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Quilt University » Online Quilting Classes Straight Line Quilting...Hints and Tips I love straight line quilting. For me it has a clean, modern feel with a simplicity that I love. The possible combinations of straight lines are endless. Many of you have asked for information on straight line quilting, so I've put together a mini tutorial on how I straight line quilt. I dislike marking quilts. The first step is to place the first piece of tape. I usually lay my tape approximately where I want it, then I take out any of the basting pins that are in the way. When I first started straight line quilting I sewed with the needle right next to the tape. This is what your line will look like after sewing. If I was going to do a row of straight lines I would reposition my tape along the stitching line and sew again repeating the process across the quilt. Here are a few examples of some of the straight line quilting I have done. Simple parallel lines. On this quilt the lines are done perpendicular with random widths apart.

Country Garden Quiltworks A World of Beauty in Detail | Inside Quilters Newsletter My experience at Market was similar to Lori’s and Mary Kate’s – there was lots to see, plenty of people to meet and reconnect with and cool new things to discover. We’ll be sharing a bunch of new products, techniques, quilts and inspiration in coming issues and blog posts, so stay tuned! But with all the hustle and bustle of Market, it was a pleasure to be able to take a moment to look at the quilts in the small but impressive World of Beauty exhibit which was a little island of calm amidst the busyness of Market business. One fun thing that happened was Bill and I were invited to attend a breakfast and presentation hosted by Olfa, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the rotary cutter. Olfa’s very first rotary cutter prototype, from 1979, is on the bottom. Back in the convention center, there were a couple quilts in the World of Beauty exhibit that looked lovely from afar, but even more incredible upon closer inspection. Yumemi by Maiko Ogawa of Tokyo, Japan. I love how lively this is!

Pinwheel Baby Quilt 1 Charm Pack of Snippets by American Jane {40 squares}1 1/4 yd. Moda Bella Solid White1/3 yd. for Binding1 1/4 yd. Backing and Batting All seams are 1/4"From White Cut: 3 - 5" x 44" strips (for pinwheels): Cut again into 5" squares:Cut again in half diagonally4 - 2" x 44" strips (for inner border)4 - 5" x 44" strips (for outer border)From Charm Pack Prints: Choose 24 Charm Squares: Cut in half diagonally Cut remaining Charm Square Prints into 2 1/2" squares (for prairie points) Sew White triangles to Print triangles, long sides together.Press towards print.Sew 4 of these squares to make one Pinwheel block.I pressed seams open when joining squares to eliminate bulk. Make 12 Blocks and Square to 8 1/2" Sew Pinwheel blocks 3 to a rowSew 4 rowsSew 2" inner border strip to top and bottom, then sides Make Prairie Points: Fold a 2 1/2" square in half diagonally Fold diagonally again and press Pin points to inner border on quilt, as shown. (Hint: pin all points to quilt top. Happy Quilting!

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