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Firebug Guide for Web Designers

Firebug Guide for Web Designers
Firebug — an open source web development tool extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser — is incredibly powerful, with a wide range of super useful and practical features that would benefit any web designer or developer. In fact, this browser extension (also available in other web browsers with limited functionality) is so useful and popular that it has browser extensions of its own. This real-time coding tool reduces the guesswork out of debugging web pages, among many other things such web page layout inspection/testing and web performance profiling, to speed up your workflow. Whether you’re building a web page, adding new CSS for a responsive web design, troubleshooting web layout issues, or inspecting how other websites are built, Firebug is going to be a valuable tool in your arsenal. Let’s take a closer look at how this indispensable browser extension can help web designers. Getting Started with Firebug Then you also need to download and install Firebug. Opening the Firebug Panel Related:  Web design toolsjavascript

Playing with SVG Design After years of quarantine, the Scalable Vector Graphics is finally raising fame as a feature of HTML5 with full native browser support., by Marco Rosella, is an experimental site launched last month to explore two aspects of SVG with interesting potential for the design of original interfaces: clipping paths and scalable 2D motion graphics. Marco is going to share a quick tutorial on how it is done. View Demo Wheelayout Download Demo ZIP Overview The interface of is composed by three rotating circle created by 48 thumbnails (chosen randomly) that let play over 300 Vimeos and over 1000 YouTube videos from my favorite ones. About the idea behind this work, if it was a commercial project I probably hold the client's hand and whisper: "close your eyes and think about the centrality of The Man, surrounded by The Movement in The Digital Universe Welcome back SVG An SVG interface example: the wheelayout (view demo) we will use it later. <div id="wheel"></div><header> ... Javascript

Essential Elements of a Design Agency Website Layout (with 30 examples) Today, I’d like to cover some really crucial tips to constructing a great template for your company. Design labs and agencies either work with set clients or tend to release a few products and maintain support from customers. Thus your website is intended to sell the skills your team can offer designing pixels for the world to use. Let Your Purpose be Known Prospective clients or even visitors browsing your website would like to know what you do right away. When a visitor is interested in learning more about your company it’s important they can find this information. Another alternative is to display bits and pieces from your portfolio. Include Social Profiles I think it goes without saying to tack on a small contact form or at least offer an e-mail address somewhere. Graphic designers are also more open about sharing their work. Unique Branding When brainstorming ideas for your agency brand try to think of some bold concepts for digital symbols of communication. Dynamic Page Content Yoke

Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools - Secrets HTML5 Design Gallery - Eye Styles There is a lot of interactivity on this site, primarily through mouseovers, using CSS3 features. The HEADER element is used a lot—arguably more than is required. And it is also somewhat overkill when there are HEADER elements surrounding only one H1 element. Have you built an HTML5 site? Part 1: Website Planning & Developing Your Website Blueprint Building a website is a BIG undertaking for any person and/or business. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a 4-5 page website or a 15-20 page website, you want to make sure you put the time in to make the site the best it can possibly be. I liken a website to my online real estate. It’s your personal web property. When building a house it’s important to plan things out before you start hammering any nails. The same is true when building your website. The Importance of Website Planning Image by: tome213 Too many individuals and businesses simply start hammering nails without taking the time to create the proper plan. 5 Keys to a Great Website When it comes to website planning there are at least five key items to consider when coming up with your website blueprint. Determine the goals for your website. There are obviously more things that you need to think through when developing your website, but many of those have to do with your own personal objectives. Image by Mattox

JavaScript reference JavaScript is a scripting language primarily used in Web applications. It allows authors to create dynamic HTML (DHTML) pages. The JavaScript language has three components: Core JavaScript is the base part of the JavaScript language that is supported on both the client and server side. Client-side JavaScript (CSJS) contains the core JavaScript elements and has several additional objects, properties and methods that are supported by browsers. Dottoro provides you a complete standard and browser specific Core and Client-side JavaScript reference with detailed descriptions, syntax, examples, browser support information, cross-browser solutions and much more. JavaScript is primarily used for event handling, form validation, DOM and style manipulation, browser detection, animation and more. Unfortunately, client side scripting has a drawback; sometimes different browsers support different language elements. Contents: External links:

Popcorn de Mozilla : documentaire HTML5 et Web 3D Mozilla annonce le lancement de la version 1.0 de Popcorn, son initiative HTML5 dans le domaine de la vidéo. Popcorn est constitué d'un environnement de création Popcorn Maker et de Popcorn.js, un framework JavaScript pour l'interactivité avec des vidéos HTML5. Cette mouture 1.0 a été annoncée lors du Mozilla Festival à Londres en même temps que le documentaire open source " One Millionth Tower " mis en ligne sur " Popcorn utilise JavaScript pour des liens en temps réel vers des médias sociaux, flux d'actualité, visualisation de données et autres directement dans la vidéo en ligne ", indique Mozilla pour qui le résultat obtenu est une " nouvelle forme de cinéma qui fonctionne comme le Web ". Pour la version la plus interactive et 3D, le documentaire est à consulter avec Firefox ou Google Chrome et une carte graphique capable de prendre en charge la technologie WebGL ( Web 3D ).

45 Excellent Free Web Templates Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off Free Design Templates don’t have to be ugly, cluttered,and boring, Some web-sites offer high quality templates for free you can use them for your personal and commercial projects without any restrictions. Checkout the whole list they are presented in no particular order, Hope this collection would have something you like. Spread the word to the World, Help others stop using some Ugly free templates Please DIGG This Article Even though we talked about 25 Sites to download Free Web Templates last week , but i taught of making the choice even more clear and easier, so i searched all those website and collected best of 45 free high quality templates you might like. About brantwilson Brant Wilson is a staff writer for the DesignMag network.

JavaScript Reference These sections explain the elements that make up the JavaScript language. JavaScript code in Internet Explorer can interact with HTML, CSS and the Document Object Model (DOM), which represents HTML and browser objects. For information about HTML, see HTML/XHTML Reference. For information about CSS, see Cascading Style Sheets. JavaScript code can be used in browser applications as well as Windows Store apps. For information about JavaScript in Windows Store apps, see JavaScript roadmap. Provides a list of JavaScript language features and the Internet Explorer versions in which they were introduced. Provides a list of objects with links to information about each object. Provides a list of constants and links to information about each constant. Provides a list of properties with links to information about each property. Provides a list of functions with links to information about each function. Provides a list of methods with links to information about each method.

Coding a HTML Newsletter Email Email marketing is money. While many companies may be looking at ways to increase their social presence, boost their followers on Twitter and number of 'Likes' on Facebook, they all come back to (or should come back to) email marketing. According to VivaLaEmail, email marketing is a 43-to-1 Return on Investment (ROI) channel. If you've tried to code an HTML email before, you know they’re not easy to create. Before You Begin Before you dive head first into nested tables, old school background color declarations and more fun 1999 code, there are a few keys you should remember about HTML emails. Limited CSS Support – Because we’re designing for dozens of email clients that span multiple web browsers, it’s important to keep things simple when it comes to CSS. Creating the Framework Here's the .PSD design that we’re going to turn into our email. This is a very simple two column design that offers up real estate for a featured story and two secondary stories. Step 2 – Email Wrapper Table

51 Web Apps for Web Designers and Developers – Web.AppStorm Web design and development has significantly changed over the years, as have the tools and technologies involved. With these advancements come tools to make our lives easier, provide higher quality work and better services for our clients. Communication and collaboration over vast distances is no longer painfully frustrating (or impossible) and project or task management is now easier than ever. Web designers and developers can also jump on virtually any internet connected computer with a modern browser to get work done without their main desktop applications. Here are 51 web apps to make web designer’s and developer’s lives easier than ever and crank up their capabilities. Splashup Splashup With Splashup you have more than basic image editing capabilities at your fingertips, anywhere you go. Price: Free Requires: Flash Link: Aviary Aviary Aviary is a collection of web apps ranging from image and vector editing to screen capture and audio editing. Pixlr Pixlr Adobe kuler