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Urban Bricolage

Urban Bricolage
anniekoh: The temporary public art work Loaded Text has made me more obsessed with ways of making planning public. The artists Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler “hand wrote the entire 65-page text of the Downtown Durham Revitalization Plan on a 150-foot stretch of damaged sidewalk” (source) Description from the Museum of Durham History on a retrospective of the work created in June 1989 by artists Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler in downtown Durham: The work was one of two temporary public art projects commissioned by the Durham Arts Council to coincide with Public Art Dialogue Southeast, a conference on public art. Related:  Tiers-lieux - Labs - entreprises libéréesespace publique

Observatoire des débats publics Urban eXperiment: The new French underground This article was taken from the March 2012 issue of Wired magazine. Be the first to read Wired's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online. Thirty years ago, in the dead of night, A group of six Parisian teenagers pulled off what would prove to be a fateful theft. They met at a small café near the Eiffel Tower to review their plans, before heading out into the dark. But the guards were nowhere to be seen. This stealthy undertaking was not an act of robbery or espionage but rather a crucial operation in what would become an association called UX -- "Urban eXperiment". What has made much of this work possible is UX's mastery, established 30 years ago and refined since, of the city's network of underground passageways -- hundreds of kilometres of interconnected telecom, electricity and water tunnels, sewers, catacombs, subways and centuries-old quarries.

A Novel Tech Incubator That Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Understand | Design Adam Harvey is one of the inaugural members of NEW INC. He’ll be developing projects for his Privacy Gift Shop, which includes his line of Steal Wear. Adam Harvey Most technology incubators make the same promise: Spend 90 days toiling away on code, and you just might just strike it rich with the next great mobile messaging platform! At this point incubator structure is formulaic, and the ideas coming out of the programs reflect that. NEW INC, an incubator connected to NYC’s New Museum, is among the first museum-led technology incubators. “It feels like some good shit could come out of that.” “There are all these people who seem to be falling through the cracks,” says Julia Kaganskiy, director of NEW INC. The inaugural class is a mix of studio artists, product designers, information designers, programmers and musicians. A New Kind of Incubator Julia Kaganskiy. Alexander Porter The New Museum found New York’s status as a burgeoning tech hub inspiring. Adam Harvey faces similar challenges.

Liste d'actions | CCA Actions Se connecter Liste d'actions Actions : comment s’approprier la ville présente 99 actions à l’origine des transformations positives survenues de par le monde dans les villes contemporaines. InnovCity Meet a Black Person (View it larger on YouTube) | Subscribe to our YouTube channel Producer: Charlie Todd / Editor Andrew Flynn Soltys / Music: Tyler Walker / Black Person: Colton Dunn / Camera: Chris Kula Since Aspen, Colorado has an African American population of 0.44%, we decided to give the locals a chance to “meet a black person.” We put comedian Colton Dunn in an empty hot chocolate kiosk at the foot of the mountain to greet folks as they exited the slopes. This 2006 mission is the second in a series of remastered videos we are producing from our archives to commemorate our 10th anniversary. We are going through our original tapes and updating old classics with higher quality video and audio, as well as adding additional never-before-seen footage. Look for more remastered videos in the future, including some that have never been posted to YouTube, and stay tuned for our regular schedule of brand new missions throughout the year. Comments comments

Le tiers-lieu, moteur de la créativité ! (Source : Jonathan Scanzi©) Le concept de tiers-lieu s’inscrit dans la problématique des lieux créatifs et de l’alchimie de la proximité et de l’échange. C’est un lieu hybride et fluide où convergent des dynamiques de développement économique, social et culturel. Le 10 janvier, la page Facebook de Zones Mutantes évoquait la notion de tiers-lieu (voir la définition en fin de texte) et nous renvoyait à un article de fond écrit par Christine BALAÏ. Un lieu hybride et fluide Le tiers-lieu prend l’exact contre-pied des règles qui ont présidé à la structuration de la société, de l’économie, de l’espace, c »est-à-dire les règles de la spécialisation exclusive. L’émergence des tiers-lieux traduit une rupture radicale dans le paradigme organisationnel. Une convergence des dynamiques de développement économique, social et culturel Les espaces de coworking constituent un modèle de tiers-lieu avec, par exemple, l’expérience de La Cantine. Le tiers-lieu et l’intelligence collective

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