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Selling Software and Services: A Short Guide to SaaS Marketing

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150+ Software/Tech Marketing Stats to Help You Plan for 2018 - Looking for solid stats to support your 2018 marketing plan? We’ve got you covered. Having ploughed through the mountain of software/tech marketing data available, we’ve compiled all the essential numbers in this free eBook. This eBook features over 150 data points hand-picked from more than 60 reputable whitepapers, slide-decks, industry reports, and other published materials. Overall StrategyContent MarketingEmail MarketingSocial MediaOrganic and Paid Search Other Channels/Strategies Get the free eBook now and start beefing up your 2018 marketing plan. 5 Steps to Future-Proof Your Go-to Market Strategy for Cloud Services Here’s a number to think about: $1 trillion. That’s the amount of IT spending Gartner says the shift to the cloud will disrupt by 2020. Whether you’re launching your first cloud solution or expanding an existing cloud services portfolio, it’s vital that you nail down your go-to market (GTM) strategy well before the planned rollout. A GTM plan acts as your road map for taking a (small) bite out of the huge cloud services market. Now, there are tons of resources on how to build an effective go-to market strategy for cloud services, so we won’t be looking into that in this post. Instead, today’s entry talks about a simple 5-step process you can apply to make your GTM plan robust enough to withstand any road bumps you encounter along the way. Step 1: Make sure you’re looking at a trend, not just a blip. A go-to market strategy often starts by identifying relevant business drivers. You want business drivers that result from long-term trends, not random blips. The Takeaway Author: Judy Caroll

Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation. Which is Best for IT and Software Businesses? Which water is safer and healthier to drink? Canadian Living noted that tap water is the worst water type to drink. Chlorine treatment may kill unwanted bacteria in it but may contain lead or aluminum as it passes through extensive piping prior to coming out of the faucet. On the safe side of the list is Bottled water which is treated through distillation, reverse osmosis or ionized, and Charcoal filtration but which is also prone to bacteria breed when filters are not changed regularly. The course of IT and Software companies in choosing between Lead Generation and Demand Generation as to which best marketing strategy would work for their business seems turbid as the question which water type is best safe for drinking. However, competition mainly in the aspect of customer acquisition is getting stringy as (other) aggressive companies look for more prospecting options and bravely invest in the powers of advanced technologies to grab all the chances of dominating the market.

How Quantum Computing is Going to Influence Business Growth Hackers Real-time search powered by Leave a comment Log in to post a comment. How Quantum Computing is Going to Influence Business Shared by Judy Caroll February 20, 2018 300 #b2b #linkedin Computers have come a long way. Who knows what lies on the horizon for the computing industry. Read full post 39+ Actionable B2B Lead Generation Ideas & Examples (That Work Fast) 🚀 How to Use Data in Your Recruiting 7 Proven Job Interview Questions—and What to Look for in the Answers 99 B2B SaaS Growth Hacks to Try Today What's the best automated webinar platform? Join over 70,000 growth pros from companies like Uber, Pinterest & Twitter Get Weekly Top Posts High five! Add New Post Ask GH: Have some feedback? Use the feedback box below if you have a question, comment or general feedback. Cancel Thank You! Your feedback has been sent. Woah there... Log in with Google Log in with Twitter or Sign in now Creating an account means you’re okay with GrowthHackers's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Share with

5 Ways to Find the Right Buyers for your ERP Software March 12, 2015/0 Comments/in IT Lead Generation /by Barbara Mckinney In the IT industry, when selling enterprise resource planning or ERP software, you will need to focus your time and energy on marketing your product’s features to the right people. However, attracting the right buyers poses as much a challenge as providing sales with high quality B2B leads. In order to find ERP leads, you will need to understand a few simple things first before starting your IT lead generation campaign. Know what certain segments want What do businesses want in ERP software? Listen to what they’re talking about Use marketing intelligence to identify what IT buyers want the most from ERP software. Dig deeper: How to Communicate the Value of your VOIP Services and Increase IT Sales Stay social Social media platforms are also important for understanding potential clients. Dig deeper: How to Streamline your Social Media Platforms for Better Generation of IT leads Establish thought leadership

Marketing Strategies from the World’s Top Performing Telecom Companies Making it big in your IT lead generation can be daunting. While it’s easy to draft specific goals for your organization, the hardest part is finding the right methods that strike a perfect balance in terms of quantity, quality and cost in acquiring telecom sales leads. In many cases however, some marketers nod at the notion that more spending means better results. Then again, the most successful telecom companies – notwithstanding their capability to fund expensive campaigns – remain the most frugal in creating the best techniques that attract a constant supply of quality telecom lead. Related Post: Three Ways to Lower your IT Lead Costs If finding that perfect balance means the world to you, consider following from these examples dispensed by three of the world’s best performing IT suppliers and service providers. Virgin Mobile’s focus on partnership and approachability Related Post: How to Get More B2B Leads for IT Services Diversified multichannel marketing as sweet as an Orange

Capture More B2B Sales Leads with Multi-Channel... - Marketing and Lead Generation Hacks - Quora Everyone is in the business of growing leads; even the most straightforward marketing campaign is integrated with the lead generation process. When you’re in charge of selling a particular industry, service, or product, then chances are you would have already come across lead generation. However, in today’s day and age, lead generation has grown into a dynamic process that can be accomplished using different channels and strategies. This article focuses on developing B2B leads with the use of multi-channel marketing, and utilizing all the latest advancements that we have. Check out how you can improve your lead generation marketing campaign with these tips and latest developments in multi-channel lead generation. #1 Do Not Forget The Power of Content Marketing Content marketing is one of the most influential tools that you have at your disposal because let’s face it; nobody likes have a fully-fledged advertisement hitting them square in the face. How do you utilize content marketing?

Conversion Rate Optimization: Why Your Website Needs It? Take it from us, conversion rate optimization is not a digital marketing buzzword, and it’s probably an excellent time that we should start focusing a lot of our efforts around it. For some reason, there are times where we forget about CRO in favor of other optimizations. However, there is a lot that we can do today to improve our conversion rates. In this article, we will be exploring the different ways that we can improve our conversion rate optimization on our web properties and how we can get improved conversions by merely understanding CRO. What is Conversion Rate Optimization? To put it simply, conversion rate optimization – or CRO – is the process of analyzing the data that customers are leaving on your web property to find out how to improve the performance of your website. Think about it this way CRO is the process of optimizing your website to make sure that you can meet the wants and needs of your customers to get them to go onwards with the next part of the conversion journey.

A Rundown of the Benefits of Marketing Automation for Healthcare Services Health is wealth, and we can never really deny the fact that we have to invest a great deal on efficient diagnostic and treatment tools to better address important medical concerns. Now more than ever, people are looking towards the healthcare sector for innovations that will lower costs and bring better results. It is against this backdrop that major players in the field of medical technology are putting more emphasis on quality care to meet an ever-increasing demand for specific services and equipment for specialty care. In fact, in the United States, overall healthcare expenditures have reached a whopping $3 trillion in 2014. In the pharmaceutical sector, spending on prescription drugs is expected to reach $400 billion by 2020. These numbers drive home the point that that major healthcare providers are compelled to do more in terms of getting a good share of the market. Related: 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Refine Your Marketing Analytics Stack Simplifying the sales process

B2B Chatbots and How This Tech Can Improve Your Conversions Ladies and gentlemen, this is the future. No, we haven’t colonized Mars – yet – and we don’t have personal housekeeping robots, but digital marketing has undoubtedly had some developments that we would have never thought possible. We do have a different kind of bot; let’s all welcome B2B chatbots! Bots are taking over the many different ways that you can interact with your existing and potential clients, and even at this rate, that opportunities still seem to be limitless if you ask us. We’ve all heard of bots answering customer service requests, but now you are seeing them sell, update, disseminate information and make life generally interesting for everyone. A Couple of B2B Chatbots Statistics Did you know that if you want a chatbot right now, you are not alone? It gets better; too, some companies have been reporting major successes. Related: 5 Pieces of Advice for Live Chat That you Can Never Live Without How Can B2B Chatbots Help My Business? How Do Chatbots Work for my Business?

Case Study: Callbox and Software Leader Spell Success The Client The Client is a professional business software consulting firm based in Irvine, CA. They specialize in the Sage Software family of products – Sage MAS 90 and 200, Sage BusinessWorks, Sage CRM, and JobOps Job management software. The Client helps businesses increase productivity and profitability through the application of integrated accounting, distribution and management software. The Client’s services include software selection, system design and implementation, user training and support, data conversion, and eCommerce/EDI/CRM consulting. The Challenge Considering the stiff competition and difficulty of marketing business software, it was crucial for the Client to double, even triple their sales and marketing efforts in order to find prospects. system changesystem upgrade or downgradesystem maintenanceadd-ons to current system The Callbox Solution The Client turned to Callbox to rev up their sales efforts. The Results