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Eric Altman Since he was a young boy, Eric has been aware of an energy coming into and running through his body. As he became more familiar with it, he was able to consciously direct and transmit this energy over any distance. He has used this gift for healing ever since. According to Eric, it doesn’t matter what you call it.

Pyramid valley -Tower of Inspiration - The Maitreya Buddha Pyramid, the world's largest meditation pyramid, is a new landmark, and an impressive one. There is power in a pyramid. It is believed that a shaving blade stored inside a small pyramid is sharper and longer lasting. Imagine then, the power of the world's largest meditation pyramid. Étude de graphène révèle structure de l'espace-temps - La Fondation du Projet de résonance Two Physicists at UCLA working with a highly conductive nano-tech material called graphene recently released a new postulate on the origin of the spin of electrons. Professor Chris Regan and graduate student Matthew Mecklenburg discovered that they could accurately predict the spin of electrons if they divided space itself into a lattice of positions interconnected by triangles. (Image: Chris Regan/CNSI) “An electron’s spin might arise because space at very small distances is not smooth, but rather segmented, like a chessboard,” Regan said in an interview for the UCLA Newsroom article.

Human Ecology - Ecosystems and Social Systems as Complex Adaptive Systems Environmental success stories from around the world with their lessons on how to turn from decline to restoration and sustainability. Author: Gerald G. MartenPublisher: Earthscan PublicationsPublication Date: November 2001, 256 pp.Paperback ISBN: 1853837148Hardback SBN: 185383713X Information for purchasing this book: United States/Canada - Stylus Publishing Elsewhere - Earthscan Publications Japanese version - Amazon Japan Back to Human Ecology - Table of Contents 20 Spiritual Quotes From Eckhart Tolle I find great peace by reading spiritual quotes. It’s very soothing to glimpse into your inner self for perspective. Today I wanted to share my favorite quotes from spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle .

Russian Pyramid Research Contacts: Info@PYRAMIDS.RU Tel. +7 (495) 228 2556 Alexander Golod, who coordinated groups of scientists in Russia, carried out scientific studies for over a decade in fiberglass Pyramids built by him. The results showed significant positive effects for both biological and non-biological materials. Is space like a chessboard? Physicists at UCLA set out to design a better transistor and ended up discovering a new way to think about the structure of space. Space is usually considered infinitely divisible — given any two positions, there is always a position halfway between. But in a recent study aimed at developing ultra-fast transistors using graphene, researchers from the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy and the California NanoSystems Institute show that dividing space into discrete locations, like a chessboard, may explain how point-like electrons, which have no finite radius, manage to carry their intrinsic angular momentum, or "spin." While studying graphene's electronic properties, professor Chris Regan and graduate student Matthew Mecklenburg found that a particle can acquire spin by living in a space with two types of positions — dark tiles and light tiles.

Lets Know About Computer: Machine Learning (introduction) Labels This Blog Linked From Here Energy Medicine with Donna Eden - Tapping World Summit 2013 - Energy Medicine with Donna Eden Host of the 2009, 2010 & 2011 Tapping World Summits A FREE online event on EFT and Meridian Tapping! Join 20 of the World's leading EFT and Tapping Experts in the FREE Online Event as they show you, step by step, how to improve your finances, health, emotions, and much more! "Reboot Your Relationship with Energy Work" with Donna In this revealing session you'll:

A Lazy Layman's Guide to Quantum Physics That's an easy one: it's the science of things so small that the quantum nature of reality has an effect. Quantum means 'discrete amount' or 'portion'. Max Planck discovered in 1900 that you couldn't get smaller than a certain minimum amount of anything. This minimum amount is now called the Planck unit.

Theory of the firm The theory of the firm consists of a number of economic theories that describe, explain, and predict the nature of the firm, company, or corporation, including its existence, behavior, structure, and relationship to the market.[1] Overview[edit] In simplified terms, the theory of the firm aims to answer these questions: Michael Prescott's Blog: Reincarnation Allan Kardec's well-known 19th century volume The Spirits' Book (full text online) collects answers given by a variety of trance mediums to philosophical and theological questions. It makes interesting reading even today. One of the main points raised by the purported spirit communicators is that reincarnation is a fact, and that every soul must undergo a large number of incarnations on Earth or on other physical worlds. Kardec mounts an extended defense of the "justice" of reincarnation, which - although dated in its treatment of race and culture - makes some valuable points.

Geometric alignments The ancient landscape was a canvas upon which in prehistory, our ancestors connected points on the ground with points in the sky, then further reinforcing these connections with megalithic constructions. Although simplistic, this is the essence of the ley-line theory, which is still not fully accepted by the scientific community. The suggestion of a further geometric connection between these alignments has always been a bone of contention for mainstream pre-historians, who still argue that Neolithic people were simple tribal, hunter/gatherers, with only basic skills, and as yet not identifying any presence of any order or hierarchy in their society, which might facilitate the existence of such grand architecture.

Scans reveal intricate brain wiring 16 February 2013Last updated at 20:28 ET By Pallab Ghosh Science correspondent, BBC News, Boston The BBC's Pallab Ghosh gets a look at how his brain is wired