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DigCitCommit DigCitCommit is a proactive approach to prepare students to solve problems and become a force for good. Join us as we shift the conversation from one of fear and negativity (don’ts) to one of inclusivity, empathy and action (do’s). Do you have great resources to share with thousands of educators around the world? 12 Best Infographic Makers for Building an Infographic From Scratch Infographics are such a fun and effective visual way to display information. We at Buffer have certainly used them quite a few times to share information. I always enjoy looking at them, but always feel like there is no way I could ever create one myself. Nonstop Virtual Presentations? Try Slido And Mentimeter For Real Audience Engagement, Employee Feedback Many seasoned presenters will tell you that the difference between a good presentation and a great one can be boiled down to two words – audience engagement. Anyone who has participated in a presentation (live or virtual) knows that attendee attention spans can dwindle quickly. In virtual settings the competition for an attendee’s attention is constant - from mental dialogue about a disagreement with a spouse to barking dogs or even a popup notification about the latest celebrity breakup.

66 Best Free PowerPoint Templates - Updated April 2021 Are you looking for the best free PowerPoint templates? After a quick Google search, you may have been overwhelmed with all your choices -- and too short on time to check them all out. Fortunately, today’s guide will help you find the right template to suit your every need. We’ve rounded up a healthy mix of templates that can be used for both personal and professional presentations so there’s something for everyone.

Netiquette Definition Netiquette is short for "Internet etiquette." Just like etiquette is a code of polite behavior in society, netiquette is a code of good behavior on the Internet. This includes several aspects of the Internet, such as email, social media, online chat, web forums, website comments, multiplayer gaming, and other types of online communication. While there is no official list of netiquette rules or guidelines, the general idea is to respect others online. Below are ten examples of rules to follow for good netiquette: The Internet provides a sense of anonymity since you often do not see or hear the people with whom you are communicating online.

for Education Make sure handwritten or printed text displays the right way around in your webcam recordings. Desktop AppOpen the recording menu, click on the three little dots in the upper corner, click on Preferences, toggle on or off the Flip Camera option for your desired effect. Chrome ExtensionOpen the recording menu, click on Show Advanced Options, check or uncheck the Flip Camera option for your desired effect. See How Make sure handwritten or printed text displays the right way around in your webcam recordings. Nine Elements 2. Digital Commerce is the electronic buying and selling of goods and focuses on the tools and safeguards in place to assist those buying, selling, banking, or using money in any way in the digital space. Career and technical education use the tools of technology to show students the path for their future.3. Digital Communication and Collaboration is the electronic exchange of information.

How Secure Is My Password? Entries are 100% secure and not stored in any way or shared with anyone. Period. As Seen On Creating and maintaining secure passwords can definitely be a hassle. One of the main reasons for creating this tool is to check to make sure you don’t get stuck in a rut using passwords that are easily cracked but rather, are using the best online password strategies. Send Log Report from Student Device – Dyknow Support Center When trying to troubleshoot problems with Dyknow, the best and quickest way to a resolution is to send a Log Report from the student's device. This document is a resource for Dyknow Administrators, Tech Coaches, and Teachers to understand how to: Follow the instructions below to send a Log Report from a student Chromebook device. 1.

4 Basic Design Principles Every Business Owner Should Know is CRAP! - Flottman Company. A BUNCH OF CRAP – but the good kind! When you own a business, you need to wear many hats. In addition to your management and leadership skills, you’ll also need to handle finances and become an official spokesperson for your business. But in today’s marketplace, you’ll also need to advertise your business in order to reach a wider target audience. FAQ: Is Dyknow Installed? – Dyknow Support Center For Dyknow Teachers to see student devices in their monitored sessions, the device-specific Dyknow Cloud Connector must be installed on each student's device. If a student's device does not connect to your monitoring session, please check for the Dyknow icon on the student's device; review the device-specific Dyknow icon locations below: Student Chromebook Devices Open a Chrome web browser window on the student's Chromebook device. Locate the Dyknow icon in the upper right corner (to the right of the URL bar) of the Chrome browser. Student Windows/PC Devices

Students Not Monitored Reports – Dyknow Support Center Dyknow's Report Selected feature enables Dyknow Teachers to create and send Students Not Monitored Reports when they are unable to see student device thumbnails in an active monitoring session. The Report Selected button logs this data and sends it to the school's established Primary Support Contact. If your school is using the Tech Coach Role, Tech Coaches will receive reports for their assigned campuses. Note: To ensure the correct point of contact at your school is receiving these Students Not Monitored Reports, please email Dyknow Support with the new email address you'd like us to use. This document is a resource for: