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DIY- Anthropologie "Perched Harmonies" Necklace

DIY- Anthropologie "Perched Harmonies" Necklace
Ready for another tutorial? What a pretty necklace. Not a pretty price! Make your own $68-looking Anthropologie designer necklace at home for barely no money at all. Get out your pliers; let's make some jewelry! Step 1: Gather materials. I used just plain glass rounds, as the Anthropologie necklace uses faceted gemstone beads. Step 2: Make the wire pendant. Time to hammer. When it looks slightly flatter, hammer the ends extra hard to sort of "push" the wire outwards, flattening it a lot. Step 3: Make the holes. Step 4: Add your beads to the pendant. If you don't care about it looking the exact same or don't have the exact colors of the beads (some of my colors were slightly different hues), then just go with what you want. Start wrapping the beads onto the pendant. Here are some close-ups so you can see the weaving technique. Step 5: Add your jump rings to the holes in the pendant. You are finished! If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me.

Faça Você Mesmo (DIY): pulseira riviera rústica da Chan Luu « got sin? Vocês perceberam como tem modinha de pulseiras com carinha hiponga surgindo todos os dias? Confesso que não sou muito fã desse estilo, mas achei um DIY de uma que me agradou até. É uma versão caseira dos super famosos wrap bracelets Chan Luu, que aparecem nos pulsos de várias fashionistas internacionais. O preço original dela varia de $215 até $325, mas com esse DIY, acredito que não custe nem R$8! Por ser bem simples e fácil de fazer, resolvi “reblogar” uma versão traduzida – o post original está no Honestly… WTF. Não esqueça de responder o questionário do blog para concorrer um presente surpresa! Curtir isso: Curtir Carregando... Inspiração de Vestidos para Festas de fim de ano Meninas, sorry o atraso nas postagens, estou com alguns projetos em off, por isso não tive mais tempo de atualizar direitinho isso aqui. Em "faça você mesmo (DIY)" Low Bun o novo penteado do momento Em "estilo inspiração"

DIY Geometric Diamond Necklace Hi there, sorry for the missed post yesterday! It's been a long day of studying for exams. Anyway, today I'd like to share a little DIY project I made over the weekend. You need: - a chain necklace and a jumpring - a paintbrush and paint (No paint? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. I hope you will enjoy making your own geometric diamond necklace, in any colors you fancy! Embellished Tee with Fabric Strips I have been on a thrifty hunt to add to my maternity wardrobe. Remember how it all began with the flower embellished tee, found here? Well, more simple tees were purchased and and more simple embellished tees have been making an appearance on this ‘ol pregnant self of mine. Yay for simple comfy knits. This next shirt, is embellished with fabric strips. That’s it. Many little strips of fabric, sewn right next to the other, with turned up knit edges. Nice and basic but more fun to look at than a plain tee. Note:Whenever I embellish with knits and leave the edges raw, I always hang dry the clothing. Would you like to make your own? Note: You will not need a ton of extra fabric to create the strips of the front, so you could just purchase one long-sleeved shirt and turn it into a half-sleeve shirt and use the extra fabric from the sleeves for the strips on the front…………….OR, you can save the major pieces of the shirt for a future project. Then I pinned each strip in place, at the top and bottom.

Cheerful Rings with International Signs We have already seen the idea of creating a ring with different signs in Silver signs of emotion by Chao & Eero Jewel. The idea is simple enough to implement it with lots of different symbols. Recently I found very similar rings on Smiling Silver Smith shop on Etsy. These cute characters are made of silver and each of them causes a lot of positive emotions. For more detail and prices please visit Smiling Silver Smith shop.

Beaded Wrap Bracelet Video Tutorial | Make Bracelets! This is the single wrap bracelet I made while filming the wrap bracelet tutorial. It has such a different look to it than the one I made this past weekend. It is amazing the different look and style you can create with the same basic pattern just by changing length of the bracelet and the type and size of the bead! Here is my attempt at a little video production for you. Post production notes: I did go ahead and put a tiny dab of GS Hypo Cement on the nymo thread knots on either side of the bracelet – but just on the nymo. I hope this video helps you make your own beaded wrap bracelets! Please share some pictures of your beaded wrap bracelet creations with me by linking back to this tutorial on your blog or website. Tracy

Bohemian Chic Hair Pin Yet another DIY! Summer is a time to create and when summer hits I definitely put down my knitting needles a bit more…THE HEAT! It is hard to knit with even the softest wool fiber when it is close to the triple digits outside. So here is a fun tutorial for those of you who are taking a breather from knitting. This clip was designed using a button off one of my old sweaters and some feathers I already had on hand (from all the feather extensions I have been putting in). If you purchased feathers for feather extensions and you have some left this is a great project to use them up on. 1. 2. 3.Bobby Pin (or Alligator Clip) 4. 5. 2x2in square of felt 6. First, holding the button on top of the felt cut the felt to the same size as the button. Once you have cut the felt circle fold it in half and make two small incisions for your bobby pin to attach through. Once you have the holes cut for the bobby pin thread it through the felt. Flip your clip over and slip it in your hair.

The Blog: Delicate DIY Bird's Nest Necklace J'adore delicate gold jewelry (and j'adore ma mama) so I decided that I would make this for my mom's birthday! See the steps below by clicking "Read More" I snatched the idea from the inventive Sarah Ortega's post. Sarah used silver wiring and experimented with both 20 and 24 gauge wire for her cute little nests. I settled on 24 gauge gold wire and whimsical soft pink frosted pearl beads for the eggs. 1) Arrange the beads on the wire however you like. 2) Start wrapping the wire around the beads to create the nest 3) Wrap the wire around and through the beads to hold it all together. 4) String a chain necklace through one of the loops and ta-da! This was so quick and easy to make that I made another one for myself with one of the larger pearls. I also used some of the gold wire to make my mom's card:

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