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Pimp your code!

Pimp your code!

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QR Code and 2D Code Generator This page is an online two dimensional code generator which is written in PHP. It can generate QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec Code and Micro QR Code for the time being. Because QR Code is much more popular than the other code formats, it is separately named in the page title. If you need more information on two dimensional bar code systems, I strongly suggest that you take a look at Roger Smolski‘s comprehensive blog on QR Code and two dimensional bar codes.

‘QtQr’ app quickly creates and decodes QrCodes in Ubuntu We’ve written about several tools that makde creating Qrcodes – ‘two-dimensional barcodes made up of black squares on a white background – in Ubuntu easy, but the following tool, QtQr, beats them all hands down. Along with the ability to quickly create custom QrCodes containing text, URLs, e-mail, SMS and telephone numbers QtQr also comes with a ‘decoding’ feature. You can use your webcam to decode a QrCode (for example, one you find in a magazine) or you can used a saved Qrcode image. For example: I saved the ‘QrCode’ from our Android Application announcment post to my desktop, opened QtQr and selected it for decoding. 5 Steps for a Successful QR Code Marketing Campaign Hamilton Chan is CEO and founder of Paperlinks, which provides the leading QR code infrastructure for businesses. Codes generated through Paperlinks app can be scanned by the free Paperlinks iPhone app or by any QR code reader on any smartphone platform. While the debate rages on whether QR codes are a passing fad or a marketing phenomenon, those little suckers continue to pop up all over the place. From product packaging to retail signs and even to food, almost any surface in the universe seems fair game for a QR code. However, if brands deploy QR codes merely to claim they are using the latest social media marketing tool, then QR codes are doomed to fall in the “fad” bin, never to realize their full potential. The task for marketers is to use this interactive tool to deliver useful and meaningful experiences to their users.

James Bond: Cars, catchphrases and kisses 25 October 2012Last updated at 03:05 ET With the 23rd official film Skyfall hitting cinema screens, and the franchise marking its 50th anniversary, we look back at how the films have differed over the years, and how much they have earned. Skyfall is the third outing for Daniel Craig as 007 - but how does he match up against previous Bonds? We totalled up how much each film is estimated to have made at the box office worldwide, and our intrepid reporters sat through all 23 films to draw up definitive data on women kissed, villains dispatched and catchphrases uttered. Keep scrolling down the page to find out more. Continue reading the main story

Find Free PSD Files in These 33 Websites August 30th, 2012 by aditia rahman / No Comments PSD files are common popular files used by designer to create a design mockup or concept, whether for designing application user inteface, advertising concept, etc. These websites / blogs below have many collections of free psd files you can download for free, might help for your project or just for learning photoshop. [ visit site ]

create barcodes QR DataMatrix You can encode either a link to a website, a message to a friend, or your contact details. Then turn the information into a mobile barcode, one that can be printed on stationery, advertising or packaging, a t-shirt, or even built into a website or a Facebook page - and read by an i-nigma enabled mobile device. Creating a mobile barcode is easy. Select what kind of barcode you want to create (QR Code or Data Matrix), then type in the web address (URL) or text you want to encode, and watch the mobile barcode being created, instantly. When you're finished, give it a title, and then scan, print or save it. The following requirements must be followed to ensure your mobile barcode will work effectively:

zbarcam - scan and decode bar codes from a video device karmic (1) zbarcam.1.gz Provided by: zebra-tools_0.7-1ubuntu2_i386 zbarcam - scan and decode bar codes from a video device zbarcam [-qv] [--quiet] [--nodisplay] [--xml] [--verbose[=n]] [--prescale=WxH] [-S[symbology.]config[=value]] [--set [symbology.]config[=value]] [device] zbarcam {-h | --help | --version}

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