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CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet - Justin Aguilar How it works The CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet is a set of preset, plug-and-play animations for your web projects. All you need to do is add the stylesheet to your website and apply the premade CSS classes to the elements you want animated. The CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet uses CSS3 @keyframes and works on all the latest browsers (that's IE 10). Using CSS3 @keyframes, you don't have to worry about positioning the element to accomodate the animations - it will animate into place. The Ultimate Guide to CSS + Cheat Sheets □ - Level Up! - Medium The Ultimate Guide to CSS + Cheat Sheets 📑 Bradley Nice Jul 16, 2018 · 4 min read by Bradley Nice, Content Manager at — professional technical writing tool

UXPin Icon Set for Free Organize your prototypes with Layers Our Layers help you organize all elements on the canvas and give you a master view on all that's in there. Once you've got it all in place, it's easier to regain control. Layers give you more power to work on multiple elements, see them in order from top to bottom and arrange as you wish. Advanced Interactions and Animations A powerful tool for hi-fidelity designs and basically for any job where you want to show how things interact, behave and should feel to the user. Jesse James Garrett: Visual Vocabulary for Information Architecture Looking for more? My book The Elements of User Experience puts information architecture and interaction design in context for beginners and experts alike. You can now order the book from

Patterns for Style Composition in React While React is extremely flexible in terms of how you can structure your application’s UI, I’ve found that a few patterns for style composition have helped me keep things organized and easy to work with. These aren’t hard-and-fast rules, these are simply reflections on how I’ve come to organize components in apps that I’ve worked on. I’ve gravitated towards these patterns in an effort to: Create a well-defined visual design systemHelp maintain visual consistency across an applicationOnly deliver the CSS/styles needed to the client for a given UI – i.e. performanceIncrease the maintainability of visual stylesMake updates and iterations on styles easierMake legacy styles easier to deprecateCreate more readable componentsMake building out new UI easier and fasterKeep styles encapsulated to help prevent collisions and unwanted side effectsCreate an easy-to-use component API for non-front-end developers Stateless Functional UI Components render () {

HSL Color Picker; HTML Color Picker; Web, HEX, CSS, HSLa The HSL Color Picker is a simple, yet effective color workbench to generate color output and also to import colors for analysis and comparison. It has all the features you need for experimenting with the seven color contrasts in mind. The contrast of light and dark (luminance value), of hue (hue value), of saturation (saturation value & grayscale equivalent of luminance), of warm and cold (is the red or the blue value dominant?), of complementary colors (opposite side of the color wheel), of proportion (visual weight formed by the combination of hue and luminance) and of simultanious color (e.g. thin red and yellow lines form the impression of orange). With the HSL Color Picker you can quickly get the color codes from colors you'd like to use in other websites or desktop applications. The CSS output is an add-on for web designers who want to generate color codes for html documents with the possibility to take advantage of the new CSS3 color notation

CSS and Scalability Several years ago I got curious about how css worked at scale. When I first started out, there weren’t nearly as many learning resources as there are now. There were a few books that my friends lent me and a couple of decent blog posts. But CSS was still pretty new and most people hadn't started to think deeply or learn hard lessons about concepts of maintainability when working with teams on large web apps. CSS zen garden was a highly influential demo 'back in the day.' Most of my colleagues and I thought this did a perfect job at illustrating the power of the cascade.

Free textures for your next web project. Nothing like a field of beautiful flowers. Download Download These lovely water-colorful dots will make your designs pop. Download More leaves from another angle. How to get better at writing CSS - - Medium Let’s not beat around the bush: writing great CSS code can be painful. A lot of developers don’t want to do CSS development. I can do everything you want, but nah! No CSS. When I was building apps, CSS was the part I never enjoyed. A Beginner's Guide: Stepping Into Web Design Industry Perhaps you've got some experience in the web industry but unsure what to do next. Or perhaps you are new to web design and you’re just starting out. Whatever the case, you are not alone. There are many others like yourself who are still feeling their way around in the dark. The web design industry is a big machine.

Supporting Dark Mode in Your Website Working with and supporting dark mode is fun. However, it's not just for fun, it's a feature, and some may even say it's a necessity. This post will focus on how I implemented dark mode support in this website. Click on the top right toggle on this page to see it in action

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