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Books and Authors

Books and Authors
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EPIC / Homepage - Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI) Kia ora and welcome to EPIC. EPIC is a venture between New Zealand libraries and the Ministry of Education, giving schools free access to a worldwide range of electronic resources. EPIC resources are purchased annually through the EPIC consortium on a subscription basis by the Ministry of Education for access by all New Zealand schools. What is available? Through EPIC schools can access databases containing curriculum related content from thousands of up-to-date, full text international and New Zealand magazines, newspapers, biographies, substantial reference works, images, e-books, multi-media resources and much more. Visit the Databases page for descriptions of the resources, and to filter by learning area and school level. How do I access EPIC? Use the links below (and from the Databases page) to access the EPIC resource that you are interested in searching. For EPIC school login queries email: Who can use EPIC? Where can I find more information?

iread / FrontPage Share Book Recommendations, Join Book Clubs, Learn more about your Favorite Books and Share Books with Friends. Good Reading Bobs Books Blog | Childrens and Young Adult Book Reviews by Bob Docherty Welcome to Who Else Writes Like...? Connecting Librarian » Blog Archive » Reader’s Advisory on the rise? Within a couple of days, I had two people at our library, ask me to recommend a good read. Not a rare thing in a public library, but on reflection and as I was reading Redefining Reader’s Advisory: Kissing Cousins in Library Journal (which by the way, is well worth a read), I realised that I had been receiving that question a lot more in recent times. My usual process is to ask a few questions about the sort of things they like reading and if they have an author(s), they particularly enjoy. If they have the latter and its an author I haven’t read myself, I go to our reader’s advisor print bible “Who else writes like”, or refer our users to the wonderful Who Writes like, compiled by Eastern Regional Libraries or the UK What should I read next. Reading Giovanni Battista Niccolini, uploaded by takomabibelot to Flickr, 29th November 2006, Attribution 2.0 Generic Interestingly, the book that I have chosen and a conversation I was privy to yesterday have helped steer this pondering.

Welcome to Who Next? - A guide to children's authors From the librarian