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Speed Reading Software and tools: Eyercize 8.24 million Gamigo passwords leaked after hack Months after Gamigo warned its users of a server breach, 8,243,809 user account credentials (e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords) have made their way online. If you've never heard of it, Gamigo is a German online games publisher that focuses on Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) and has so far released 14 client games as well as five browser games. To check whether your account was one of the 8 million that have been compromised, head over to PwnedList, which tells me just recently finished adding this release to its databases. So, how did this all start? Dear Community,As you have all already noticed, our game servers, websites and forums are partially unreachable at the moment. The gaming site also offered its users guidance on what to do in the aftermath of the hack. Gamigo then returned to business as usual, and all was well. On July 6, a forum topic on InsidePro titled "11М md5 hashlist to dump" was posted by a user "-=lebed=-":

Potentially Alarming Research: Anonymous Intelligence Agency Scoutmaster Bucky Privacy for anyone anywhere Tails is a live operating system that you can start on almost any computer from a USB stick or a DVD. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity, and helps you to: use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship; all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network; leave no trace on the computer you are using unless you ask it explicitly; use state-of-the-art cryptographic tools to encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging. Learn more about Tails. Tails sends its traffic through Tor. Tails has received the Mozilla Open Source Support Award (2016), the Access Innovation Prize (2014) and the OpenITP award (2013).

#Anonymous hacks India IT minister’s webpage in wake of Facebook arrests Activists supporting the group Anonymous wear masks as they protest against the Indian Government's increasingly restrictive regulation of the internet in New Delhi on June 9, 2012. (AFP Photo/Raveendran) Hacktivists defaced the website of India’s telecoms minister after nationwide anger at authorities crackdown on online comments. ­The particular cause of the ongoing public uproar in India is a 2008 amendment to the Information Technology Act, which makes it a crime to digitally send “ .” The penalty under the controversial Section 66A can put a person in jail for three years for an email or any online entry. In recent developments, two women were seized a week ago in Mumbai, Maharashtra state, over the comments they made about the funeral of the hard-line politician, Bal Thackeray. As Mumbai was shut down as part of the commemorations, Shaheen Dhada, 21, wrote on her Facebook: Almost instantly, she got a call from a stranger who, the girl later told the press, asked: " ”

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Cybercrime Documentary Exposes Scams & Threats by Norton No todos los piratas informáticos son inherentemente malos. Cuando se hace referencia al término “pirata informático” en los medios comunes, en general, se lo relaciona con los criminales cibernéticos, pero en realidad, un pirata informático puede ser cualquiera, independientemente de sus intenciones, que utilice sus conocimientos de software y hardware para infringir y eludir las medidas de seguridad de un equipo, un dispositivo o una red. El hacking en sí mismo no es una actividad ilegal, a menos que el pirata informático ponga en peligro un sistema sin el permiso del propietario. De hecho, muchas empresas y agencias gubernamentales emplean piratas informáticos que les ayudan a proteger sus sistemas. Por lo general, los piratas informáticos se categorizan por el tipo de “sombrero” metafórico que utilizan: “sombrero blanco”, “sombrero gris” y “sombrero negro”. Piratas informáticos de sombrero negro Piratas informáticos de sombrero blanco Piratas informáticos de sombrero gris

Online Web Services - 3GS Defender Case-OtterBox Espionaje mental: la ciencia de robar secretos de tu cerebro sin que te enteres Cuando el doctor Hans Berger descubrió las ondas cerebrales a principios del S.XX, solo las plumas más osadas de la ciencia ficción llegaban siquiera a imaginar lo que podríamos hacer con nuestra mente en menos de cien años. Aquel pionero alemán se convirtió en el padre de la electroencelografía (EEG), la técnica que nos permite registrar esos impulsos eléctricos. A día de hoy, la tecnología que lo hace posible (la interfaz cerebro-ordenador o BCI) es mucho menos aparatosa y, sobre todo, más barata. Aunque no suelan verse en los escaparates de las tiendas de electrónica, algunas de las diademas que permiten leer la información del cerebro son tan asequibles como cualquier pulsera de actividad para medir tus pulsaciones. Las más populares, como NeuroSky MindWave o Emotiv Epoc, vienen a costar entre 70 y 370 euros, aunque hay incluso alternativas de código abierto ( OpenEEG, OpenBCI) que puedes montar tú mismo. Las posibilidades no acaban ahí. La clave está en tu cerebro