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ProvenModels - Management Models
seven dimensions of culture Hampden-Turner, Charles, Trompenaars, Fons topic: culture & internationalisation period: 1998 In 1998, management consultants Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner published their “Seven Dimensions of Culture” model to help explain national cultural differences in organisations and to show how managing these differences in a heterogeneous business environment is a major challenge for international managers. Trompenaars and...

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Palladium ESM The Executive Strategy Manager (ESM) is a web-based software application that takes you step-by-step through both the construction of, and reporting on, Balanced Scorecards and strategy maps. The only application built and managed by the creators of the Balanced Scorecard, Drs. Kaplan and Norton, the ESM will help you create strategic alignment at the corporate, division, and individual level. The Executive Strategy Manager allows for better meeting management by enabling you to communicate your corporate strategy and identify the key performance drivers at all levels of your organization. It is designed to help your organization quickly get started with the Balanced Scorecard (through structured coaching, templates, and processes), then grow with your organization as the Balanced Scorecard program matures. Integrated meeting management, enterprise alignment, performance management, and initiative management functionality ensures that the ESM will meet your needs as they evolve.

The Single Most Important Thing You Need for a Productive Team Every company wants high productivity. Some companies go to great lengths to figure out to hire people that work well together and put all sorts of perks in place to make people happier at work. Awesome. Wilson Perumal » Blog Archive » Implementing the 7 Element OEMS: Determining the Size of the Prize If you don’t know where you are going, it is difficult to plan how you will get there. That might not seem like an earth-shattering revelation to you, but it is an idea that gets overlooked all too often in business planning and determining where you want to go is the essential first step in implementing the 7 Element Operational Excellence Management System. Understanding the potential upside - determining the size of the prize - for your firm is pretty straightforward: 1. Identify the key metrics your industry uses to measure the performance of the 7 Value Drivers

Value Proposition Examples: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly « b2b marketing Continuing from my last post, writing a strong value proposition is critical to communicati ng how your product or service is relevant to your customer segment. Now, there’s the easy way and the right way to write a value prop.

Chris Anderson shares a public speaking tip YouTube/TED As a the head curator for TED, the global nonprofit famous for its insightful talks, Chris Anderson knows a thing or two about what a successful TED talk looks like. And all the best ones, he says, begin with eye contact. "At TED, our number-one advice to speakers on the day of their talk is to make regular eye contact with members of the audience," Anderson writes in his new book. "Be warm. Mullins' Seven Domains Model - Strategy Tools From MindTools Analyzing Business Opportunities Mullins' Seven Domains Model allows you to look at a potential project or venture from seven different angles. © iStockphoto/blackred Management & Strategy Gurus and Masters - the Complete A to Z Guide The complete A to Z Guide A point of clarification before you start your journey with the gurus and masters: a Guru is a person who is very knowledgeable and teaches a particular strategy. A Master is a practitioner of the art of strategy in life and in business. Management & Strategy Gurus Main Guru's Index

What motivates us at work? More than money “When we think about how people work, the naïve intuition we have is that people are like rats in a maze,” says behavioral economist Dan Ariely (TED Talk: What makes us feel good about our work?) “We really have this incredibly simplistic view of why people work and what the labor market looks like.” Instead, when you look carefully at the way people work, he says, you find out there’s a lot more at play — and at stake — than money. Ariely provides evidence that we are also driven by the meaningfulness of our work, by others’ acknowledgement — and by the amount of effort we’ve put in: the harder the task is, the prouder we are. “When we think about labor, we usually think about motivation and payment as the same thing, but the reality is that we should probably add all kinds of things to it: meaning, creation, challenges, ownership, identity, pride, etc.,” Ariely says.

Effective status meetings lead to successful projects One of the most valuable tools you have as a project manager is a weekly project status meeting. I approach any significant project by holding weekly project updates. These status meetings help:The new project members develop as a team.Me, as the project manager, identify weaknesses early enough to make corrections.Me, as the project manager, reinforce key points and provide early coaching.An astute project manager uses a status meeting to go beyond simply learning about how the project is progressing. A good project manager already knows that before the meeting. The meeting is actually a tool to help the project manager move the project along and coach team members on key issues that can affect deliverables. MISSION STATEMENTS Examples of Famous Mission StatementsThe following are samples and examples of statements used by famous companies - can you identify which company created which? "We will prepare and sell quick service food to fulfil our guest's needs more accurately, quickly, courteously, and in a cleaner environment than our competitors. We will conduct all our business affairs ethically, and with the best employees in the mid-south. We will continue to grow profitably and responsibly, and provide career advancement opportunities for every willing member of our organization." "To make the world's information universally accessible and useful"

The Morning Routines Of The Most Successful People Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, we all start our day at some point. And we all seem to start it differently. Some of us hop online to check social media, others dive in to email, still others eat breakfast, exercise, or pack lunches for the kids. There’re a million different ways a morning could go. Which morning routine might be best?

liquidplanner Since I've been serving proudly as the LiquidPlanner Social Media Evangelist for almost a year now, I wanted to take some more time to evaluate other online project management tools and get a better understanding of what the competition is like in the space. This post will not be another comparison of Basecamp, I think I've made it pretty clear that Basecamp shouldn't even really be called a project management tool, but merely a decent collaboration system, lacking in critical project management features & functionality. Clarizen was next on my list, so I spent some time checking it out. The interface is fairly clean and loading time is decent, but my first real impression was how much it looked like a web based version of MS Project. Personally, that scares me, but it might be a draw for others.

The Cultural Web - Aligning your organization's culture with strategy - Strategy Skills Training from MindTools Aligning your Organization's Culture with Strategy © iStockphotoRidofranz Many aspects of organizations are interconnected. What is the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear the term corporate culture?