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THE COVETED — be stylish

THE COVETED — be stylish
Many years ago, my husband and I were at the Vintage Fashion Expo, and while there I thought I would get the “perfect” leopard print coat. You know, that vintage leopard print coat every woman should have in her wardrobe. As I pulled out a leopard print coat which I thought would be the “one” my husband put his hand on my arm, and said, “Nooooooooo. Not that coat.” Not that coat? Was it too long? “As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral.” Don’t like leopard prints? Once upon a time leopard was considered a luxury, well, because the only way to get it was to kill a leopard. “But to wear leopard print, you must have the kind of femininity which is a little bit sophisticated.” In 1947, Christian Dior came out with the first leopard print dresses for day and night. Earlier this year, Elizabeth Hurley came out with a swimwear line for girls, in, you guessed it leopard print. Sexy, exotic, tacky, classic, neutral… it seems that leopard print is the most polarizing of all the prints.

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Laptop sensation: Plantbook Have you ever spilled water on your laptop? Not a problem anymore! How about charging it with water?! Acne/Blemish Covering Make-up Acne/Blemish Covering Make-up I've had a lot of requests from people who suffer from acne asking me to film a tutorial on the best way to cover their skin with make-up, so I hope that all of you who have been holding out for it find it useful. With the help of my gorgeous (and brave to be filmed in super HD with no make-up!) Fashion Wallpaper* newsletter Register for our bi-weekly bulletin of the stuff that refines you By submitting your details, you'll also receive emails from Time Inc. UK, publisher of Wallpaper* and other iconic brands about its goods and services, and those of its carefully selected third parties.

Steve Jobs dead: Biography of Apple visionary By Jennifer Madison Updated: 06:41 GMT, 6 October 2011 Visionary Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs has died, aged 56. Jobs, who co-founded the technology company in 1976 with childhood friend Steve Wozniak, has lost his eight year battle with pancreatic cancer, Apple confirmed this evening. Top Ten Cult Fashion Documentaries In anticipation of the forthcoming documentary Mademoiselle C, which reveals the candid life of Carine Roitfeld, we chart the underexposed documentaries that have given us access to private codes and rituals of the fashion world. From Leigh Bowery to Don Letts, these are the cult moments that will always remain relevant. The cult at its finest: as Yohji Yamamoto prepares for an upcoming show in Paris, Wim Wenders captures the reticent designer in what is commonly a habitually private scene. An insight not just into the show, but the contemplation of the creative process: cities, cinema and identity that all play a definitive role in the final outcome.

Home Decorating with LED - the ultimate trend guide "Why LED?", people ask. Because... LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, bring FUN, FUNCTION and BEAUTY to home decor. On a more technical note... LED is virtually maintenance free - it rarely burns out; it lasts for 100,000 hours on average. 15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs We need umbrellas for sure during the raining day. While how many of you gusy do enjoy the time holding them? There are so many problem related to an umbrella, like dripping problem, storing problem, can’t handle strong wind… not mention most of them are black boring and plain. But those sorry basic so-called shields can be spectacular as well!

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