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Top Secret Water - 2005 Documentary

Our emotions AFFECT the water around us! Invisibility cloak for water waves It should be possible to protect coastlines from tsunamis by making the land invisible to the incoming waves. That’s the claim of a group of physicists in France and the UK, which has built a cylindrical “invisibility cloak” that shields objects from water waves by directing those waves around the object as if it weren’t there. Researchers have already built so-called invisibility cloaks to shield objects from electromagnetic radiation. Two years ago a group led by David Smith at Duke University in North Carolina demonstrated a how a cylinder built from artificial materials known as metamaterials can make an object almost invisible to microwaves, by steering the waves around the object as if those waves had propagated forward without interruption. That concept has now been extended to water waves by Stefan Enoch of the University of Aix-Marseille and colleagues. Works just like a whirlpool The cloak built by the French-UK team is a shallow metal cylinder, measuring 10 cm across.