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Doctrines That Divide: Justice and Mercy (Part 1 of Series)- (Doug Batchelor) AmazingFacts ©

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Secret Rapture Theory - Seven Year Tribulation TRUTH Of The Sons Of GOD "Sons of GOD" Let us begin by quoting the two passages in Genesis 6 concerning the "Sons of GOD": "That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they [were] fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown." So, the question that is commonly asked by many [Christians and non-Christians alike]: "Who are the "Sons of GOD" of Genesis 6:2,4?" This is a rather rash conclusion, without a much further and deeper consideration of the texts themselves, and for those who already hold that view, please allow for some time to cover the texts most thoroughly. Those who continue to promote that view despite what will be shown here, then do not fully consider the ramifications of their conclusion and what it would mean to the Gospel itself and end-time events. ..." ..." ..."

Face to Face With the Real Gospel Amazing Facts - Christian Media Ministry 666 Truth > Home Prophetic Chart Mainly two divergent views of how to interprete critical Bible prophecies are being taught among the numerous Christian churches. These views are the ... Preterists (main stream Protestant churches), and the Futurist views (some Catholics). Which view should be retained? Jesus endorsed the `year for a day' principle: "... Four Significant Events are Located by this Great Prophetic Period: (1) The first advent of Christ, (2) the crucifixion, (3) the rejection of the Jewish people as a nation, (4) the beginning of the work of the final judgment to get God's people (His spiritual Israel) ready "to meet Thy God." between 553-539 BC, his 3rd year was 550 and Darius the Mede's 1st year was 539 BC when he was 62 years old, Dan. 5:31. The "ram" power which Daniel had been told was a representation of "the kings of Media and Persia" (Dan. 8:20), was now a reality, the year was 538 BC.

The Search for the True Church The Search Is there a true church in the world today? And if so, how can it be identified? The average Christian today has been so totally turned off by these exaggerated boasts that many have even discounted the possibility that any “true church” could really exist. It is very important to recognize that no church can be proven superior because its members are without sin. But the question remains: Is there some valid way to identify the church which is closest to the biblical standards of truth? It must be apparent to all that if God has a special church in the world today, He will reveal it clearly and explicitly in His holy Word. I am reluctant to make any claims for what you are about to read, although I know very well that it could revolutionize your life. Our quest for truth will focus upon the twelfth chapter of Revelation. The Woman Symbolizes the Church Revelation 12 is basically the narrative account of a beautiful, sun-clad woman and her descendants. Persecution of the Church

America & the Ten Commandments Introduction In July 2001, Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, in the cover of night, placed in the middle of a public courthouse foyer a two-ton granite display that ignited a firestorm consuming American politics and the national media for months. Lawsuits were filed, protests on both sides were organized, and the battle over this country’s destiny began. What could cause such an ill-tempered debate on the future of religion in American politics? By the time the granite dust settled, the 10 Commandments had been removed from the court by the order of a higher justice; furthermore, Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from office for unrepentantly defying the law of the land. A foreboding claim, indeed, in what might appear to be the first real thrust by Christian-backed political forces to challenge the deepening secularization of the United States. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Bible predicts who in America is going to win this war over religion and government. Faithful Paradox

Anything But Secret God's Warning In the early 1500s, the Aztec empire was one of the most powerful and sophisticated civilizations in the western hemisphere. However, within one year's time this mighty nation of over 2 million people was conquered and enslaved by just 600 men. The Aztecs had a prophecy about Quetzalcoatl (kèt-säl´ko-ä-tal), a legendary feathered god-king who was light-skinned and bearded. Well, in 1519 Spanish galleons arrived in Mexico carrying a group of conquistadors led by Hernando Cortez. While the king was waiting to receive the light-skinned visitor with honor, Cortez marched his army right into the center of the Aztec capital. In the near future, Satan will attempt to personate Jesus and counterfeit His return to earth. Christ then proceeded to give His followers a wealth of information about His second coming so there would be no doubt as to how He would return. The reason this is so important is that Satan will soon attempt to personate Jesus and counterfeit His return.

Baptism - Is it Really Necessary? Introduction Suppose you could survey the people who live in the hundred homes nearest to your own house on the subject of Christian baptism. What kind of answer would you get in response to this question: “How should a person be baptized in order to meet the Bible requirements of salvation?” It is likely that you would get a dozen different answers, and possibly even a hundred. One man in Hollywood, California, insisted on being immersed in a huge tank full of rose petals. In spite of all claims to the contrary, it is obvious that all of these people had made a very shallow study of the Word of God concerning this subject. Two Requirements for Heaven We first turn to the teaching of the Master Himself as He defined the terms for entrance into His Kingdom. But what did Jesus mean by that statement to Nicodemus? Now we will show that being born of water refers to baptism. By the way, the same transaction would take place today if the circumstances were similar. How Many Modes of Baptism?

Blood Behind the Veil Introduction Although the book of Hebrews has been greatly ignored by Christian scholars and laymen alike, it contains some of the most important, basic doctrines in the Bible. Spiritual subjects that are scarcely mentioned by other writers have been fully explained by the author of Hebrews. Perhaps the reason for its general neglect is twofold. Secondly, the book may be shunned because it contains some very clear statements that seem to conflict with positions held by the majority of Protestant Christians. The first two chapters are devoted in general to the position and nature of Christ before and after His incarnation. Now let us try to discover how these three major threads of doctrine—Christ’s human nature, His priesthood, and the perfection of God’s people—are really part of the same great truth. Many scholars have puzzled over Paul’s extended explanation in chapter two of Christ’s total assumption of man’s fallen nature. Could that nature be tempted? Jesus—The True High Priest

Christ's Human Nature The most dangerous counterfeit is the one that most nearly resembles the true. This is why religious counterfeits are so deadly and are often tolerated rather than identified and exposed. Christians in general are afraid that they will be misunderstood if they attack something that looks so much like the finest thing in religion. Has Satan fabricated some look-alike perversions of the most sacred doctrines in Christianity? Many sincere Christians argue that the parallel views are so close together that no issue should be made over them. Is it possible that our mighty psychological adversary has actually anticipated these predictable human reactions and has skillfully created subtle deviations from the truth that will seldom be recognized and resisted? I am convinced that Satan has cleverly produced and popularized a disguised error that has led to a network of related errors. Original Sin The original sin doctrine also gave rise to the dogma of the immaculate conception of Mary.