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DIY- Anthropologie "Perched Harmonies" Necklace

DIY- Anthropologie "Perched Harmonies" Necklace
Ready for another tutorial? What a pretty necklace. Not a pretty price! Make your own $68-looking Anthropologie designer necklace at home for barely no money at all. Get out your pliers; let's make some jewelry! Step 1: Gather materials. I used just plain glass rounds, as the Anthropologie necklace uses faceted gemstone beads. Step 2: Make the wire pendant. Time to hammer. When it looks slightly flatter, hammer the ends extra hard to sort of "push" the wire outwards, flattening it a lot. Step 3: Make the holes. Step 4: Add your beads to the pendant. If you don't care about it looking the exact same or don't have the exact colors of the beads (some of my colors were slightly different hues), then just go with what you want. Start wrapping the beads onto the pendant. Here are some close-ups so you can see the weaving technique. Step 5: Add your jump rings to the holes in the pendant. You are finished! If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me.

Faça Você Mesmo (DIY): pulseira riviera rústica da Chan Luu « got sin? Vocês perceberam como tem modinha de pulseiras com carinha hiponga surgindo todos os dias? Confesso que não sou muito fã desse estilo, mas achei um DIY de uma que me agradou até. É uma versão caseira dos super famosos wrap bracelets Chan Luu, que aparecem nos pulsos de várias fashionistas internacionais. O preço original dela varia de $215 até $325, mas com esse DIY, acredito que não custe nem R$8! Por ser bem simples e fácil de fazer, resolvi “reblogar” uma versão traduzida – o post original está no Honestly… WTF. Não esqueça de responder o questionário do blog para concorrer um presente surpresa! Curtir isso: Curtir Carregando... Inspiração de Vestidos para Festas de fim de ano Meninas, sorry o atraso nas postagens, estou com alguns projetos em off, por isso não tive mais tempo de atualizar direitinho isso aqui. Em "faça você mesmo (DIY)" Low Bun o novo penteado do momento Em "estilo inspiração"

Chalkboard Gratitude Calendar With Halloween less than a week away, many of you are already moving onto crafting for Thanksgiving. (Not me, of course, I’m still working hard on costumes!) Here’s a fun project that can be used, not only as decor, but also as a great way to open up a dialogue on gratitude with your kids and family. Supplies needed to create your own gratitude chalkboard calendar:Wood Framed Vertical Chalkboard (24×10.5)White Paint PenCore’dinations Sand It Gadget with SandpaperBe Thankful Free Printables 1 & 2 (After you click the links, a new window will open – click on the orange link to open the printable PDF)Preferred Transfer Method (Silhouette CAMEO, Transfer Paper, or just freehand it!) Instructions: 1. 2. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you’ll just have to trace over the letters with a piece of transfer paper taped underneath. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. About Vanessa Google+

Anthro Knockoff – Into the Woods Necklace Have you been pining for an Anthro Necklace? I have been pining, I must admit. And as we’re creeping hurtling closer and closer to the holidays, I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive ways to give cool gifts. :) So of course I went “shopping” at my favorite place to knockoff – Anthropologie. This time we’re doing a version of their “Into the Woods” necklace. And here’s the Anthro Original . . . Same basic idea – but I wanted mine to be a bit more neutral so I can wear it with more things. Though I do love that retro, floral ribbon. Ready to make your own? • Twill tape or decorative ribbon (about 1 yd) • 2 yards of narrow cream ribbon (needs to fit through your beads) • wooden beads (16) • Accent Beads (2 large & 6 or 7 small) • Headpins and eyepins • Needle and thread Round nose pliers and wire cutters Start with getting your accent beads ready. Hold your wire with the round nosed pliers, snug against the bead. With your wire cutters, trim off the excess wire. You’re all done! Comments

Beaded Wrap Bracelet Video Tutorial | Make Bracelets! This is the single wrap bracelet I made while filming the wrap bracelet tutorial. It has such a different look to it than the one I made this past weekend. It is amazing the different look and style you can create with the same basic pattern just by changing length of the bracelet and the type and size of the bead! Here is my attempt at a little video production for you. Post production notes: I did go ahead and put a tiny dab of GS Hypo Cement on the nymo thread knots on either side of the bracelet – but just on the nymo. I hope this video helps you make your own beaded wrap bracelets! Please share some pictures of your beaded wrap bracelet creations with me by linking back to this tutorial on your blog or website. Tracy

handmade fine bracelet with your name This is the last DIY of 2012, and it’s definitely a project a bit ‘special, a little because these bracelets are very fashionable lately, a little’ because there are many words that you can write, not just your name. Right now I am wearing the word hope …. Questo è l’ultimo diy del 2012, ed è sicuramente un progetto un po’ speciale, un po perchè questi braccialetti vanno molto di moda ultimamente, un po’ perchè sono tante le parole che si possono scrivere, non solo il proprio nome. In questo momento ho indosso la parola hope…. This could not be defined exactly a tutorial, I’ll let you just what is the secret to make these bracelets, here’s what you need: pliers, a golden thread and a thin chain with lobster clasp, and especially a pen and notebook. And here it is the trick, write your name with a pen trying not to ever remove the pen from the paper and trying to never pass twice from the same point (not always possible). What do you say? See my shop on Etsy Cosa dite?? You may also like:

Anthro Knockoff – Akela Necklace Anthropologie is such a great source to steal ideas from for inspiration. One of my favorite things to do late at night is browse through the Anthro site with a cup of hot tea. Gets my brain going. Much to my delight Anthro just added a darling little fabric and bead necklace that I just had to knockoff! Here’s the Anthro version: I love the style of this necklace but the color, not so much. Second, according to the description, this little baby is 72″ long. Ok, that was weird. One of the other things I like about this necklace is that you don’t need any jewelry hardware or tools. Here’s what you’ll need: Fabric for necklace and ruffles – I used a sort of sheer fabric I had on handBeads – 3 sizes. Cut your fabric into long pieces – measuring total of around 90″ long by 2″. Cut out your circles – 2 1/2″ diameter. Do any piecing of your long strip first. Get ready to turn your casing inside out. Or you can pin a safety pin in one end and feed that through the casing.

Frieda and Nellie Friendship Ring These are my kind of friendship bracelets; they've got major sparkle! I love how Frieda and Nellie incorporate gems into their designs, which adds another dimension to these bracelets; it instantly makes them more elegant! I knew I could make a tutorial for these. However, I didn't want to spend hours knotting to make a bracelet, so I made a ring! What's great about making rings is that they come together way quicker than a bracelet, which means you have time to make more! The contrast between the soft cotton thread and shiny gem is sure to catch eyes! This tutorial is a bit more tedious, but it's all about getting the knot pattern. Let's begin. Step 1: Gather materials. Step 2: You will need to cut two 3' lengths of each color of thread. Tie all the lengths together at the top with an overhand knot. For the sake of this tutorial, I will label threads R (red thread) G (green thread) Y (yellow thread) and B (blue thread). Arrange the threads: R, G, Y, B, 2B, 2Y, 2G, 2R. Step 9: Finishing.

Women’s Skirt with Yoga Style Waist Band Did you see the little yoga waistband skirt that I made for my little girl a few weeks ago (found here)? Well, after she slipped that on, I got jealous. Like completely jealous. (I have about 5 of the Lily style skirts from my pattern shop in my closet for the hot weather. So I made one for me. If I would have made it in time, this skirt would have been fabulous for maternity wear too. And I can’t wait to get some great use out of her over the next 6 months. And the skirt is about knee length on me (maybe a tad longer)…….but on this body form, it looks mid-calf. The waistband is nice and tall and can be worn up or down (you know, in case you have a pregnant belly) and really elongates that waistline…..if you need some elongating. :). You may completely fall in love with the coziness of the this skirt………and may want 3 or 4 in your closet for these warmer months ahead of us. I made this skirt from some jersey knit that I got at a random fabric store in Atlanta a while ago. And that’s it.