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DIY Feather Tutorials

DIY Feather Tutorials
Good morning, The feather fest continues! Did you see Part 1 of my feather obsession yesterday? There’s a plethora of unique ways to incorporate feathers into your wedding ~ including a few crafty ideas but it’s a tad more ‘BUY than DIY‘. Whereas this post is dedicated to all you DIY brides searching for chic and unique feather decor/detail/accessory ideas and tutorials to try at home. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. These map feathers are the best travel themed wedding idea I’ve seen in a while! 9. I love the simplicity of this concept. 10. The clever folks at Design Sponge created water colour feather pens. Full DIY tutorial here. 1. A bonus idea would be to use feathers as confetti ~ it’d make such a dreamy photo! I hope you liked my DIY feather round up. Got anymore fantastically feathery wedding ideas to share? Elizabeth x

Button Magnets These cute little buttons may just be the easiest craft project ever. They use minimal supplies and only take 5 minutes to make. I must say this is my kind of craft. Packaged nicely I think these button magnets would make an excellent stocking stuffer. You will need: Hot Glue GunMagnetsPretty Buttons Believe it or not this project is as simple as gluing buttons to magnets! Here is one more picture of the finished project. Check out this post and other great craft ideas at:

Paper Holiday Garland Curbly-Original When I first saw David Stark's holiday line for West Elm this year, it immediately put me into the holiday spirit. It's got a papercraft-y look that jives with my absolute love of Christmas and all things handmade. I even made the trip across town to the awful outdoor yuppie shopping center to check it out in person, resulting in my first visit to an actual West Elm retail store. Total cost was under $5.00 for at least sixty feet of garland, and I whipped everything up in under an hour. Materials and tools Secondhand books with relatively thick pages (I went to the half-priced bookstore and raided the $1.00 section)Cardstock in colors of your choiceCircle punch, 1-2" diameter Sewing machine, or needle and thread 1. 2. This is also totally possible with a needle and thread: just use nice long running stitch, and be sure to use thimbles. 3. Now, crank them out by the dozens! Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?

clothesline baskets! This is a tutorial for an easy-to-make and extremely useful basket. Nicholas' mom first taught me how to make these a few years ago, and I've been making them ever since. You need to have a sewing machine for this project, but it doesn't have to be anything fancy. In addition to the machine, you'll need to grab some clothesline. I got both of these at Ace Hardware. Then you'll want to grab some thread. Get your bobbin and your machine all ready to go...and remember even if your bobbin isn't on your side, Ryan Gosling is. To start making the baskets, you first need to make a base. Then you're going to sew across the circle in a few different directions to hold it all together. Make sure this little circle is nice and secure. Now you're ready to start expanding the base. This is what it looks like up close. Peanut is overseeing the whole operation. Peanut says it's just about there. This is me urging the walls to form. You can see that after twice around, it's starting to work. Voila!

Wooden Welcome Mat A better title for this post would be “Pinterest Challenge: Part II”, since Pinterest Challenge Part I was a big ‘ol flop. To jog your memory, here is the rubber mat I painted and ended up hating… and here is the mat (from that I should have made… Now if there is one thing I am good at, it’s perseverance. I keep at my projects until they look the way I want them to (like my white bed, hexagon table and penny countertop…though I did give up on my slipcovers…). Martha’s website recommends using cedar or mahogany 2 X 2′s. This project was really easy and my boys were all over it. I didn’t start the project for a few days after Adam cut everything down, but that doesn’t mean Elijah forgot about it… And when I finally got around to working on it Elijah was right there with me. I can’t believe I just posted a picture of my foot on the internet…they are my least favorite feature. Moving on. FYI for all you wooden mat makers…your holes may not be even. And there you have it!

diy roundup . cupcake stands - Shrimp Salad Circus by Handmade Weddings via Craftzine (with free template download) I've gotten onto a bit of an obsessive baking kick lately, which got me thinking about the importance of good display. You can make the cutest cupcakes in the history of the world, but they just won't look right if you throw 'em on a plate. You could just buy something kind of neutral, like this one that I have, but I think there's really something to be said for having a special something that you've custom-made for an event! Sooo, without further ado, I've rounded up five of my favorite cupcake stand tutorials from across the blogosphere. Which cupcake stand is your favorite?! Be sure to check out this sewing kit tutorial roundup, too - great for all sorts of things, like art supplies or even as a first-aid kit!

Fun Magnets & Tutorial (Kaisercraft) Hi Everyone The last of my Technologic posts today and a tutorial to share too! Please note that the contest previously detailed here has closed. You can see who won here. Magnets I LOVE these bright magnets! Magnets Tutorial Cut or punch circles of paper slightly smaller than the flat side of the glass dome Apply Mod Podge to the surface of the paper you want visible through the magnet and glue onto flat side of magnet When dry, apply a layer of Mod Podge to the other side o the paper (outside) Using a super-strong craft glue, stick a magnet to the underside and leave to dryMagnet Board This board was simply a cheap metal kitchen sign from the dollar store which I covered in paper and sealed with Mod-Podge. You can see all my posts using this collection here: Lowri :-) I am linking up this post to these websites here.

DIY - Calendari setmanal Últimament he anat una mica malament de memòria, se m'ha passat més d'una cosa i he acabat fent tard o saltant-m'ho directament... Sí, ja ho sé, existeixen agendes però jo necessito alguna cosa que em quedi més a la vista. Així que ja em veieu a mi anant a buscar unes pinces al "xinu" (80c.), un retolador permanent de punta fina (que segur en tens algun per casa) i recuperant un regle de quan era petita on hi ha la plantilla de totes les lletres. Així que res, amb 15 minuts les tenia llestes i col·locades. He retallat unes tires de paper i per no anar-ho canviant cada setmana, les aprofitaré fins a baix, ratllant el que vagi fent. D'acord no m'han quedat taaant estupendes com les de la botigueta molona però funcionar funcionen igual,no? Espero que us hagi agradat!

the photo-to-wood transfer This Christmas, I made most of my gifts. The majority of the handmade items were photos transferred onto blocks of wood. It was something memorable to give family (especially for parents, who never seem to need anything!). Everyone seemed to really like them. I first heard about the photo-to-wood transfer from a coworker. I followed the directions on this youtube video, and came up with a nice collection of photos on wood. I thought I’d share some tips I learned during this process. Photo-to-wood transfersmaterials wood gel medium paintbrush photo, printed on copy paper varnish (or Mod Podge)step one: the wood I think any wood works, but just look for something that doesn’t have a lot of markings on it, or this will affect your end image. step two: the image Two rules of thumb here: use cheap cheap cheap paper (i.e. photocopy paper), and use a laserjet printer. I chose to make all my images black and white, but color pictures work just fine too! Then it was time to rub the paper. ta-da!

upolstry headboard Quick Custom Wainscoting Add intricate architectural detailing with ease. This elegant wainscoting looks like the result of hours of elaborate work, but it just calls for a visit to a home center. The ready-made PVC latticework panels are mounted on the wall above the baseboard and topped with a chair rail made from 1x4 and 1x2 boards. Screen molding is nailed in place to hide the joints where the panels meet. Paint the raw wood pieces with white paint color-matched to the PVC. Find the Bright Side Don't let the inside of a wood-stained bookcase or hutch keep beautiful display pieces in the dark. tutorials Winners have been contacted for both the Fabric Destash Giveaway and the paper+palette giveaway! Check your email! I recently shared my craft room makeover with you all, and one of my favorite parts of the space is my updated office chair in shades of pink, gray and white. I don’t know why, but I’ve been drawn to pink more lately, and I’ve especially been drawn to it in this space, that is all my own and can be as girly and fun as I’d like. Anyway, waaay back when on the blog, four years ago, to be exact, I shared this post when I turned a dated, standard office chair into this: I do still love the red and blue fabric I used, but, alas, it was time for something different. Materials:fabric (can be quilting or home décor weight)hot glue gun or upholstery stapler Step 1: I used about a yard of home décor weight fabric for this makeover. Step 2: Unsnap the top of the chair, take your fabric and tuck it into the back of the chair. Step 3: And now it’s time to tackle the seat of the chair.