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MacinCloud - Rent a Mac in the Cloud! - Mac in Cloud

MacinCloud - Rent a Mac in the Cloud! - Mac in Cloud
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Octave Tutorial - Numerical Variables When evaluating the value of an expression, the result is stored in a variable called ans (answer). You can also introduce variables of your own. By writing who you can see all variables. If you write a semi colon at the end of the line, the output is not shown. Naming variables Various programs have different rules for naming entities. The first character must be an english letter : a -z, A - Z Some programs can handle letters like å, Æ, Ç, ü; others cannot. These rules apply to Octave and a number of other programs. Assignments When writing a=5 at the command prompt, the equal-sign should not be thought of as a logical equality; a is not equal to 5, it is assigned the value 5. a=a+1 The statement above would be false if it was a logical statement, it is however not a logical statement but an assignment. Hiding the output and repeating previous commands You can write several commands on one line by using comma, or semi colon. Exercise 1 Calculate the series: 20∑i=1(1i)2 (The answer is 1.5962)

JS PHOTO A Brit based in Gothenburg, Sweden, James Silverman has crossed the globe photographing contemporary design and architecture. He has been known to hover 18 metres in midair, stand on top of cars, scale all manner of rooftops, and build scaffolding towers to gain viewpoints that reveal the architect's vision. On commercial shoots James has arranged furniture sponsorship and other props-the most eccentric involved procurement of live camels and horses in Marrakesh. James has contributed to several glossy publications, including Vogue Living, Wallpaper, Architectural Digest, Sunday Times and The Guardian, with over 100 magazine and book covers to his name

Cloud Mac Rental: Online virtual Mac OSX VPS with XCode - XCodeClub Connect remotely to your own Dedicated Mac Virtual Machine - Virtual Mac running latest licensed Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 with latest XCode 5.1.1 with your own private iOS Simulators! Tell me you need XCode 6 and Swift while subscribing, I'll make a VM with them for you. Completely configured and ready to use! Have full root admin access to it with provided admin password. Just like having your own personal private Mac! Incomparably faster than others: It's the next best thing to owning a Mac. And you don't have to spend hours downloading XCode and setting everything up yourself! One simple web page as a control panel! Click a button to start up your virtual machine whenever you want to! Connect remotely using a very simple app from, other options available on request. Test your app on your device with a few clicks using! Use Teamviewer's file transfer feature to transfer your code and ipa back and forth easily. Everything is in just 1 web page! "Thanks.

PCI Vendor and Device Lists TETworks: Home page for the Test Environment Toolkit (TET) Neural Network for Recognition of Handwritten Digits Download the Neural Network demo project - 203 Kb (includes a release-build executable that you can run without the need to compile) Download a sample neuron weight file - 2,785 Kb (achieves the 99.26% accuracy mentioned above) Download the MNIST database - 11,594 Kb total for all four files (external link to four files which are all required for this project) Contents Introduction This article chronicles the development of an artificial neural network designed to recognize handwritten digits. Although some theory of neural networks is given here, it would be better if you already understood some neural network concepts, like neurons, layers, weights, and backpropagation. The neural network described here is not a general-purpose neural network, and it's not some kind of a neural network workbench. The idea of using neural networks for the purpose of recognizing handwritten digits is not a new one. Y. The second author is Dr. Patrice Y. go back to top Some Neural Network Theory . . Then .

Maintenant vous pouvez conduire une voiture sur Google Street View Mardi 29 novembre Buzz - 29 novembre 2011 :: 10:58 :: Par Eric Après le petit robot de bureau qui s’offre une traversée des US, voici une nouvelle application de Google Street View qui vous permet de vous offrir un voyage virtuel. Après le petit robot de bureau qui s’offre une traversée des US, voici une nouvelle application de Google Street View qui vous permet de vous offrir un voyage virtuel. Proposée par Peugeot pour faire le buzz autour de son coupé RCZ, Peugeot RCZ View vous permet de choisir un itinéraire en indiquant un point de départ et un point d’arrivée, et vroum vous partez au volant du bolide qui vous conduit à destination via Google Vue de Rue dans une animation en stop motion. Enfin, selon le lieu et la puissance de votre PC, le rendu sera plus ou moins saccadé, et vous pourrez même avoir quelques surprises, comme une progression… en marche arrière. Pour tester l’animation et faire votre propre itinéraire, rendez-vous sur RCZView.

winchain - Build the iPhone/iTouch Compiler Toolchain on Windows XP/Vista -- by Drakenza If this is the project you've been waiting for, or sounds like exactly what you need, consider Donating or Digg it. winChain has been updated to 1.0.1 to fix the bug with copying files. 1.0.2 is imminent and will fix the bug with the Cygwin button being greyed out. Until then, just run the installer in the Resources folder. The preBuiltToolchain file can be downloaded from here, or if you prefer BitTorrent, at TPB. winChain is simple: Download the builder software from the Downloads section, then download the 500mb pre-Built Toolchain files from the MegaUpload link. It'll go something like this: You'll download the two files. Feel free to contact me if you have problems getting winChain to work, or if you need some programming help :) You can contact me at winChain Builder is now available.

8 Seeds This is a component level hardware compatibility list for pre-release versions of Apple's Mac OS X Mountain Lion. As this is not the final release, compatibility may change throughout the builds, so please, do not rely on this list when buying hardware. It is for those who wish to share/experiment with pre-release versions of the OS. Add which parts you have working in the categories listed below, or create a new category. ONLY add hardware that you have TESTED. For how to edit the Wiki, please see this thread. You're looking for an Installation guide? [ edit ] Motherboards [ edit ] Abit [ edit ] Asrock [ edit ] Asus [ edit ] ECS [ edit ] Gigabyte [ edit ] Intel [ edit ] MSI [ edit ] Graphics Cards Please specify if your card is AGP, Integrated, PCI or PCI-E. [ edit ] PCI-E [ edit ] AMD/ATI [ edit ] NVIDIA [ edit ] Integrated [ edit ] INTEL [ edit ] Network Cards [ edit ] Wireless [ edit ] Wired (Ethernet) [ edit ] Sound Cards [ edit ] Webcams [ edit ] Other Accessories

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