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Civilisedmoney - people-to-people power!

Civilisedmoney - people-to-people power!

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Kiva’s Secret Project To Let You Give Peer-To-Peer Loans Microlending website Kiva’s original proposition was simple: Make an interest-free loan to someone who no bank will touch. The site, which launched in 2005, became wildly popular, as people gleefully gave a few dollars to struggling businesspeople in the developing world, and then saw that business grow and had their money repaid. But many lenders assumed--not surprisingly, given Kiva’s marketing and web design--that the smiling face on the other end of the PayPal transaction got the exact cash they lent out. A minor kerfuffle ensued in 2009 when a blogger broadcast the fine print of Kiva’s website, revealing the nuance that a donation actually goes to take on the risk of a loan already made to that person by a microfinance institution. In other words, the person you chose to fund already had his loan.

CrowdCulture Mixes Crowdfunding With Public Money Who has the right to enter the artistic scene? Who decides the criteria’s on access to public funding? How would public art funding be designed if we invented the concept now? CrowdCulture is a new crowdfunding site for creative projects, that tries to answer these questions in a fairly unique way. The crowdfunding platform mixes private money with public money in a hybridized economy to fund art and cultural works. The platform was developed by an initiative of Fabel Communication in collaboration with SICS-- the Swedish Institute of Computer Science.

Browse. Order. GoPago. a DoubleBeam company Merchant Login Reseller Login New Reseller The All InclusivePOS System Everything you Need to get yourBusiness Up and Running Yes. Everything. Aflamnah: Crowd-funding creativity From left, Masoud Amralla Al Ali, Lotfi Bencheikh and Vida Rizq. Cairo: This time last year, the global media was in a frenzy with sensationalized catch phrases labeling the Arab revolutions as the “internet uprisings” and “Facebook revolutions.” While technology certainly contributed to their success, the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya were not technological revolutions. Social media did not create these revolts, but it did keep the movements alive and connected. Technology allowed the world to watch and spread the onset of protest — it helped link activists, build political networks and galvanize a movement that led to the toppling of autocrats. In a nutshell, technology opened our eyes and enabled the communication needed in the long fight for change, in a region plagued with despotism.

As Banks Start Nosing Around Facebook and Twitter, the Wrong Friends Might Just Sink Your Credit Pay up, or we'll spam your newsfeed! By Adrianne Jeffries 12/13/11 7:39pm Share this: Can't pay? Well, what about your friends? Let’s take a trip with the Ghost of Christmas Future.

What is Projeggt? - Projeggt Ten things to know about Projeggt 1. At Projeggt we incubate creative and entrepreneurial ideas Since 2012 151 ideas has been incubated at Projeggt, collecting 215,101 € from pledges of 5,307 funders. We have a success ratio of 78.64% because we work hard designing good campaigns with creators. Money for the Masses Earlier this month, a Silicon Valley mobile startup called Loopt was acquired for $43 million. Even though Loopt had only a relatively modest user base, it was well known among the tech cognoscenti. But the same wasn’t true of the acquiring company. Who exactly, wondered many writers, was this outfit called “Green Dot”? In fact, Green Dot is something of an industry giant, an 11-year-old payments company with 4.5 million active customers who used it to complete $16 billion in transactions last year.

How it works - Appsfunder AppsFunder is a great way to get my new app funded. 1. Tell us the story behind your app. Tell us why your new app is so unique. Bank on Dave: one man's crusade to help small businesses raise finance The banks are "shit". According to Dave Fishwick, a Burnley businessman who has made millions as the biggest minibus supplier in Britain, "all they have done is shit on people". It's a crude assessment, but it's one probably now shared by millions as the Barclays scandal unfolds and NatWest picks up the pieces from its service meltdown. As he drives round his home town, all Fishwick sees are the relics of an industrial past, boarded-up shops and one To Let sign after another. But unlike almost everyone else, he has done something about it. In a unique model, that links savers in his home town earning paltry interest on their deposits with local businesses starved of cash, Fishwick has opened "Bank of Dave".

Distribute your film to a filesharing audience Distribution – The P2P Way We bring together creators looking for an effective way to distribute their work with P2P sites and services willing to help promote it and get it out. Into this mix we bring individual 'Influencers', who can promote works through their social networks on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. We call this the Distribution Coalition, or DISCO. It's proving very powerful. VODO's last two releases have been seen 650,000 and 850,000 times respectively, through our tracker alone.