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The 8 Habits of Highly Productive People

The 8 Habits of Highly Productive People
by Celes on Dec 2, 2010 | ShareThis Email This Post What do you define as a “productive” person? Is it the ability to robotically churn out work, hour after hour? Is it the amount of discipline one has? Before we can discuss what makes a productive person, we should first define what productivity is. For example, let’s say Peter types very fast and can reply 1000 emails a day. The past few months have been my most productive months for the year. At the same time, I’ve also been managing other work, such as 1-1 coaching with clients (I’m handling about 5-6 clients on average at each time), administrative aspects of the business, writing Personal Excellence articles/guest posts, maintaining the site, etc. A few days ago I finished designing my lineup of workshops next year, and earlier this week I conceptualized the idea for a new book. I think productivity is really how you manage yourself, and the habits you practice. For everything you’re doing now, ask yourself how important this is.

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27 Useful Screen Capture Tools A screen capture is basically an image taken by your computer to record or capture visible items that are displayed on your monitor. This digital image is usually taken by running software on the computer device. Screen captures are usually used to demonstrate a meticulous problem, a program or even just to show others what you do on your computer. To produce a screen capture or a screen cap, you will of course need a screen capturing tool. Let us take a look at 27 of the best screen capture tools. Snipping Tool If you are looking for one of the best screen capture tool, which is also free, than the Snipping Tool is your answer. FastStone Capture Just like its name, this screen capture tool is indeed fast. Snagit Snagit is yet another product by the TechSmith Company. FullShot 9.5 FullShot 9.5 is a well- established screen capture tool for Windows users. RoboScreen Capture 2 RoboScreen Capture 2 has an impressive array of features. HyperSnap MadCap Capture 5 ScreenHunter 5.1 Jing Constrictor

Block Your Time – Effective Time Blocking Techniques To Boost Your Productivity Quite recently I video blogged about time blocking and how to do it the right way. I have also blogged about this topic on Bob and Rosemary’s blog earlier this fall (that was from online business perspective). The main message on my video was that not only should you block your time, but you should block your location too. This post continues the time blocking theme and extends it a little bit. In fact, I want to bring up couple of extra points to time blocking and how to make it a more effective productivity tool for you. The what and why of time blocking First, let’s define what time blocking means. There are many benefits why you should do time blocking: Mental preparedness When you define a task to the future, you can expect it come and you are mentally prepared for it. Especially if the task you are doing is a complex one, you can be mentally prepared for it in advance. Focusing on your task Time blocking also means focusing on one task at a time. Improved productivity Less stress 1. 2. 3.