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Converteer AVI MP4 DVD HD Gratis

Converteer AVI MP4 DVD HD Gratis
Dit is gratis video converteren Freemake Video Converter is ontworpen zonder enige beperkingen, verborgen kosten, sneakware of adware! Dit is freeware van het nieuwe niveau, die een hoogwaardig alternatief biedt voor betaalde producten. Meer dan 200 Input formaten! Input van de video bestanden: AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MPG, 3GP, 3G2, SWF, FLV, TOD, AVCHD, MOV, DV, RM, QT, TS, MTS, etc. Importeer elke muziek (MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV), en elke foto's (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF) om ze te converteren naar een video, gratis en gemakkelijk! Uniek! Freemake is de enige gratis videoconverter die online video’s via de directe URL kopiëert: kopiëren en plakken van YouTube, Facebook, MTV, Vimeo, Dailymotion, ComedyCentral, 50 en meer sites; download YouTube naar iTunes en converteer ze in elk gewenst formaat of naar het apparaat dat beschikbaar is. Output: AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, FLV, SWF, 3GP, MP3 Converteer de video gratis in de meest populaire videoformaten. Converteer gratis naar iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Android

Cool and Credible Web Video: Old Rules, No Rules, or New Rules? (EDUCAUSE Quarterly Key Takeaways Producers of web-video instruction need to negotiate old and new rules of video grammar to remain credible (to the traditional video grammar) as they also strive to be cool (in the new media video grammar). The goal is to avoid violating traditional video grammar while tapping into new video aesthetics to gain ethos with web-savvy audiences (like students). Once the province of trained professionals with expensive equipment, video production now seems open to anyone. The emerging grammar for the microscreen of web video proceeds along two trajectories: Its first and most important goal is to avoid violating traditional video grammar and potentially losing credibility. These goals form an uneasy merger of past and present, but one that producers of web-video instruction need to negotiate so that they remain credible (to the older video grammar) as they also reach for the cool (in the new media video grammar). On Not Breaking Traditional Video Rules Framing Figure 1. Background

A Beginner's Guide to Creating iPhone Videos for the Virtual Classroom 72 Flares Twitter 29 Facebook 0 Google+ 17 LinkedIn 26 inShare26 72 Flares × You have probably used your iPhone to make videos of your friends and family. Have you thought about using your phone to make educational videos for the virtual classroom? This post will show you how. Often, when videos are made on the iPhone, the sound quality is poor and the footage is shaky. Here are a few simple ways to stabilize your camera and create great sound quality. Getting Good Video The quickest solution is to buy a tripod. iStabalizer makes a full gamut of tripod accessories that work well with your iPod. If you have any interest at all in taking videos of people while you are walking or moving, you must watch the tutorial, “DIY high quality cellphone camera stabilizer for iPhone, Android, Blackberry under $10” created by a young woman named Ritwika. There are other DIY options, though the pieces costs almost as much as it would cost to buy it new. Getting Good Audio -A tripod or stabilizer Software

Online Workshop Video in de Les Vergeet uw naam niet in te vullen. Vergeet uw e-mailadres niet in te vullen. Ja, ik wil op de hoogte blijven van ontwikkelingen rond de Online Workshops. Online Workshop Video in de Les Voor u van start gaat... De Online Workshop bestaat uit een aantal HTML pagina’s. Om uw voortgang te kunnen bewaren moet uw browser cookies accepteren. Vul hieronder uw naam (voor en achternaam) en e-mailadres in om te starten met de workshop. Matterhorn Capture & Administration Matterhorn provides specs for building your own capture agent to automatically record audio, video and VGA signal, and a sophisticated set of administration tools to manage recordings. Media Processing Matterhorn's configurable media processing workflow system provides a scalable set of services for dispatching processing jobs across multiple worker nodes. Services include video encoding, metadata generation, scene detection, preview image generation, trimming and captioning and text analysis. Distribution Matterhorn can publish recordings for both progressive download and streaming server, including a local search index. Engage The engage player can be used as a standalone application, or embedded inside of other applications such as blogs, wikis or content management systems.

ScreenChomp Windows Movie Maker The sights, sounds and action of a movie are a great way grab your students' attention and bring subjects to life. But who has time to teach and make movie magic? You do - with Windows Movie Maker. Like57 Kelli Etheredge, educator at St. The simple, easy, fast way to make movie magic in class It takes just a few minutes to import still pictures, video clips, and music from your PC to Windows Movie Maker and create a polished movie. Engage, entertain, and educate by creating movies to teach varied subjects: System requirements: Operating system: 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 7, or 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 8 Release Preview, or Windows Server 2008 R2.

index "Use your voice" In 2006 Jott emerged as a leader in mobile voice-to-text applications. Now, nearly two years after Jott's acquisition and a successful integration into Nuance, we are officially ending the Jott service on May 3rd, 2011.This may seem counter-intuitive – success leading to a shutdown.But while it is an ending of sorts, the reality is that the technology, service, talent and imagination of Jott will continue on as part of a far broader set of services. The Jott team, vision and technologies are an integral part of a global business which includes partners such as AT&T, Rogers, Bell Canada, Vodafone, Cisco, Vonage, and many others. The dramatic expansion of Nuance's voice-to-text services is clear evidence that consumers will respond to innovations that carriers offer, and with that in mind, we will focus our voice-to-text service investments on carrier and enterprise distribution, and no longer on Looking for a service like Jott?

Montage vidéo en ligne avec JayCut ! | TuniBOX Je vous ai déjà parlé de plusieurs applications en ligne qui permettent de faire des traitements propres aux « desktop applications ». Dans le même style, JayCut est un site qui propose une application plutôt intéressante; le montage vidéo en ligne. Le but n’est pas tout de même de proposer un autre Windows Movie Maker mais de proposer une approche Web qui ajoute les fonctionnalités de partage, la compatibilité des formats et surtout l’esprit communautaire… Comme tout autre logiciel classique de traitement de vidéo, JayCut permet d’uploader les clips et les images à partir du disque local ou des périphériques d’enregistrement comme les téléphones ou les cameras. Une fois, les vidéos téléchargées sur le serveur de l’application, l’utilisateur procède au montage. Votre production prête, JayCut vous assiste pour la publier et la partager. Enfin, JayCut est une bonne application Web 2.0. Lien :

Social Video Marketing | SceneChat VideoANT A recent request came up for access to the raw text that gets entered into a projects annotations. I have developed a number of primitive tools over the past year that I have been using for internal purposes. In light of this request I am releasing these pages to the public for your own consumption as they cannot be used to edit your content but are simple ways to gain access to the content you develop. Keep in mind they are nothing fancy aesthetically, but are quite functional in nature :) I recommend that faculty utilize this first page to extract the raw data entered into the system as a back-up should it be necessary. EDIT In VideoANT: Same project extracted: In other words, change the EDIT link from your projects email from vae.php to extractANT.php and leave everything else in place and you get a raw text dump. Same deal, change the EDIT URL to "select.php" instead of "vae.php" and you get the proxy XML. Free Online Video Editor