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5,000 Vector Icons for IOS, Android and applications. The world's largest icon collection.

5,000 Vector Icons for IOS, Android and applications. The world's largest icon collection.
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Greyprint I built it when I realised I’d follow the same ritual when starting a project, losing 5 or so minutes every time. New document. Create some guide boxes at the icon sizes I intend to work on. Gryeprint’s pre-made styles are available for Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Affinity Designer. Using the templates Here is an example using a Greyprint template and styles to draw a shuffle icon in Illustrator. And a few more examples using only the styles in Greyprint. Gradient maps For design tools that have gradient maps (Photoshop and Affinity Designer), a “colourise” group is included in the templates. Not only do they look ace, they also invert everything — black icons on white become white icons on varying coloured backgrounds. Download Greyprint My initial template was for Illustrator, but as is the case with all the recent Bjango design resources, the Greyprint templates have been built for Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Affinity Designer.

lorempixel - placeholder images for every case Two Fascinating Things Salesforce Discovered When It Studied Color Consider the last time you made a decision with data. Chances are, you used some kind of visualization to help understand the bigger picture. In visualizations, color is often key; you use it to associate data with meaningful information like groups or categories. Color choices can be a matter of personal preference for individuals and brand identity for organizations. But do the colors in analytics products–used to unearth answers from your data, make business decisions, and predict future opportunities–influence how people feel and perform? The Paradox Of Light And Dark Color Schemes In one study, we examined how different foreground/background colors (“themes”) influence performance and preference. We ran surveys with questions regarding first impression, preference, and value. After conducting research, we discovered that participants generally preferred the lighter (and sometimes the hybrid) themes over the dark theme. The Case Against Gradual Gradients

Top 27 Examples of SVG Animations for Web Designers and Developers 2016 It’s a nice feature to have, to be able to have visual content on your website that looks equally the same on any device screen resolution. That’s what SVG does, it helps designers and artists to create visual web content that can scale infinitely without losing any imagery quality. An approach that is quickly being adapted to all new modern websites, though an approach that still requires more learning and practice. SVG is rising in popularity, but majority of designers today are still relying on traditional visual techniques. Is SVG too difficult, or is it just that the old ways are still working great? If you are a total newbie to SVG, then this tutorial and introduction guide to SVG from Sara is a pleasant place to begin your journey. Animated SVG vs GIF [CAGEMATCH] Preview Velocity.js SVG.js Three Ways to Animate SVG Animating an SVG Menu Icon with Segment Segment is a neat little JS library that lets you draw and animate SVG path strokes. Animated SVG Icons Vivus.js SVG Loaders SVG Circus

Download | PhantomJS New to PhantomJS? Read and study the Quick Start guide. Windows Download (17.4 MB) and extract (unzip) the content. The executable phantomjs.exe is ready to use. Note: For this static build, the binary is self-contained with no external dependency. Mac OS X Download (16.4 MB) and extract (unzip) the content. Note: For this static build, the binary is self-contained with no external dependency. Linux 64-bit Download phantomjs-2.1.1-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2 (22.3 MB) and extract the content. Note: For this static build, the binary is self-contained. Linux 32-bit Download phantomjs-2.1.1-linux-i686.tar.bz2 (23.0 MB) and extract the content. Note: For this static build, the binary is self-contained. FreeBSD Binary packages are available via pkg: $ sudo pkg install phantomjs Source Code To get the source code, check the official git repository: Checksums MD5 Checksums SHA-256 Checksums Acknowledgement

Hirnlichtspiele's red flag vectorized By Firkin Created Description The originals in this set of motor racing flags seem to be embedded rasters. So I have posted vector versions. Tags f1 , flag , FLAGs , formula 1 , formula one , grandprix , grand prix , motorsport , race , racing , red flag , remix+255282 , safety , véhicule outil , warning Viewed by 1061 People Loved by 2 People Filesize 1546 bytes Download SVG PNG PDF Edit Clipart Iconsfeed - iOS icons gallery Stay tuned via RSS. © 2015 439 icons Worms™ 4 Games Chauffeur-Privé Travel 旅行箱-最好用的旅行工具 Travel 写真で作る育児日記とシール|キルトピクス Medical Sue Doku Games Connect The Cables Games Yahoo News Digest News Crafty Voice Memos Recorder Utilities

Masonry Install Download Link directly to Masonry files on unpkg. Package managers Install with Bower: bower install masonry --save Install with npm: npm install masonry-layout Getting started Include the Masonry .js file in your site. Masonry works on a container grid element with a group of child items. <div class="grid"><div class="grid-item">... All sizing of items is handled by your CSS. Initialize with jQuery You can use Masonry as a jQuery plugin: $('selector').masonry(). Initialize with Vanilla JavaScript You can use Masonry with vanilla JS: new Masonry( elem, options ). Initialize in HTML You can initialize Masonry in HTML, without writing any JavaScript. Edit this demo on CodePen Options set in HTML must be valid JSON. HTML initialization was previously done with a class of js-masonry and setting options in data-masonry-options in Masonry v3. Next Learn more about how to use Masonry: MIT License Masonry is released under the MIT License.

Icon Transition Generator How to use the exported icon? The downloaded icon is composed of visual elements (<g> elements), and a <script> tag that includes the JavaScript code for the animation. If you plan on including multiple two-state icons in your web project, then make sure to remove the <script> tag from the <svg> and include its content in your .js file so that you do not duplicate the javascript code (the content of the <script> tag has to be included only once and it is going to work for all your icons). Import and preview animated icons in Nucleo If you are using the Nucleo app, you can upload and preview animated icons directly within the app! Please note that if the icons share CSS classes and mask IDs in their SVG code, the animated icon exported may look corrupted when used in the browser or imported in Nucleo. Learn how to create 2-states icons If you want to learn more about the script that powers the animation, take a look at this tutorial on our blog.

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