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THE COVETED — be stylish Many years ago, my husband and I were at the Vintage Fashion Expo, and while there I thought I would get the “perfect” leopard print coat. You know, that vintage leopard print coat every woman should have in her wardrobe. As I pulled out a leopard print coat which I thought would be the “one” my husband put his hand on my arm, and said, “Nooooooooo. Not that coat.” WGSN Our #blogoftheweek is Pari Dust chosen by our juniors editor Sarah Owen. Sarah says: "Pari Dust is a unique and conceptual effort by Pari Ehsan who seamlessly integrates the world of art and fashion by dressing to match her surroundings" Photography by Tylor Hou via Pari Dust This interior is completely covered in neon pink paper. A great show by @HEADGENEVE #milan2014 which runs until 13th April

Fashion Wallpaper* newsletter Register for our bi-weekly bulletin of the stuff that refines you By submitting your details, you'll also receive emails from Time Inc. UK, publisher of Wallpaper* and other iconic brands about its goods and services, and those of its carefully selected third parties. Please tick here if you'd prefer not to hear about: Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy Documentation - Installation Instructions Glossary Directory: Same as a folder. Path: A physical location on a server that describes where files and directories are. BlogLESS: A Blog about Design Ethics Misunderstanding Focus This week: surprising portraits from Nerhol. Written by Paul on April 20, 2012 “Misunderstanding Focus” is series of photo collages made by Nerhol, a collaboration between Ryuta Iida and Yoshihisa Tanaka. Each artwork is made of a several photos which were taken in a 3 minutes time span and then layered like an onion. Via!

Cellsea Image Manipulation Sunday, June 25th, 2006 <>p>Update (June 28, 2006): Beau Hartshorne of Snipshot (formerly Pixoh) says “massive chunks” of Cellsea code are identical to Snipshot. “This is not an accidental inspiration. Check out the cropping code, the resizing code, and so on. We’ve also noticed that portions of their website are also stolen directly from ours … We are contributors to MochiKit open source project. My Fanciful Muse: Rococo Style Room and 18th Century French Fashions I've created another fun digital scene using a variety of late 18th Century French Fashion Plates from the time of Marie Antoinette in a Rococo style room. This time I've incorporated two of my "framed scenes" with a great blue room background and a nice variety of fashion figures from previous posts to finish off the piece. I've created an assortment of these characters in various color combinations to use in my digital art. I have included those along with the background room and frame for you crafting pleasure. Enjoy!

50 Most Outstanding Photographers’ Portfolio For Inspiration As aspiring photographers, we always wonder how the professional photographers take photography to a whole different level, how their photography stands out from the rest, how their lenses seem to get the right angles, and just how they seem to capture all the perfect moments. Photography is an art, and art needs passion. With passion, there’s learning. These outstanding photographers are able to “wow!” us because they learned photography by heart. They have a passion for the art and through learning they combine all the elements to a degree of perfection! by Michael Surtees » Blog Archive » My Link Drop Process A couple people have asked me about how I do my Link Drops —wondering if they’re some how automated. I’m sure there must be a faster way to do it, but everything I do is by hand and hard coded into a post. Even the screengrab are done by hand. There’s about ten things that I have to do to get the post ready to be published on a Friday morning. Up until now I haven’t missed a Friday since I started in last May. (I didn’t realize till now that it’s almost been a year) .