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Mrs Jump's class

Mrs Jump's class
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1+1+1=1...Tot Books & Tot Packs <span><a target="_self" href="/BrowBearBrownBear.html">Brown Bear, Brown Bear</a><br /><a target="_self" href="/CHickaBoomTotBook.html">Chicka Chicka Boom Boom</a><br /><a target="_self" href="/5LittleMonkeysTotBook.html">Five Little Monkeys</a><br /><a target="_self" href="/TheVeryHungryCaterpillar.html">Very Hungry Caterpillar</a></span> <span><a target="_self" href="/Christmas.html">Christmas</a><br /><a target="_self" href="/LoveTotPack.html">Valentines Day </a><br /><a target="_self" href="/SpringTotPack.html">Easter/Spring</a></span> <span><a target="_self" href="/NoahsArk.html">Noah's Ark</a></span> {flowers, frogs, baseball & more!} {pilots, pizza, ice cream & more!} {trains, Christmas, Easter & more} from Dinosaurs & Trains from One Little, Two Little Have you blogged about a Tot Book/Pack you have made? Email Me with your blog post link! 1plus1plus1equals1 {@} If you make a Tot Book/Pack from our site, I would love if you would add this button to your post... Custom Search

Journaling Tips 1. Write in your journals EVERY DAY! We start on the very first day of school and we continue every day after. I show them how to write the short date and then I give them a sentence like this: I like to eat _____________. They copy the sentence and sound out a word to fit in the sentence. 2. 3. 4. Then, as I've been Pinteresting lately, I found {this} amazing idea to color one end of your stick red and one end green. 5. 6. 7. You can download the journal shares for free {here}. 8. I know that I used to use composition notebooks for journals when I was first teaching. That's all the tips I have for you! If you have already purchased my Journals Through the Year, go and download it again! Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

The Complete Social Media Competitive Guide | Simply Measured It's not enough to only measure your brand's social performance. If you're not learning from your competitors, you're probably a step behind them. Building brand awareness and social share of voice requires you to develop successful tactics, quickly. Download our complete competitive guide to learn: How to identify your competitors on socialWays to monitor competitor conversations and audience growthWhich metrics you should use for competitive benchmarkingHow to identify competitors' tactics that are worth adopting ...and much more. KinderGals Totally Tots silly sentences/dictionary kites I’ve been a little MIA lately. In all honesty, I’ve had the blogging “blahs”. Not a whole lot of motivation to sit down and post anything. I’ve just been lovin’ on my boys and spending an insane amount of my “free” time just having fun with my little family of four {and some out of town visitors, too!!}. Since my last post, things at school have been, ummm…CRAZY. Since Friday, I have… …sanitzed my hands…and the hands of 17 littles…NO LESS than 2,347 times. …successfully cleaned up a few cases of the pukies {talk about gag reflex} …counted 6 kids absent on Friday & Monday…and sent two pukies home today. …cloroxed {yes, it’s a verb ;)} the desks NO LESS than 100,000 times. …immediately came home from school 4 days in a row, stripped off my clothes, threw them in the washer, and hightailed it to take the HOTTEST showers before picking up my boys from the sitter. Did I mention that our sweet little school is experiencing the CRAZIEST bout of sickness EVER?!?! Happy {almost} end of the week!!

Sharing Kindergarten 7 Conversion Marketing Terms as Explained by Urban Dictionary Conversion marketing is serious business over here. In fact, we care about it so much that we created a whole glossary to help explain it to the world. But clearly, not everyone is on the same page as us. And we’re okay with that – especially when the results make us LOL. So take a break from your super serious life to peek deep into the armpit of the internet (aka Urban Dictionary) and compare actual conversion marketing definitions to more… creative ones. Since context is everything, let’s start there. 1. Good marketing experiences don’t leave prospects hanging. And that’s really what context is all about. Oli’s definition: On a high converting landing page, typically context is used to design an experience that speaks to the desires and motivations that someone had prior to clicking on your ad. But what do the pros over at Urban Dictionary have to say about context? Urban Dictionary’s definition: That’s a good start, right? Oh, wait a minute… Well that escalated quickly. 2. 3. Half a point.

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