pro - Trello Help Looking for help getting started? Check out our Getting Started Guide. The Help Guide is full of useful information when it comes to using Trello, but we’ve gathered some of our favorite tricks and tips here, along with the articles they came from. These are most useful if you’re already familiar with how to use Trello–if you’re looking for basic information, check out the Getting Started Guide. Double click to add list from Adding lists to a board 10 Unique Ways to Use Microsoft OneNote Advertisement OneNote is one of Microsoft’s most underrated apps. Not only can you jot down notes or keep to do lists, you can use a stylus to do it, convert handwritten notes to text or organise your recipe collection. OneNote is available on almost every platform, making this ridiculously useful app even more relevant. The Perfect Modern Notetaking App: OneNote For Windows 8 The Perfect Modern Notetaking App: OneNote For Windows 8 Microsoft finally did something right! OneNote turns your Windows 8 tablet into a handy notebook.

The Evolution of Distribution: A Conversation with Mia Bruno from Seed&Spark Making a film is one thing. Making money on a film is something else. And nobody knows this better than Mia Bruno, producer of marketing and distribution for Seed&Spark, a new crowdfunding, direct to consumer platform that’s currently disrupting the more traditional, entrenched distribution models. “Most filmmakers want the same thing,” Mia told us.

Assigning people and due dates to specific checklist items - Trello Help Looking for help getting started? Check out our Getting Started Guide. This feature is not currently available within Trello but we think it’s a great idea and something we may consider adding in the future when we have more developer resources to make it work. Summary Checklist items often represent "tasks to be done." This feature would allow for due dates and members to be associated with checklist items.

Getting started with Trello video demo - Trello Help Looking for help getting started? Check out our Getting Started Guide. Brian from the Trello team walks you through a basic introduction of a Trello board. A full transcript is provided below the video. If you'd prefer a non-video guide, check out our Getting Started Guide. Note: Since this video was made, we've switched the name of "Organizations" to "Teams".

Free Storyboard Template for Film and Video Projects Share your creative vision with your crew using this free storyboard template. When it comes to filmmaking, there’s no better way to share your creative vision than to use a storyboard. While shot lists and detailed scripts are important, storyboards visually tell your crew what you’re trying to accomplish. So, whether you’re looking for a free storyboard (download below) or if you’re interested in learning more about how to use a storyboard to your advantage, we’ve created this post to help you, the filmmaker. Let’s begin with some basics.

Inspiration “Gary and I use Trello to run our house, taking the best from agile to keep things ticking over smoothly. We have daily stand-ups where we raise tasks, which we then keep track of on Trello. Each task is made into a card, which we can then makes progress notes on, give priority using categories, or assign to either one of us if needed. On Sundays we look back on ‘Completed’ cards, and pat ourselves on the back for a productive week. It’s nice to get things done without nagging, and takes a lot of stress out of doing chores!” Beyond the List: 8 Powerful Ways to Manage Your Tasks There are so many things you need to do, and so many ways to keep track of those to-dos. Search the App Store for "todo list" and you'll find thousands of tools that all promise to help you increase your productivity and get more done. An app is only the start. There are also the various methods of keeping track of your to-dos, each with their strong points and some so complicated there's entire books about them.

700 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns . We also have special collections of . Free Comedy & Dramas 40 of the Best To-Do Apps for Personal Task Management What was once the simple choice between using a notebook, legal pad, or stack of Post-it notes to manage your personal to-do list is now a mind-numbing decision between dozens of to-do apps. Flashy apps that offer more features than you could ever use. Free apps that are so bare you wonder how they'd be helpful at all.

Publishing vs. marketing — a VOD case study ft. Everybody Street, Pt. 1 on Vimeo In case your eyes haven’t graced our blog in a while, we’ve been busy sharing actual, real-life Vimeo On Demand success stories. In our last two installments, I covered how to grow word-of-mouth promotion and how to engage fans to ensure success on VOD. Today, let's look at how filmmaker Cheryl Dunn and Alldayeveryday published a universe of content revolving around their film Everybody Street. 4 Miraculously Motivating Productivity Apps Tackle your to-do list (digital-style!) with these smart productivity apps — like EpicWin and Task Timer — that inspire kids and adults with ADHD to get things done. EpicWin Problem: You find it difficult to meet goals. How you use the app: EpicWin is a cross between a digital organizer and a role-playing video game.

Pete Docter (Monsters Inc, Up) on the Creative Process Behind Building a Pixar Story Pete Docter, the Pixar director behind Monsters Inc, Up and the recently released Inside Out, was in talk at TIFF this year, talking about his career, his journey at Pixar, the work-life balance and, of course, the creative process that goes behind a Pixar film. One of the element that struck me was the length of the pre-production process, and how collaborative it was: The Creative Process Behind Making a Pixar Film “The way we generally work is, we’ll have a concept, develop that for a while, write a version, script it, we have a team of storyboard artists to kind of draw-up a comic book version of the thing, we cut it on video with dialog, music and sound effects, and we approximate what it’s gonna be like to watch the film when it’s all done, even though it’s just stick figure and pretty rough drawings. Before the film is really ready to produce.