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Google Applied Digital Skills

Google Applied Digital Skills

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Slido Today we are launching Slido for Education, a package of integrations and features tailored specifically to the needs of lecturers. The aim of Slido for Education is to help lecturers stay connected with their students by powering two-way interactions during their virtual or live classes. We planned to announce our new offering at SXSW EDU this week and we are very sorry that such a great event had to be canceled last minute due to COVID-19.

Covid-19 Resources for Educators from Gale For more than 65 years, Gale, a Cengage Company, has partnered with librarians and educators around the world to build connections between content, technology, and people to further discoveries and insights for all. Today, we continue to support our partners and communities as they rapidly shift to online learning during this global crisis. We’re offering open access to some of our most comprehensive resources for learning anywhere, at any time. If you're looking for additional digital content and technology, and don't have access to these resources through your library at present, please use the links below for direct access to: Learning-focused resources to maintain academic continuity from home Credible research on timely topics related to health and global issues Coming soon! Lesson plans, activities, and more helpful materials

Best Oh the Places You'll Go Activities for the Classroom First published in 1990, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! has become one of Dr. Seuss’s most beloved and enduring classics. The book is especially treasured in schools, where creative teachers use it to talk about setting goals, growth mindset, and more. Using a Mock Trial to Build Literacy Skills The courtroom is breathless as the state’s attorney rises to present her opening statement in the case of Chris Archer v. New Columbia. Jury members sit at attention, listening to the argument that the defendant, Chris Archer, should be tried for first-degree murder and criminal hazing in the death of fraternity pledge Milan Jackson. This courtroom is actually a classroom, and I’ve shed my educator identity to preside as Judge Safir over an impressive mock trial staged by students in the Race, Policy, and Law (RPL) Academy at Oakland Technical High School.

Art - Home Learning This was the last photo I took of my students in the art room before our long separation from one another due to COVID-19. It was the day before the Chinese New Year and all of the students wore festive attire to celebrate. As we said goodbye to the students before the week-long holiday break, no one had any idea how different the new year ahead was going to be. Reception 1 learners showing off their stained-glass windows inspired by Frank Llyod Wright. – our last lesson before the school suspension. Since February 3rd, 2020 I have been facilitating Home Learning for the Visual Arts for over 760 Lower Primary students between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. With the virus spreading and more school closures imminent, I want to share some of my experiences providing home learning as a primary year visual arts teacher and by doing so, I might be in some small way, doing my part, helping others navigate this difficult time.

Home With Your Kids? Writers Want to Help School closings are a drastic change for kids at this challenging time, and children’s authors — whose normal routines are also disrupted — are finding ways to reach their readers in different ways. Dozens of book festivals, tours and events have been canceled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and some writers are turning to social media to engage with their fans, offering readings of their books, art classes and other activities to keep them entertained. Here’s what they’re doing. When Gene Luen Yang’s tour for his new graphic novel, “Dragon Hoops,” was canceled as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, “I felt disheartened and helpless,” he said. In lieu of an in-person tour, he held a Facebook Live session to discuss the book. He’s also “touring as a cartoon” on his Instagram page, where he will take reader questions and respond in a comic strip.

7 Must-Have Apps, Tools, and Resources for Maximum Student Engagement These days, it can seem more difficult than ever before to keep kids excited about learning. With tablets, online games and text messages, students seem so easily distracted. But the good news is that this technology does not have to be the bane of your existence. You can use those devices in the classroom to make learning fun with these trustworthy, user-friendly apps and tools. Kahoot. Students play a fast-paced, multiple-choice game using their devices.

7 Back to School Updates for Google's Applied Digital Skills Curriculum Several months ago I shared a post on Google Applied Digital Skills curriculum. For those not familiar, it is a totally free, online curriculum, with engaging videos and practical projects that teach technology, life, and job skills to students (middle and high school) as well as adult learners. Since that time Google has continued to expand and improve the program with lots of new content and features for the new school year. Brooklyn Public Library How long is the course? The course will take approximately 12 hours to complete. Course content is a mixture of video lectures and independent work. When does the course start and finish? This is a self-paced online course with no end date. P-credit enrollees must complete the course by the close of the ASPDP semester.

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