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Critique et actualité des séries TV - Webzine communautaire

Critique et actualité des séries TV - Webzine communautaire

Actualités séries TV, calendrier, audiences, acteurs, notes des épisodes ! The Knoedler Gallery Forgery Scandals and Shuttering—Who’s to Blame? Curiously, Freedman never sought to learn more about the well-mannered woman who brought her such dazzling, newly discovered pictures. Nor about José Carlos Bergantiños Diaz, Glafira Rosales’s companion. (Freedman says, “I had nothing to do with [him] I found her to be a believable, decent person.”) They are, in fact, almost under the radar. But not quite. Rosales, 56, lives with Bergantiños on a winding street in Sands Point, an enclave on Long Island’s North Shore said to have been the inspiration for East Egg in F. “Boy, do I have a story to tell,” Rosales agreed. Both Rosales and Bergantiños have dabbled in the art world, though very much at the margins. Bergantiños’s activities as a dealer go back at least to 1990, when he sold a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting through Christie’s for $220,000. Why did Freedman not look into the couple’s background when so much was at stake? Though Mr. Rosales remained almost as mysterious as Mr. Rogue’s Gallery Freedman denies that.

séries: critiques, analyses et commentaires Voilà, c’est fini. Après 4 ans, 763 posts et plus de 2800 commentaires, « Têtes de Séries » s’en va. Je déménage, à partir de dimanche, sur Télé, pour ouvrir Sérierama, où j’espère avoir le plaisir de vous retrouver. Mon blog s’est ouvert en novembre 2008 par ces mots : « et si on commençait par se plaindre ? » Et on s’est plaint. Je dis « on », parce que je n’ai pas été seul. Merci d’avoir râlé. Cinq séries ont dominé les discussions, mes posts et vos commentaires. J’ai plus souvent causé d’NBC (pour m’agacer, en général) que de HBO (pour m’émerveiller, en général), plus souvent cité Canal+ que TF1. J’ai fait de mon mieux pour informer, critiquer, donner mon avis, tenter de vous convaincre de ce que je croyais bon ou mauvais. I’m f*cking out, comme dirait Kenny P. Image de Une : @StillBirth lire le billet

Le Monde Des Séries | Le Blog de Pierre Sérisier Genetic engineering vs. natural breeding: What’s the difference? If you are new to this series, I’ve been trying to break down the competing claims about genetic engineering. I’m not an expert: When I told a friend I was writing about GMOs he asked, “So are you for them, or against?” My answer: “I’m trying to figure that out.” The next step in trying to figure that out is to really understand how genetic engineering works. That’s what I asked Pamela Ronald, a scientist at U.C. Raoul Adamchak and Pamela Ronald. When I started to ask questions, Ronald asked if we could back up a bit. What bothers me about genetically engineered crops, I told her, is that the technology seems to disrupt the co-evolutionary relationship between farmer and plant. “So,” she said, “in the developed world almost everyone buys their seeds, but the people using our rice can’t afford that. In the U.S. farmers buy hybrid seeds, which don’t work as well if you try to save the next generation. As with birth, it’s a question of appropriate technology. He had a point. It works.

Blabla-Series : le site en séries prosélytiste a-critique : garanti sans couenne Séries Chéries | Le blog des gens qui aiment les séries click! Photography Changes Everything