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OSINT Search Tool by IntelTechniques | Open Source Intelligence Live Events Online Resources Blog Podcast Books Contact Top 9 Popular OSINT Facebook Tools Social networks are indeed a big part of any OSINT investigation. They can reveal useful information about individuals, what they look for, how they do it, what they like and many other personal details. But OSINT Facebook data-gathering doesn’t stop with tools that show you only information about Facebook profiles. Today we’ll show you the best OSINT utilities that not only gather information about Facebook public data but also dig a little bit deeper under the surface — so keep reading. 9 popular OSINT Facebook tools Let’s start with the best online tools to help you get the most out of Facebook intel gathering. NetBootCamp NetBootCamp is a great tool for searching different strings within Facebook. It allows you to generate requests inside Facebook from a simple web-based interface. This interface and its options will generate a request that looks like this: Maltego FB People Directory

OSINT Tools - Recommendations List | Subliminal Hacking With the New Year fast approaching I thought now would be a great time to post the first draft of some recommended Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering tools and resources. I will look to maintain this list overtime and have it grow, so if you come across something you think should be on the list, drop me an email or leave a comment for consideration. The reconnaissance phase of any engagement is very important and can often save you alot of time and of course money. If you are really lucky you may even find the information you are looking for freely available posted online. * Please note even though the aim is to provide information for free OSINT Tools, some may require a subscription or commercial fee. Spokeo – People search engine and free white pages finds phone, address, email, and photos. Its not listed above, but of course popular Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and alike have a wealth of information.

Free People Search Engines & People Finder. Find People Free, Locate People and Search People Free. Person Search, Locator, Finder and Searches Online. OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) With an estimated 80% of required information available for use in an open source for specific information vital for a deep analysis in newspapers, magazines, industry newsletters, television transcripts, and blogs. OSINT makes our work easier, by using OSINT we are able to get important information in just a couple of minutes. Ethical Hacking Training – Resources (InfoSec) OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) helps us to find, select and acquire information from available public sources. OSINT is unclassified and available, but link-crawling search engines like Google do not always access it. Today it’s common to see corporations using OSINT but perhaps calling it “Competitive Intelligence”. Open Sources of Information: Sources from where we can collect information (seen below): Open Source Information Transition 1455 to 2008 Elements of OSINT The OSINT process includes four key elements: What OSINT can do? ● Email addresses ● Phone numbers ● OS info ● IP info ● Software’s / version ● Geo location

Network Intelligence Gathering This article is all about different information-gathering techniques on the network. It is the most essential and important task of attackers. Knowing the opponents and their interests can be valuable. Here I am going to show you which are the different ways and techniques one can do the network information/intelligence gathering. Let’s think of any thrilling movie theft. The same scenario can also be applied in the information security world. The map below shows the juicy areas in which attackers might be interested. Before starting to footprint anything, we need to keep in mind what or who our target is. Techniques of Intelligence Gathering Information Available in Air There is much information that is publicly available, but no one knows about it. In older days, Company Webpages used to provide valuable information about their security policy and configuration directly to the client side. Make sure to check related organizations. related: Want to learn more??

Facebook FBStalker tool uses Graph Search for powerful OSINT analysis Facebook, and more in general social networks, is a platform that if not properly managed could harm user’s privacy, the fact that also friends’ social behavior could have a dangerous impact on our digital experience is very concerning. Recently at the Hack In The Box conference in Kuala Lumpur, security experts Jonathan Werrett and Keith Lee from SpiderLabs demonstrated how to conduct a powerful OSINT analysis using a simple tool they created, anyone using it could find a comprehensive amount of data on any user of the popular social network. The tool for information gathering on Facebook created by the researchers is named FBStalker, a name that give us the idea of the potential of the instrument. FBStalker reverse-engineers the Facebook Graph to find information on every user, the tool does not require a direct friendship with targeted profiles, it just needs to access to parts of victim’s posts marked as public. It is questionable whether a tool like FBStalker is legal:

IP Location Tool - Locate a Network Address on a Google Map To navigate, press the arrow keys. Remote Address Use Current IPLocation identified. IP Address66.70.177.218 Base CountryUnited States RegionIL CityLisle Latitude41.787 Longitude-88.0833 Area Code630 Postal Code60532 Distance from Last(as the crow flies)0 miles SourceMaxMind The network location tool is a utility that approximates and displays the geophysical location of your network address on a Google Map. If you want to try another IP geolocation tool, check out this IP Address Location tool from