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Responsive Web Design Templates and Frameworks

Responsive Web Design Templates and Frameworks
Eventually, we’ll all stop talking about responsive web design – not because it will go away, but because it will become what’s expected. Flashback ten years ago and we were all talking about CSS and tableless design, but today there’s no need to mention it. It’s simply the way modern websites are built, although sadly, I’m sure there’s a few out there still using tables. Nevertheless, the concept of responsive web design is still relatively new. So it’s our job to help you learn about it and to help you find the stuff that makes building responsive sites easier. For this post we’ve gathered a collection of Responsive Web Design Templates and Frameworks. Mobile Boilerplate Mobile Boilerplate is your trusted template made custom for creating rich and performant mobile web apps. Skeleton Skeleton is a small collection of CSS & JS files that can help you rapidly develop sites that look beautiful at any size, be it a 17″ laptop screen or an iPhone. Hardboiled CSS3 Media Queries tiny fluid grid

Six questions for analyzing a website It's tempting to believe that any website can become a perpetual motion machine of profit. But before you start one, invest in one or go to work for one, a few things to ask: What's the revenue per visit? 23 Inspiring Single Page Designs A website should be designed to accommodate it’s content. So when there’s not a lot of content, it might be make sense to place everything on one page. If you’re thinking about taking this route for your next project, we’ve gathered a few examples to inspire you. In this collection, you’ll see a variety of approaches to single page web design – from parallax scrolling to the classic ‘all in one place’, no scrolling needed.

8 Popular online apps to test the mobile version of your site The mobile revolution has inspired major and minor websites alike to have a mobile version. Mobile versions can be created using themes, extensions, and other modifications. While developing mobile version, you may want to test it on two, three, or even five different mobile handsets. After development, you are not aware how it will appear in each mobile present on this Earth as you have to buy each of them to test it manually. Let us make this work simple for you by collecting some tools in this article to test the mobile version of your website. Responsive Web Design Sketch Sheets I’ve made some printable sheets for wireframing for responsive layouts, with corresponding Photoshop templates. Download .zip 1.2MB The Responsive Sketch Sheet Problem

Responsible responsive images I’m in Belfast right now for this year’s Build conference, so I am. I spent yesterday leading a workshop on responsive enhancement—the marriage of responsive design with progressive enhancement; a content-first approach to web design. I spent a chunk of time in the afternoon going over the thorny challenges of responsive images. Jason has been doing a great job of rounding up all the options available to you when it comes to implementing responsive images:

21 Examples of Inspiring Typography in Web Design From print to packages to web design and pretty much all other media that you can think of, typography always plays a big role. Not only can good use of typography add to your design from a visual standpoint, it can also play an important role in defining the heirarcy of the content. With this in mind, we gathered a collection of inspiring typography usage in web design. From small type to huge and colorful ones we will show you that typography can be very important in your design.

Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS CSS, by its very nature, is used to lay elements out on the page. However, there is a distinction between layouts dictating the major and minor components of a page. The minor components—such as a callout, or login form, or a navigation item—sit within the scope of major components such as a header or footer. I refer to the minor components as Modules and will dive into those in the next section.

Web Page Analyzer - free website optimization tool website speed test check website performance report from web site optimization Free Website Performance Tool and Web Page Speed Analysis Try our free web site speed test to improve website performance. Enter a URL below to calculate page size, composition, and download time. The script calculates the size of individual elements and sums up each type of web page component.

10 of the Best Contact Us Pages on the Internet By: Ramsay | 56 intelligent opinions, add yours The dreaded Contact Us page. The place where you have a last ditch attempt at getting potential clients, customers and fans to get in touch or, in my case, convince them otherwise (I get a lot of emails). So we’ve had a look at the best About Us pages and now I want to do the same for the Contact Us page. What are the best practices? What works and what doesn’t? Techniques in responsive web design We’ve talked a lot about responsive design here on Webdesigner Depot, and shared a lot of valuable resources. Today we’re sharing another valuable resource: at the end of this article are details for getting a discount on Chris Converse’s responsive design course on MightyDeals. CSS3 media queries allow us to dynamically alter the design and layout of a web page in order to deliver an optimal user experience from a single set of HTML and CSS markup.

Website Optimisation tool This week, I was asked to evaluate a longstanding slow website problem. One of the most challenging questions that CIOs receive is the "application is slow, can you fix it?" problem. Root causes range from underpowered laptops, virus infected desktops, slow wireless connections, firewall congestion, web server memory leaks, storage I/O bottlenecks, database indexing, and poorly written HTML. For this particular issue, I suspected application issues in the use of Javascript, style sheets, graphics, and flash objects, not infrastructure. A quick search on Google yielded this great website optimization tool , which is a companion to an O'Reilly book Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets by Andrew B.

20 Inspiring Examples of Textures in Web Design Here at WDL we love textures, specially because they can add personality, depth and style to websites, print, apps and everything else you can think of. From gathering free textures to showcasing examples of textures in action, we like to keep our readers up to date with the theme and also want to show how other designers use texture in their projects. Today we have a new list of websites using textures in inspiring ways. From super discrete textured fonts to complete textured backgrounds, here are some good examples of how you can integrate textures in your next project. Pulp Fingers

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