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Jeux - anglais

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Past Tense You can set this page as a homework task for a group of students; doing so will give you a record of who has completed the task. Visit the teacher's section for more information. You can share this page by using the link below. This game is for practicing past tense English verbs. It is intended to be used by ESL (English as a second language) students, to review past participles. There are 3 different tasks in the game. There is also a review screen in which you can see each verb with its past-participle and an image to convey the meaning. The game uses a timer to give an element of challenge to the game. There are 22 sets of content. How to make a stick puppet LUISA: Tada! LUCA: Wow! Ice lollies! Is it snack time? LUISA: Not really! LUCA: Oh. LUISA: Because today we are going to turn this ... into this! LUCA: Wow! LUISA: Me too! LUCA: So, what do we need? LUISA: We need a stick, coloured paper, a felt-tip pen, scissors, a glue stick and something round, like a glass or a tin. So, the first thing to do is to cut out two circles, like this one. Great! LUCA: OK! LUISA: You can have lots of fun drawing faces - angry faces, sad faces … You can stick on a nose, ears, whiskers, a bow, glasses or a hat! And now, the final step. That's it, we have a stick puppet! This is my favourite puppet, Mrs Rat! LUCA: Ooh, I think I've got the perfect friend for Mrs Rat. LUISA: We hope you have fun making your own stick puppets! LUISA AND LUCA: Bye bye! LUISA: Remember! cut out two paper circles draw a face glue the circles to the stick. That's it!

Mrs Dubois' s classes » Réviser l’anglais en autonomie Apprendre et réviser en autonomie, au primaire, collège et au lycée —Tous ces liens renvoient à des sites accessibles à tous, gratuits, sans abonnement ni inscription Elllo Un site incontournable pour le collège et plus d’où l’on accède à des centaines (milliers) d’activités de compréhension de l’oral de type QCM , sur tous les thèmes de la vie quotidienne, la culture, les traditions, sur de très nombreux pays, avec divers accents,etc. Utilisez leur moteur de recherche intégré pour saisir un thème que vous souhaitez travailler ou réviser (exemples: cities, countries, sports, celebrations, traditions, everyday life, family, hobbies, etc) , ou parcourez le site, vous trouverez toujours votre b Sound Guide Web le site de la BBC Pour écouter du parfait anglais, site très varié: Anglais Facile E-anglais My English Lessons Cesar English Site d’Yvan Baptiste Breaking News English Famous People Lessons Franglish

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