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List of the top 15 guest post websites for seamless guest posting approval - SearchContent

List of the top 15 guest post websites for seamless guest posting approval - SearchContent
Making your presence stronger on the online platform is one of the main objectives of all the businesses who are present on the internet. The traditional concept of what “What is seen is sold” applies to the Google Search as well and that’s why every websites fights to rank in top whenever someone searches for a relevant keyword. Search Engine Optimization has now become like an air for the businesses. Without proper SEO, the survival of the business looks quite tough and therefore, more and more money and mind is being poured into the SEO of the business. There are now SEO experts who use a plethora of ways to make the website rank higher. In such situation, the keywords play a very important role, but your business can’t focus on every keyword and become no.1 in the Google Search results. There are various benefits of getting links from guest posting as the quality of the link is very good and it helps you to rank higher while enhancing your domain authority as well. Admin

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Nokia Acquires Space Time Insight, Adds AI To Its Business Nokia announced on 7th May that it has acquired software maker SpaceTime Insight, which is being considered as an expansion to Nokia’s Internet of Things portfolio. The terms and condition of this recent acquisition were not disclosed by Nokia. The acquired company SpaceTime Insight provides predictive analytics that are based upon machine learning algorithms. During an Interview, the president of Nokia software, Bhaskar Gorti said that the terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed. The Spacetime raised $50 million and $65 million in funding and according to PtichBooks, its last valuation was around $103 million in 2016. After the acquisition, the CEO of SpaceTime, Rob Schilling will become the head of the new IoT of Nokia.

The Multi Layers of Security & Their Meaning of Hosted - Gotomymoney The Multi Layers of Security & Their Meaning of Hosted Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn Many people have doubts regarding the security of the cloud accounting solution in the form of hosted QuickBooks and this act as a big hurdle between their business and technological advancement. How Can Digital Marketing Add Value To Your Business? - TheSEOBlogs Digital marketing is a very broad topic which involves the marketing of your product and services by using the digital medium, especially the internet. As technology continues to evolve, the market for most of the businesses has turned into the digital world and therefore more and more people are adopting the digital marketing strategies. According to Tech Crunch, 79% of the people shop online and therefore the online market has a very huge potential. With so much going on the digital platform, it becomes very essential for your business to adopt the digital marketing strategies as it offers various benefits. Cost-effectiveness If you will compare digital marketing with other promotional mediums such as radio and television, then you will find it to be much cheaper.

Technological information and contribution requests. The Artificial Intelligence technology is flourishing at a very fast pace. Earlier, the concept of AI was limited to Hollywood movies and an imaginary thing only but now it has slowly started becoming a part of our daily life. Whether it is the brilliant concept of Siri or robots like Pepper, AI is being used on a very broad range. The concept of AI is now being used in different fields and tools and soon we will be seeing it automating most of the jobs. In addition to this, AI is already making many things easier for us like mobile search and organization of family photos. But AI is not limited to this only as it making contributions to the field of research and agriculture as well.

Enhance and customize your pictures with these best photo editing apps Due to the marvelous technological improvements in the smartphone cameras, the photo editing apps have become much more useful. Nowadays, there are very few people who use unfiltered camera photos as they are not attractive enough and doesn’t even makes the photo looks good. With the availability of the numerous filters, face editing tools, body editing tools, frames, color changing tools, photo editing apps have become an essential part of every smartphone. And therefore, now we will look at some of the best photo editing apps available in the market for your smartphones. Let SnoopSnitch App to Find The Safety Loopholes of Your Android Phone If you are an Android phone user then you must be aware of the fact that the security of all Android devices is not the same. The security updates of particular Android phones should be delivered by the device manufacturers and therefore there can be some delay in delivering the latest security patch for your Android phone.Even the patches made by Google don’t give the complete picture as observed by Security Research Labs. Google releases Android security patches once in a month and even after your device shows the patch date, the patches delivered by Google may not integrate with the updates of your device manufacturer and therefore, for dealing with such issues, the Security Research Labs developed SnoopSnitch app which allows us to know the patch status of all the vulnerabilities in a monthly security patch. The SnoopSnitch is an app developed by the Security Research Labs and it analyses the firmware of your Android device for missing and installed security patches. How to use it?

What Options Do You have Other than Hosted QuickBooks? - Gotomymoney What Options Do You have Other than Hosted QuickBooks? Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn Using your accounting software on the cloud is the new age of financial management as it involves the most advanced technological solution which streamlines your accounting process while giving a competitive edge to your business among other players.

The Most Up To Date SEO Tips For 2018 - TheSEOBlogs SEO is fast-paced game where using the right tactics and being up to date is the only key to survival. Most of the small businesses spend a lot of time learning the most useful and applicable SEO techniques for making their website rank higher in the search engine, but even after so much effort, sometimes the rug just gets pulled out from underneath your feet. Giant search engines like Google keeps updating the SEO algorithm in order to give the most relevant and useful search results for users. The robot bees can do artificial pollination for you in future Bees are one of the most important parts of our ecosystem and without bees, we won’t have much to eat. Bees are responsible for the pollination of a major part (one third) of our global food and one can’t even imagine a life without bees. All types of fruits and vegetables are pollinated by the honey bees, like apples, broccoli, squash, and almonds.

Google Assistant comes to LG premium TVs After being revealed at CES 2018 for the first time, now the Google Assistant has finally arrived to premium TVs of LG. The Google Assistant which is an AI technology will now be available on all of LG’s OLED and super UHD TVs with Thinq AI that will also include W8, C8, E8 and B8 OLED lineup and SK9500, SK9000 and SK8000 super UHD TVs. With the mix of LG’s WebOS and Google Assistant, now you will be able to control your TV through various voice commands. By using voice commands like ‘change to sandbar’ or ‘change to cinema mode’ you can instruct your TV to do a lot of things on its own like changing the switching between HDMI inputs and changing picture colors. In addition to this, you can also instruct the TV to turn off automatically by saying something like ‘turn off the TV when the current programs end’ For doing this, the TV will also be using LG’s ThinQ A.I system.

Apple Introduced New Red iPhone Edition On 9th April, 2018, Apple released its new red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus RED special edition, which is a new generation iPhone with a marvelous red finish. Both phones, red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus have a stunning glass enclosure which is now available in red bundled with an aluminum band and sleek black front. However, the release was done on 9th April but the new special RED edition phones were made available in store and through ecommerce websites from 13th April. In addition to the special new red iphone edition, Apple also introduced a brand new iPhone X leather Folio, which was made available for sales from 10th April, 2018. This new introduction in the iPhone series comes in tanned and finished European leather for giving its users a luxurious feel.

3 Big Tips for Improving the Cash Flow of Your Project-Based Business 3 Big Tips for Improving the Cash Flow of Your Project-Based Business Facebook Google+ Tips To Know Before Building Your iPhone Mobile Application - TheSEOBlogs Living in the Age of Information, having a mobile application for your business is no longer considered elusive. Thousands of mobile apps belonging to different types and categories are published on app stores on a regular basis. The question that arises in the minds of many is that why mobile apps are highly in-demand and the answer to that is having a mobile app gives businesses the benefit of marketing, increment in sales and worldwide recognition.

Look at your business from the glasses of finance and use these tips - Elucentra So, you have come up with the unique business plan on the entire planet and have all the things ready to jump into the highly competitive yet exciting world of startups? But you need to take care of all the departments of your business on your own and one such department which needs to be given proper time and attention is the financial department. The financial management of your business should be a near to perfect practice because it doesn’t matter how good you are at marketing or sales, if you can’t manage your finances properly, then your chances of success as a startup will drop down to almost zero.There are many important things in finance which you should know and if you want to give up on your job and start earning from your business as the boss then this article is made for you only.1. Mater the Art of Managing Your Cash Flow One of the main reasons for the failure of the most of the startups is they run out of cash.

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