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MANOTECA - Italian handmade pezzo unico

MANOTECA - Italian handmade pezzo unico

Chalet Béranger by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance photo © Vincent Leroux Despite the traditional chalet exterior appearance, this is no ordinary chalet in terms of its interior. The interior architecture of this family home in the French Alps is inspired by mountains and valleys in a modern character where organic forms are composed around a strip of wood. ARMCHAIR: Derby, Noé Duchaufour for Ceccotti collezioniOCCASIONAL TABLE : Beside you, Noé Duchaufour for Ceccotti collezioniHANGING ARMCHAIR : Bubble chair, Eero AarnioCOFFEE TABLE : Stella, Noé Duchaufour for Ceccotti collezioniFLOOR LIGHTS : Gregg, FoscariniFIREPLACE : interior suspended metal structure / concrete coated exterior. Located in the St. CHAIR: Otto, Noé Duchaufour Lawrance for Ceccotti collezioni BENCH: designed by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance and produced by Rinck Group TABLE: sculptured to measure with concrete coated metal and fiberglass structure and corian top. JACUZZI // photo © Vincent Leroux ARMCHAIR: Slow chair, Bouroullec for Vitra. sources: Startseite - Zirkeltraining™™ ♻ Bernd Dörr Recycling Goods ★ Lovely Recycled Vintage Bags ★ Upcycling Deluxe ★ Taschen aus schön gebrauchten Sportgeräte-Leder und Turnmatten DRILL DESIGN Garten-Studio, Atelier, Garden Office – Anbieter in Europa | Tiny Houses Wir haben Ihnen hier eine Liste mit Anbietern zusammengestellt, die sich auf Gartenstudios (in Anlehnung an das Home Office auch „Garden Office“ genannt) spezialisiert haben. Anbieter also, die vor allem Lösugen für zusätzliche Arbeitsräume im Garten anbieten. Da diese Räume speziell zur Nutzung als Büro, Atelier oder Therapieraum konzipiert sind, wurde bewusst auf die Einplanung von Kochgelegenheit und sanitärer Einrichtung verzichtet. Diese Studios sind die ideale Lösung für ein ungestörtes Arbeiten im häuslichen Umfeld. Und sie wachsen bei Bedarf mit: Bei Gründung einer Bürogemeinschaft z.B. kann bei den Modulversionen zusätzlicher Raum problemlos angefügt werden. Wenn Sie für sich selbst oder als Gästehaus explizit ein Minihaus mit Küche und Bad suchen, finden Sie entsprechende Anbieter in der Anbieter-Liste für Minihäuser und Modulhäuser.

COVERS/VERSIONES - Covers Covers is an investigation about architecture as a consumption object or souvenir and its relation with the domestic non-specialized language of everyday things. The work is a reconstruction and review of iconic monumental pieces of architecture whose image is built by objects to change the perception of this universal masterworks. The concept is based on the music covers where the original is manipulated, re-represented, revisited to create something new. The list of originals covered on this work are the following: John Hancock Center (Skidmore, Owings & Merril), Guggenheim Museum New York (Frank Lloyd Wright), National Congress of Brazil (Oscar Niemeyer) Sears Tower (Skidmore, Owings & Merril), New Museum (SANAA), Marina City Towers (Bletrand Goldberg), Fallingwater House (Frank Lloyd Wright), Villa in the Forest (SANAA), Farnsworth House (Mies Van der Rohe), Wozocos (MVRDV).

Ecospace | Finden Sie Ihren natürlichen Lebensraum iMac Slipper Our über premium vegetable tanned Italian leather is hand-stained hide by hide. Skilled workmen apply natural colouring made from tree bark, etc. by hand onto the leather. This traditional technique needs a lot of time but ensures an amazing quality... Each hide has its own special touch and is unique in tone and texture. This is ‘real’ leather and the natural skin structure shows through. Dirt can penetrate the leather, you can clean it gently with a slightly damp sponge. Lookbook | Bruxe PDF downloads Hello Monday Get into an avant-garde state of mind and enter the world of beloved Surrealist, René Magritte. Our digital exhibition site for MoMA will take your eyes, ears and mind on a surreally-wild ride. The over-ear headphones even a fashion connoisseur can love, the H6 combines great looks with quality sound. We selected six product ambassadors and built the site around their stories. Snack bars never tasted (or looked) so good. Launching one for Mother Earth and the good people at Greenpeace. We partnered with indie artist MEW to build an app experience for music lovers. ONE is Reebok's network with perks for professionally fit people.

- Bag Chair - on Industrial Design Served Portable folding chair is made out of bent plywood or polypropylene. Folding chair that turns into a bag is a great gift idea for travelers, musicians, teachers and students. Simple and elegant, this chair design looks stylish, featuring warm wooden brown colors, pleasant geometric shape and convenient strap for caring it around. Easy to carry chair design is perfect for young people and adults, teens and all who need rest often while traveling. Bag Chair design offers comfort of an ordinary wood chair, plus the ability to use it anytime and anywhere.

boaz mendel: loop chair sep 16, 2010 boaz mendel: loop chair ‘loop chair’ ‘loop chair’ by boaz mendel, is constructed from seven boards of varying lengths that are connected in a loop by hinges. the complete object is a platform for the creation of a wide variety of furniture. folding the hinges and affixing the shape with the help of special connectors, produces a different piece of furniture in each of its various states. three of the various positions in which the loop chair can be arranged every folding position has a defined function, and it is possible in a moment to go from a television chair to a bar-stool; from a ladder to a chaise-lounge; from a bookshelf to a coffee table. in total, it is possible for the chair to be arranged in 12 different ways. the connectors for the chair come in a case with all of the varations of the chair printed onto it. ‘loop chair’ is mendel’s final project at the bezalel academy of art and design, jerusalem. from bar stool to step ladder the twelve variations models