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Certificate Templates - printable certificates and award templates

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Certificates to Print - print formal certificates with your picture - style: black frame from Print With My Pic. Upload a picture right from your computer or insert the URL to an image off the Net. Personalizing the photo award certificate: You can change the title text from "Certificate of Achievement" to any title you'd like. You can make a Birthday Award, Birthday Party Award, or anything you'd like. Click on the wording and type your desired title on the title line. News and Information for Teacher Leaders Education Week Teacher Digital Directions

Best Fonts for Wedding Invitations The key to DIY wedding invitations that don’t look DIY? A fabulous font! Last week we featured this DIY invitation suite that used Belluccia to create an expensive, custom look for less, and it inspired me to round-up 50 of my favorite fonts. This post doesn’t even begin to do justice to these beautiful typefaces, so make sure to click through and see them in action – some of them will really blow you away. Picture dictionary maker, vocabulary homework exercises to print, printable vocabulary worksheets with images and text Tools for Educators offers that you can make and print online for free. This vocabulary library builder

Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes Updated 01/2014 As mobile learning becomes more and more prevalent, we must find effective ways to leverage mobile tools in the classroom. As always, the tool must fit the need. Mobile learning can create both the tool and the need. With safe and specific structures, mobile learning tools can harness the excitement of technology with the purpose of effective instruction. Jan Pienkowski - Colouring in pictures for kids Select a section to view the pictures. Select an image you like and print. Note: If you use an inkjet printer, using pens to colour in the picture may cause the ink to run. Try using crayons or pencils. Christmas Copyright 2000 by Jan Pieńkowski - All rights reserved MEG & MOG characters Copyright Helen Nicoll and Jan Pieńkowski Good, FREE Fonts Make Everything Better If you're jonesing for some lovely new fonts for the new year, check out these handy sites and download to your heart's content. Font Squirrel: 100% free handpicked fonts OK for commercial use. Uh-MAZ-ing! A quick look at the NEW fonts at will convince you this is a great place to check out Da Fonts.

Numbers flashcards, numbers game cards, numbers worksheets and other number printables zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred large flash cards , medium flashcards, small game cards, a handout

Make and Play Switch the animals' heads, legs, and tails to make your own new creatures! Switch Zoo has 142 natural species in nine habitats.Play Switch Zoo Switch Zoo App Build six of world's biomes by choosing the right plants, animal, temperature range, and precipitation for each.

Free Phonics Resources, phonics flashcards, phonics worksheets, phonics games and phonics printables I originally thought my were what people might be looking for. However, most people come for flash cards and I spent a lot of time getting those up and I have recently began paying more attention to this section. There are and more. There are many resources available for phonics education, but I have been frustrated by what's available and how those don't apply so well when teaching English as a foreign language and especially in Japan where the Roman alphabet itself is foreign. Printing Personalized Post-It Note Messages Several months ago I discovered the surprising (to me!) fact that you can actually PRINT ON POST-IT NOTES using your own home printer. Recently I ran across a similar, but MUCH SIMPLER method for printing personalized messages on post-its, and I couldn’t wait to try (and share) the idea again.

bloomsapps Using Blooms Taxonomy in education is a highly effective way to scaffold learning for the students. With the recent popularity and pervasive nature of iOS devices in school districts it is essential for educators to understand how to implement Blooms in the classroom using the apps that are available. While this list is by no means fully comprehensive, it will assist educators in getting started when implementing iOS devices in the classroom. Famous Free Fonts Happy Monday, friend! In my endless pursuit of fonts, I found some great free fonts that look very similar to famous fonts you'll probably recognize. Nearly all of these reminded me of my childhood. How about you?

Musical Harlem Overview Key Staff Classroom teacher with opportunities for collaboration with the visual and performing arts teachers Key Skills

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