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MacinCloud - Rent a Mac in the Cloud! - Mac in Cloud
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Octave Tutorial - Numerical Variables When evaluating the value of an expression, the result is stored in a variable called ans (answer). You can also introduce variables of your own. By writing who you can see all variables. If you write a semi colon at the end of the line, the output is not shown. Naming variables Various programs have different rules for naming entities. The first character must be an english letter : a -z, A - Z Some programs can handle letters like å, Æ, Ç, ü; others cannot. These rules apply to Octave and a number of other programs. Assignments When writing a=5 at the command prompt, the equal-sign should not be thought of as a logical equality; a is not equal to 5, it is assigned the value 5. a=a+1 The statement above would be false if it was a logical statement, it is however not a logical statement but an assignment. Hiding the output and repeating previous commands You can write several commands on one line by using comma, or semi colon. Exercise 1 Calculate the series: 20∑i=1(1i)2 (The answer is 1.5962)

The inside story of how mobile app developers acquire new customers Mobile app companies have a wide range of options when it comes to generating interest in--and downloads of--their smartphone apps. They can spread the word through Twitter and Facebook, they can generate publicity through press releases and news articles, and they can spend money to advertise their app. But which of these mechanisms is most effective? Obviously the answers will vary based on the size of the developer and the type of app. Sign up for our FREE newsletter for more news like this sent to your inbox! Obviously, though, most apps won't enjoy these special circumstances. The average mobile app user costs $1.26 to acquire Analytics company Fiksu tracks the amount of money its clients spend to acquire new customers and publishes this figure regularly: Source: Fiksu Fiksu's Jo Wightman, director of the company's client development, offered details on these figures. Fiksu's Wightman said that most app developers have to pay to obtain customers at some point. 1. 2. 3.

JS PHOTO A Brit based in Gothenburg, Sweden, James Silverman has crossed the globe photographing contemporary design and architecture. He has been known to hover 18 metres in midair, stand on top of cars, scale all manner of rooftops, and build scaffolding towers to gain viewpoints that reveal the architect's vision. On commercial shoots James has arranged furniture sponsorship and other props-the most eccentric involved procurement of live camels and horses in Marrakesh. James has contributed to several glossy publications, including Vogue Living, Wallpaper, Architectural Digest, Sunday Times and The Guardian, with over 100 magazine and book covers to his name

TETworks: Home page for the Test Environment Toolkit (TET) Neural Network for Recognition of Handwritten Digits Download the Neural Network demo project - 203 Kb (includes a release-build executable that you can run without the need to compile) Download a sample neuron weight file - 2,785 Kb (achieves the 99.26% accuracy mentioned above) Download the MNIST database - 11,594 Kb total for all four files (external link to four files which are all required for this project) Contents Introduction This article chronicles the development of an artificial neural network designed to recognize handwritten digits. Although some theory of neural networks is given here, it would be better if you already understood some neural network concepts, like neurons, layers, weights, and backpropagation. The neural network described here is not a general-purpose neural network, and it's not some kind of a neural network workbench. The idea of using neural networks for the purpose of recognizing handwritten digits is not a new one. Y. The second author is Dr. Patrice Y. go back to top Some Neural Network Theory . . Then .

Punch Procrastination in the Face and Accomplish Your Goals Working from home or even an office as a freelancer can be very rewarding. Free time, creating your own schedule, the chance to be your own boss—the freelancing life is one that a lot of people envy. Unfortunately, without a boss or supervisor breathing down your neck, the accountability starts to decrease and freelancers can become entangled in a web of distractions and procrastination without even realizing it. Facebook, emails, Twitter, blog comments, your mother calling to gossip about the family —all of these and more vie for your attention. Distractions Image credits Distractions are all around you, from your telephone and your neighbor’s barking dog to Facebook and a YouTube video that has been calling your name. Do any of these distract you too? Your mother calls and you pick up the phone while in the middle of a client’s project…how can you leave your mother hanging? This word will take on a life of its own if you do not omit it from your mind’s vocabulary. Friends and Family Boredom

Maintenant vous pouvez conduire une voiture sur Google Street View Mardi 29 novembre Buzz - 29 novembre 2011 :: 10:58 :: Par Eric Après le petit robot de bureau qui s’offre une traversée des US, voici une nouvelle application de Google Street View qui vous permet de vous offrir un voyage virtuel. Après le petit robot de bureau qui s’offre une traversée des US, voici une nouvelle application de Google Street View qui vous permet de vous offrir un voyage virtuel. Proposée par Peugeot pour faire le buzz autour de son coupé RCZ, Peugeot RCZ View vous permet de choisir un itinéraire en indiquant un point de départ et un point d’arrivée, et vroum vous partez au volant du bolide qui vous conduit à destination via Google Vue de Rue dans une animation en stop motion. Enfin, selon le lieu et la puissance de votre PC, le rendu sera plus ou moins saccadé, et vous pourrez même avoir quelques surprises, comme une progression… en marche arrière. Pour tester l’animation et faire votre propre itinéraire, rendez-vous sur RCZView.

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