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How To Occupy

How To Occupy
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What's Stopping More of Us From Being Environmentalists and Feminists? Canadian researchers report people hold negative views of political and social activists, and their unwillingness to associate with such people dampens the likelihood of changing their behavior. Why don’t people behave in more environmentally friendly ways? New research presents one uncomfortable answer: They don’t want to be associated with environmentalists. That’s the conclusion of troubling new research from Canada, which similarly finds support for feminist goals is hampered by a dislike of feminists. Participants held strongly negative stereotypes about such activists, and those feelings reduced their willingness “to adopt the behaviors that these activities promoted,” reports a research team led by University of Toronto psychologist Nadia Bashir. “By aggressively promoting change and advocating unconventional practices, activists become associated with hostile militancy and unconventionality or eccentricity.”

Occupy Infoshop Ideas and Action (WSA) With several months of preparation and one month of action, Occupy Wall Street has accomplished what years of conventional activism has failed to do–spark a populist political awakening against the ruling class. The 99ers have captured the imagination of regular Americans from every background and point of view, unified by a general disgust with the upper […] Reflections for the US Occupy Movement From Barcelona’s Neighborhood Assemblies by PETER GELDERLOOS CounterPunch October 14, 2011 Barcelona. Before the Spanish call-out for a global day of action on October 15, a few critical notes and words of encouragement from the Barcelona neighborhood assemblies… After the courageous revolts of the Arab Spring, the next phenomenon of popular resistance to capture […] Occupy4GeneralStrike (#HitEmWhereItHurts) by Mickey Z. October 15th 2011 in Phoenix Arizona was a pivotal day for the Occupy movement.

Occupy Food Tools for a Better Future Neat Stuff Ecstasy Drug-Crazed Ravers Are Like Chemical Buddhas Published on April 4th, 2014 | by Jason Louv Ecstasy drug-fueled Dutch ravers are by turns idiotic and profound in this hilarious video This video (via the Dutch magazine Flabber) captures partygoers out of their skulls on Ecstasy at Thunderdome, a hardcore techno / gabber festival that [&hellip... Environment & Health When Monsanto Had Its Own Disneyland Exhibit Published on April 2nd, 2014 | by Jason Louv Remembering the Monsanto-sponsored exhibit that touted Better Living Through Chemistry to a generation of American children, 1955-1966 Pliant, malleable, innocent, so trusting: This is the American mass mind, the clay that corporations and advertisers manipulate every [&hellip... ‘Raised by Wolves’: Disturbing, Moving Look at Homeless Youth 5 Countries That are Throwing Monsanto Out on its Ass Published on April 1st, 2014 | by Jason Louv Read ‘The Key’, Grant Morrison’s New Web Comic for the BBC Magick & Spirituality

CACHE So what the fuck has occupy done so far? Two Years After the Eviction of OWS, Here's 5 People Keeping the Movement Alive by Kathleen Ann Bradley Two years ago today, when Occupy Wall Street was evicted from Zuccotti Park, many wondered what was next for the movement. Two years later, we profile five projects that got their starts in the encampments and are still making change today. posted Nov 15, 2013 It was a cold night in late January 2012. No one knew where the movement was going and what it was going to do next He was one of the small army of Occupy Wall Streeters who had been driven from the park on November 15—two years ago today. After protesters like him were evicted, no one knew where the movement was going and what it was going to do next. One way to get a handle on what became of the Occupy movement is to track the continuing work of its participants, five of whom we've profiled here. Laurie Wen Healthcare for the 99% "That is still the mission of the group," she says. Physicians for a National Health Program continues to advocate for putting human needs first, she says. Tim Franzen Occupy Our Homes Atlanta Grace Davie

Call for a Global Spring in May 2012 Throughout this period of civil disobedience, from Tunisia, to Iceland and the latest uprisings in Greece and India (feel free to add other places), if anything has become clear it is that not only political systems have reached advanced levels of disintegration, so have their methods of representation, as well as their subordination to capitalist rule.In 2011 we took the streets, we regained our public spaces, got together, opened up dialogues and shared our dreams. We joined forces to make it clear that we are not commodities at the will of politicians and bankers who instate austerity policies and make our lives precarious. Instead, we declare, with our fellow Greeks “We owe nothing, we will not pay and will not sell ourselves!” However, what is far more important is that we also share a desire in re-appropriating our lives and the commons by means of direct participation, joint management, and ultimately the desire for a true democracy at the service of everyone.

13 Lucky Tips for Activists By Errol Schweitzer, October 1998 INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER (from Editor): As instructed by the author of this document (which was originally intended for the enviornmental and/or animal rights movement), we have reproduced it here. INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER (from Errol Schweitzer): This (manual) is not meant to offend hard-working activists who are devoting much of their time and energy to social and environmental issues. #1 - Have a Sense of Humor The world is not going to change overnight, no matter how hard you work. #2 - Critique is Necessary and Vital Analyzing what went wrong and what went right about an action or a campaign may help you to not repeat the same mistakes twice. #3 - Treat Everyone as Individuals It irks me when Marxists and Anarchists refer to "the masses" or when anti-corporate activists refer to their peers as "MTV kids." #4 - Listen to What Others Have to Say and Know Your Audience And oh yeah... ditch the highfalutin lingo! #5 - And Stop Screaming All the Time!