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Timelines: Sources from History

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Read&Write for iPad sull'App Store A History of the World - Location - Europe ChronoZoom ChronoZoom is an educational tool for teachers and students who want to put historical events in perspective. A great many resources have been created already in ChronoZoom for your enjoyment and enlightenment. Start Exploring Use ChronoZoom to get a perspective of the extensive scale of time and historical events relative to what happened around the world. New Teacher Resources RT @MSFTResearch: See how #Chronozoom helps students “think historically” & travel though time with 3 newly created curriculum modules http… #chronozoom is a valuable tool for illustrating Climate Change: @metanexus Anyone can author their small or Big History on the 14 Billion year timeline at - an open source project. @BillGates Congratulations to the Big History Project. RT @BillGates: Big History is my favorite course ever. You don't have any favorite timelines yet.

Storia: canale YouTube di ScuolaInterattiva un percorso per esame di stato ScuolaInterattiva Loading... Working... ► Play all Storia ScuolaInterattiva59 videos312,293 viewsLast updated on Jan 17, 2016 Play all Sign in to YouTube Sign in History Sign in to add this to Watch Later Add to Loading playlists... Pocket Phonics Stories on the App Store Welcome - The Flow of History Timeline | National Cold War Exhibition January 11 Jan - A ceasefire was announced in Greece between government forces and ELAS guerrillas; this agreement was confirmed by the government on 12 February. 4 Feb - Yalta Conference where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin meet to discuss terms of German surrender and the boundaries and governments in post war Eastern Europe. 12 Apr - President F D Roosevelt dies and is succeeded by Harry S Truman. 7 May - The agreement for total and unconditional surrender of the Germans forces was signed at the HQ of the Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force. 8 May - The Royal Observer Corps was stood down and re-formed on a peacetime basis. 31 May - The strength of the RAF stood at some 55,469 aircraft as at this date, of which 9,200 were first-line machines. June 26 Jun - The United Nations Charter signed in San Francisco. 15 Jul - The RAF's Second Tactical Air Force (2TAF) was re-designated British Air Forces of Occupation (BAFO). 26 Jul - Results of British general election were made known.

Progetto3T-Tessere-Tanti-Testi - Percorsi di apprendimento per la scuola primaria abc PocketPhonics Lite World History Animation: Human Population Growth Over All of History Imagine that for every million people on Earth, there was a single dot on a map. In total, that would be about 7,600 dots – representing today’s global population of 7.6 billion. But, what if we went back in time, and watched those dots accumulate over human history? When and where do the first dots appear, and when does population growth ramp up to get to the billions of people that are alive today? The History of Population Growth Today’s animation comes from the American Museum of Natural History, and it shows over 200,000 years of population growth and the major events along the way. If you consider yourself on the more impatient side of things, we suggest starting at 1:50 which will zoom you to 400 AD – the time of India’s Golden Age. It took 200,000 years of human history to get to one billion people – and just 200 years to reach seven billion. Key Population Moments Agriculture The impact of farming cannot be emphasized enough. East vs. Bubonic Plague Post-Industrial Revolution Thank you!

Scuola Valore » progetto Il sito “Risorse per docenti dai progetti nazionali” è una raccolta di proposte per la formazione continua degli insegnanti che hanno come obiettivo ultimo quello di fornire un supporto all’implementazione in classe delle Indicazioni Nazionali. Il progetto nasce come risposta all’esigenza di diffondere e valorizzare il patrimonio di contenuti, attività e materiali disciplinari realizzati da INDIRE nell’ambito degli interventi per lo sviluppo professionale dei docenti e promossi dal Programma Operativo Nazionale 2007/2013, a valere sul Fondo Sociale Europeo PON-FSE “Competenze per lo Sviluppo”. Questo sito è rivolto ai docenti e alle loro classi. Le attività qui proposte possono essere consultate, sperimentate, riproposte in un’ampia varietà di situazioni didattiche e riadattate in maniera personale in base ai diversi contesti d’uso, ad esempio a un livello scolastico diverso da quello per il quale sono state originariamente sviluppate. Educazione scientifica m@t.abel Tutti i docenti.

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