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Morae usability testing software from TechSmith

Morae usability testing software from TechSmith
From focus groups to usability studies, Morae helps you gain insight into your user's experiences by providing you with powerful data. Record and remotely observe user interactions, efficiently analyze results, and instantly share your findings with anyone, anywhere. Customize Morae to Work for You Write your own Recorder, Observer, and Manager plug-ins with Morae’s pluggable architecture, which enables you and your development team to build features specific to your testing environment. Get Great Insights with Morae Morae is the gold standard in usability and market research. Software & Web User Experience Testing Morae provides you with hard data and undeniable examples of usability problems. Market Research & Focus Groups Whether you gather customers around a formal conference table or sit down for a one-on-one, bring Morae along to capture the interaction, and share the results quickly. Mobile Device & Hardware Testing If you need a little extra help along the way, don’t worry.

Snagit, Mac and Windows screen capture software from TechSmith Context is everything. Recording a video lets the person on the other end actually hear your voice. So the next time a webpage, PDF, or video edit is sent to you for feedback, consider dropping the red pen and record a video instead. Welcome to AATT - Homepage THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS OF TURKIC LANGUAGES, founded in 1985 as the American Association of Teachers of Turkish, is a private, non-profit, non-political organization of individuals interested in the languages of the Turks. In 1993, the members voted to expand and include all languages of the Turks. The objective of the Association is to advance and improve the teaching of the languages of the Turks; to promote study, criticism, and research in the field of the languages and literatures of the Turks; and to further the common interests of teachers of these subjects. According to the Association's Constitution, AATT is managed by a five-member Executive Board elected by the membership. The President and the Executive Secretary-Treasurer are appointed positions, officers are elected to three year terms. The Executive Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for the day to day operation of the Association.

Equipment for Audio recording of Speech This page provides advice in the selection of audio equipment for the recording of speech. Contents: Background | Cassette Recorders | Minidisc Recorders | Digital Audio Tape (DAT) Recorders | Solid-state Recorders | Hard-disk Recorders | Laptop audio interfaces | PDAs | Microphones Background There has perhaps never been as wide a variety of equipment available for making audio recordings as there is today. There are analogue recorders, digital recorders, tape recorders, disk recorders and memory recorders, not counting laptops and PDAs. The Online Books Page Listing over 3 million free books on the Web - Updated Thursday, November 19, 2020 Search our Listings -- New Listings -- Authors -- Titles -- Subjects -- Serials We reach Public Domain Day, and 3 million titles -- Blog (Everybody's Libraries) -- Latest Book Listings

Gephi Gephi is a tool for data analysts and scientists keen to explore and understand graphs. Like Photoshop™ but for graph data, the user interacts with the representation, manipulate the structures, shapes and colors to reveal hidden patterns. The goal is to help data analysts to make hypothesis, intuitively discover patterns, isolate structure singularities or faults during data sourcing. It is a complementary tool to traditional statistics, as visual thinking with interactive interfaces is now recognized to facilitate reasoning. This is a software for Exploratory Data Analysis, a paradigm appeared in the Visual Analytics field of research.

9 Best Free Image Editors Adobe Photoshop may be dominant among industry professionals, but the software can be daunting for beginners and amateurs who just want to touch up the occasional photo. There are many simpler, easier-to-use alternatives to Photoshop, some of which offer features the latter does not. Plus, many image editors don't have the hefty sticker price of Adobe products. Crystal Clear Crystal Clear From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Jump to: navigation, search Icons from the Crystal Clear icon set (archived page as of 10 October 2012 at Internet Archive) by Everaldo Coelho. – The icons are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 This version: (plain text, postscript, pdf) This document is an appendix to:

Learn HTML and CSS: An Absolute Beginner's Guide This article was written in 2009 and remains one of our most popular posts. If you’re keen to learn more about HTML and CSS, you may find this recent article on the future of HTML of great interest. So, you’re ready to take the plunge and begin to learn how to build your own web pages and sites? Writing about Graphs: Overview Before you Begin Underline key words. Write related words – turn nouns into verbs, verbs into nouns, adjectives into adverbs, etc. Top 10 Academic Library Websites 2012 My annual review of academic library websites. This year I reviewed sites based on the following 10 criteria: Help with research: If I’m a novice researcher and need to find scholarly sources but don’t know what a “database” is, can I learn to find what I need?ILL: Can I request a book without needing to know what an “interlibrary loan” is? What I really wanted to see was point-of-need request options within the catalog or discovery tool – this was very rare! Technology help: If I’m having trouble accessing resources from off-campus is there information that can help me troubleshoot even when the library is closed?

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Web Site of the Month guidelines Web Site of the Month Archive June 2013 Hendrix College The Olin C. Bailey Library at Hendrix College takes the honor for June. MindMaple Natural Mapping Interface Add and move topics just like drawing in a notebook. MindMaple® lets you place new topics creatively instead of restricting them to a preset location. Manage Your Tasks Visually integrate important task details into your maps. Library Anywhere is live « The Thingology Blog We’re pleased to officially launch Library Anywhere. Library Anywhere is a mobile version of your public or academic library. It is available in mobile web formats today and in app forms in the coming weeks. It’s free for users, but libraries have to subscribe to it.