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A Quilting Life

A Quilting Life
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p.s. i quilt laundrybasketquilts Ever since my original “Friendship Spools” quilt was released in our “Friendship Strips and Scraps” book we have enjoyed exchanging strips, making spools and creating beautiful quilts, pincushions, table runners, etc. This is another one of my favorite spool blocks, it is made from squares… … and I’d love to show you my technique of how to make this simple spool block! We need a few supplies: Fabrics – I used one JellyBean Mini Charm pack (2-1/2″ squares) but you can use any fabric cut to any size squares as long as all squares are the same size. Choose your fabrics. You need 5 squares, 2 light, 2 dark, 1 accent. Place the light squares on top of the dark squares, right sides together. Use your rotary to cut the square sets in half as shown above to create 2 strip sets. Save one set of strips to the side. Draw a diagonal line across all 4 of your small square sets. Using chain sewing, stitch on this line for all 4 small square sets. Next we will sew the pieces into rows. Sew rows together.

How to Quilt: Scrap Quilts How to Quilt>Scrap Quilts Bonnie Hunter is a quilter who specializes in scrap quilts using fabric from thrift shops or donations from friends' closets. Recently she visited with us for our Eavesdrop on a Telephone Conversation, and the specific topic was how to choose the garments at a thrift shop that will make great fabric for a quilt. Here is a sampling of her answers: Penny: How do you know whether a particular garment would make a good fabric for a quilt? Bonnie: I look for garments the same way I look for fabric. If it says 100% cotton, then that’s the first thing I’ll look for. The next thing I check is how the fabric feels in my hand. I look for the same kinds of things when I look for articles of clothing to cut up for fabric. Penny: You don’t use polyester? Bonnie: No, I don’t. Men’s shirts, so far, have not incorporated spandex. Penny: How do you estimate how much fabric you’ll be able to get from a particular garment? Bonnie: The size of the garment will give you an idea.

During Quiet Time — Red Pepper Quilts A Modern Quilting Blog » Pile O Fabric Fabric Giveaway Friday // Aria Lane Pattern Giveaway Sponsor Aria Lane is a modern design company that produces original modern quilt and embroidery patterns for the crafting community. By purchasing an Aria Lane pattern you are supporting an independent designer in the sewing community. New Patterns This week we have launched two more new patterns at Aria Lane. Pile O’ Fabric Stash Share This post is part of a weekly series called Pile O’ Fabric Stash Share. Kona® Illustrator Swatches Install Tutorial I design all of my quilts in Adobe Illustrator before they are ever made. Fabric Giveaway Friday – Art Gallery Essentials Featured Sponsor The Fat Quarter Shop was founded in 2003 by Kimberly Jolly. Tangerine Goodness! Want to know a secret? Pile O’ Fabric Stash Share Kona® Cotton Genetics Quilt What is the longest work in progress you have ever had? Scrap Jar and Pin Cushion Blocks // Skill Builder BOM 2014 This months Skill Builder BOM blocks were super fun (as usual)! Blogiversary Party!

Ideas for Quilting Quilting Board I'm actually getting it done... I'm following Vicki's lead and quilting for an hour first thing in the morning. I have been making a lot of progress on my Scrappy String and I'm enjoying it immensely. If I keep up at this pace, this quilt will be done in no time. Since I've decided to make it a tall, narrow wall-hanging I think it will be easy for me to quilt too. In this bottom photo it's possible to see at what stage I'm working. I'm planning on using a black/white polka dot for binding and no borders. Take care,

A World of Beauty in Detail | Inside Quilters Newsletter My experience at Market was similar to Lori’s and Mary Kate’s – there was lots to see, plenty of people to meet and reconnect with and cool new things to discover. We’ll be sharing a bunch of new products, techniques, quilts and inspiration in coming issues and blog posts, so stay tuned! But with all the hustle and bustle of Market, it was a pleasure to be able to take a moment to look at the quilts in the small but impressive World of Beauty exhibit which was a little island of calm amidst the busyness of Market business. One fun thing that happened was Bill and I were invited to attend a breakfast and presentation hosted by Olfa, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the rotary cutter. Olfa’s very first rotary cutter prototype, from 1979, is on the bottom. Back in the convention center, there were a couple quilts in the World of Beauty exhibit that looked lovely from afar, but even more incredible upon closer inspection. Yumemi by Maiko Ogawa of Tokyo, Japan. I love how lively this is!

Freebie: The ABC Quilter in PDF · Quilting | May Sandra of Sandra’s Craft Corner put up her freebie for the month of May, 2012. This one has complete instructions for 12 quilts, however because it’s dated material there is no mention of rotary cutters, and the preferred method given for piecing is by hand. It tickles me, the editor Virginia Mann, talks about how the traditional patterns in the publication look so modern with current fabric. Go HERE to download The ABC Quilter. Ed. note: Sandra is offering this free download for a limited time only. Image credit: Sandra’s Craft Corner By Scarlett Burroughs

The Sewing Chick Samelia's Mum: Sugar Almonds Quilt Pattern {Tutorial} I’ve had a few requests (and reminders) for this quilt pattern, but haven’t had time to sit down and write it up… until now. I’m pleased to be sharing with you, my Sugar Almonds Quilt Pattern. It is a very simple quilt pattern and suitable for any level of sewing ability. One of the hardest parts of this quilt, is choosing the jelly roll. With so many beautiful ranges of fabric, it’s hard to decide. The good thing about the Sugar Almonds Quilt Pattern is that it’s so fast and easy to make, you can finish the quilt quickly. In my quilt, I used a jelly roll of Coquette by Chez Moi for Moda Fabrics. I don’t have the exact measurements for this quilt as I gave it to away before measuring it – but I can tell you that it fits a single (twin) bed perfectly. Sugar Almonds Quilt Patternby Samelia’s Mum A seam allowance of ¼ inch is included throughout. Cutting: White fabric strips – cut in half so you end up with 40 (2.5” x 20” approx) Do this for all of the strips. Pin baste. Quilt as desired.

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