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Makeup at Elie Saab Spring 2014 Couture.

Makeup at Elie Saab Spring 2014 Couture.

Beware, there are fake BTTF Nike Air Max trainers with power laces already Great Scott! It might have taken Nike 26 years to perfect the power lace technology shown in Back to the Future II in order to release working self-tying Nike Air Max boots, but it's taken a mere fraction of that time for fakers to replicate the system. In fact, the official sneakers won't even be available on a wider release until next spring (as part of an auction) but should you be interested in knock-offs, it seems you can get your hands on them now. Unauthorised versions are hitting the market, with Instagram user fake_education posting a small clip of the power laces working on a hooky Nike Air Max he discovered. What's quite remarkable is that the power laces actually work quite well on the fake boot. As the real shoes are expected to change hands for thousands rather than hundreds of pounds or dollars, this is a timely reminder to be careful when purchasing a pair from anyone other than authorised sellers.

laceandtrims on eBay Based in United States, laceandtrims has been an eBay member since Feb 06, 2000 Use this space to tell other eBay Members about yourself and what you’re passionate about. Give people more reasons to Follow you! 3,603 Item as described 3,804 Communication 3,877 Shipping time 3,597 Shipping charges 720 Followers | 0 Collections | 0 Guides | 10,991 Views | Member since: Feb 06, 2000 | United States Follow what inspires you Like another member's style? Okay, got it Jeanna Bauck (Swedish painter) 1840 - 1926 - Female Artists in History A Guide To Better Google Search Techniques - Hongkiat The Internet is so full of information that it’s nearly impossible to check its limits. That’s why, search engines were developed to maintain a search-able database of the web’s content. People employ the use of search engines to look up for information on the web. In the midst of all search engines lies Google, the most popular and powerful search engine. You type in the query, and the search engine provides you with the search results. In most cases you’re satisfied but sometimes, you’re not. Why The Need To Learn Proper Search Techniques? Everyone including students, researchers, writers, etc. requires information, and they use search engines for that very reason. Better search resultsSaves your time Note: Search queries or examples are included inside [ ] for better readability. How To Use Google is a smart and intelligent search engine with many exciting features. Google’s version for your country might not support all the search techniques described below. 1. For example:

Yes, the Jungle in Calais was on fire. No, it is nothing to do with the Paris terror attacks A huge blaze tore through the "Jungle" refugee camp in Calais just hours after a series of attacks left hundreds dead in the French capital of Paris. According to reports, hundreds of shelters were destroyed as flames took hold of the crowded camp said to be home to approximately 6,000 refugees. While many were quick to dub the fire a revenge attack following the harrowing events in Paris, Calais' deputy mayor Philippe Mignonet. refuted such claims. Speaking to Russia Today he said: That is two separate things, and the fire there has nothing to do with the attacks in Paris tonight An electrical wire is believed to be the cause of the fire, highlighting the danger of life in a crowded camp. Others have taken to Twitter, outraged over the lack of press coverage of the Jungle fire: These were the scenes the following morning. More: Single violinist pays moving tribute to victims of the Paris attacks More: Beirut, Baghdad and Paris: how 24 hours of Isis terror unfolded around the world

amazon Jeanna Bauck Jeanna Bauck (19 August 1840 – 27 May 1926) was a Swedish painter. Bauck was born in Stockholm where she studied with another young woman who became a close friend, the Danish portrait painter Bertha Wegmann.Though she won awards for portraits, she is best known for her landscape paintings that she made on extensive travels in Europe. She showed works at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair and her paintings Woodland Lake and Portrait of a man were included in the 1905 book Women Painters of the World.[1][2] Her friend Bertha at work Bauck died in Munich, aged 85. References[edit] External links[edit] Jeanna Bauck on artnet

The Ultimate Image Format Cheat Sheet (Infographic) The five most common image formats are: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP. Each has their advantages and shortcomings and knowing which format to use and when can be helpful. Is it for web or print? Is there text? Is it black and white? Is it a logo? Each format has its trade-offs and this fantastic overview by provides a great summary of each image format and what situation it works best for.

ooh that's pretty Artistic Greenery - Quality artificial flowers, plants & trees - Hanging Greenery & Hanging Flowers Search our entire range here Artistic Greenery 8/1919 Beach Road Malaga WA 6090 Monday to Friday - 9am - 4pm Saturday - 10am - 4pm Sunday - 11am - 2:30pm Closed public holidays © Artistic Greenery 2009 - 2015 Margaret Isabel Dicksee was a painter... - Female Artists in History Note-Taking for Different Lecture Styles So, when I entered college, I was amazed at how many different lecture styles professors could have. Some used PowerPoints, some used the white board and some just talked at you and expected you to learn that way. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe amazed is not the right word. Maybe it’s better put as “culture-shocked to the point that required me to up my note-taking game.” Regardless of the word you choose, there will eventually be a point in college (or grad school) where your regular note-taking style just can’t efficiently sort through the information presented to you. I disclaim that this post presents only tips that work for me. The PowerPoint Lecture. The “Enjoy reading this giant block of text”The “Here’s an image that may or may not seem relevant to the lecture”And the “Just right” Of these, the first two are the most difficult and always gave me the most trouble in deciphering what needed to be written down and what could be ignored. Block of Text PowerPoints

Light Drips From Trees In Long-Exposure Photos By Vitor Schietti Brazilian photographer Vitor Schietti uses fireworks and long-exposure photography to create his “Impermanent Sculptures.” The effect was achieved by manual waving of fireworks, some post processing, and then by combining up to 12 shots into a single image. “The series is the result of several years of research on long exposure photography, and the usage of ND filters was vital to find a perfect balance between the fading twilight and the brightness of the fireworks,” Schietti told Colossal. “Only a few attempts were allowed per day, since the time frame during which this balance is possible is very narrow (30 to 50 minutes).” More info: | Facebook | Instagram | Flickr (h/t: colossal) “If one wants to produce art, one is capable of it, but it takes time, dedication, trial and error, [and] acceptance…” “I’d leave luck out of the equation, since many attribute success to it” “The harder you work, the luckier you get”

The Best Humidifiers for Plants - Urban Turnip Have you ever walked into the tropical area of a garden centre and been hit with a wave of humid heat? I remember doing exactly that and wondering how on earth they got it to be so humid, so consistently, over such a large area. In retrospect, though I couldn’t see any at the time, it was likely due to time-automated misters or sprinklers. My understanding is that commercial grow-houses use a computerized system in conjunction with a hygrometer (a device used to measure humidity) to automatically adjust levels when needed. Unfortunately, we don’t have such luxuries. I was prompted to research ways in which I could increase humidity around house-plants after becoming a little depressed at the state of my orchids. So I decided to invest in a humidifier. Best Picks for 2016 I imagine that most people will be looking for a humidifier to help with their house plants. If you’re looking to humidify a greenhouse, then you’re better off seeking out a system of sprinklers or a fogger. 1. 2. 3. 4.

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