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Museums and Zoo

Museums and Zoo
The Smithsonian Institution—the world’s largest museum and research complex—includes 19 museums and galleries and the National Zoological Park. Most Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo are free and open every day of the year except December 25. For hours of operation, see information on planning your visit or select a museum from the list. Note: Additional Smithsonian exhibitions and events can be found in the S. Also Learn About Our Research Centers » Smithsonian Gardens » Many visitors are surprised to learn that the Smithsonian Institution includes a number of outdoor museums. From mid-April through September there are weekly garden tours available (weather permitting).

First Landing State Park Your browser does not support JavaScript! Enable javascript to see when urgent messages are available. GENERAL INFO: Originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s, First Landing State Park is located by the Chesapeake Bay. The park's name was changed in 1997 from Seashore State Park to First Landing State Park to reflect its heritage as the first place where members of the Virginia Company landed. First Landing is near the Little Creek-Fort Story Joint Expeditionary Base. Share this page: Park Size : 2,888 acres. Enable javascript to see the most up to date bulletins for this park. AT-A-GLANCE: The pictographs directly below show park offerings. LOCATION: From I-64, take Northampton Blvd. Drive Time: Northern Virginia, three and a half hours; Richmond, two hours; Tidewater/Norfolk/Virginia Beach, 20-30 minutes (this facility is in the area); Roanoke, five and a half hours. View Larger Map Latitude, 36.918020. View all of First Landing's photos. Site type: Total cabins : 20

Museums Presentation of the Oceanographic Institute - Institut océanographique - Fondation Albert Ier, Prince de Monaco The Oceanographic Institute is committed to enhancing the knowledge of the richness and fragility of the oceans, and promoting their sustainable management and rational and efficient protection. To achieve this, the Institute ensures the mediation between scientific and socio-economic actors on the one hand, and the public and decision-makers on the other hand. The oceanographic Institute upholds and shares its mission following the wish of its founder Prince Albert Ist of Monaco: « knowing, loving and protecting the oceans ». Knowing - Promote advanced knowledge of the oceans to ensure the scientific grounds for responsible political action; - Develop a network of partnerships allowing the mobilization of the most recent knowledge; - Popularize and share scientific knowledge to make it accessible to the greatest number of people, and match scientific results with public need; - Develop a global vision of the issues, uniting their environmental, economic and social aspects; Loving Protecting

Postscripts HAROLD BLOOM'S THEOCRATIC CANON In The Western Canon; The Books and School of the Age (1994), Harold Bloom examines the Western literary tradition by concentrating on the works of twenty-six authors central to the Canon. Bloom concludes his work with an extensive bibliography covering 36 two-columned pages. Here he provides a complete list of essential writers and books - his version of the Canon. THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST Gilgamesh. ANCIENT INDIA The Mahabharata. THE ANCIENT GREEKS Homer The Iliad. HELLENISTIC GREEKS Menander The Girl from Samos. THE ROMANS Plautus Pseudolus. Saint Augustine The City of God. Continue on with: The Aristocratic Age.

Deleuze Museum Audience Insight Free days. Daily deals. Who can resist? They take away or reduce at least one barrier to visiting museums and (we hope) broaden and diversify our audiences. But are they ultimately beneficial to museums? Free Days Nearly a fifth of responding museums reported that they never charge admission fees, while another fifth had occasional, sponsored free days. First, free days do appear to be a draw for audiences that would not otherwise visit. But those free days can be too popular, as another respondent said, “We have been reaching capacity during free hours this year, which is new for us. Additionally, it was noted that too many free days can be problematic as well, as it can depress regular paid attendance or it can reduce the incentive to visit, even on free days (that is, if you have a free day every week, there is no sense of urgency to visit, so potential visitors keep putting it off). Daily Deals Those who loved it felt that it had brought in new visitors or members. What do you think?

Project Gutenberg - free ebooks Swann's Way, by Marcel Proust Project Gutenberg Australia Literature Library: free books from the Ludwig von Mises Institute The most complete online offering of the literature of the Austrian School and libertarian ideas, including books, journal articles, and other writings, sorted by author or any method you choose. We recommend Adobe Reader for PDF files and Adobe Digital Editions for desktop reading of ePub (ebook) files. An ePub reader is a free, downloadable program that allows you to read digital books on a computer or other electronic device. There are numerous options available, among them: iBook, Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, and Firefox ePub Reader. Has the Literature section changed your life?