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How Do We Prepare Students For Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet?

Education has truly come a long way. However, it still has a very long way to go. Thanks to social networks like Twitter, teachers are able to collaborate and share resources like never before. But what about students? How do these well-connected teachers prepare students for the coming decades? According to Sir Ken Robinson , we don’t even know what to actually prepare students for. A recent talk delivered by Sir Ken Robinson has been transformed into an engaging and artistic ‘live animation’ by RSA and is embedded below. This discussions raises some interesting questions that I have personally been wondering about. So how do we adequately prepare students for what’s next?

THE FINANCIAL PHILOSOPHER Crisis Management and Communications Introduction Crisis management is a critical organizational function. Failure can result in serious harm to stakeholders, losses for an organization, or end its very existence. Definitions There are plenty of definitions for a crisis. Effective crisis management handles the threats sequentially. Crisis management is a process designed to prevent or lessen the damage a crisis can inflict on an organization and its stakeholders. Pre-Crisis Phase Prevention involves seeking to reduce known risks that could lead to a crisis. Crisis Management Plan A crisis management plan (CMP) is a reference tool, not a blueprint. Crisis Management Team Barton (2001) identifies the common members of the crisis team as public relations, legal, security, operations, finance, and human resources. Spokesperson A key component of crisis team training is spokesperson training. Public relations can play a critical role in preparing spokespersons for handling questions from the news media. Pre-draft Messages

François Magnan - Formateur Consultant Jack Reeds The Next Evolution consensus decision making. 02/08 by V RADIO follow Call in to speak with the host On this edition of V-RADIO we are happy to once again have Jack Reed of the Community Planet foundation to discuss consensus decision making. We will be reading from his book and then discussing the essence of consensus decision making. Tags: Zeitgeist The Venus Project Green Party Libertarian Jacque Fresco h:17838s:1527177archived Recommended For You Comments

6 Action Steps to Take When You Feel Financially Vulnerable EmailEmail A report released last week gave the shocking news that half of all Americans are financially fragile and would not be able to come up with $2,000 in 30 days without having to resort to borrowing money or pawning/selling items that they own. It’s apparent that it’s not just the poorest families that are financially vulnerable, many middle class families are also in the same boat. Ask yourself how easy would it be for you to come up with $2,000 to pay for a necessary car repair, vet bill or home repair. Be sure to account for all of your expenses, including ones that only come up once a year or so, like car registration fees and holiday gifts.As you write your budget, look for expenses you can trim or eliminate altogether. 3. Selling things you no longer need at a yard sale, eBay or CraigslistLooking for side jobs to earn extra moneyGo on a week-long spending diet Ask yourself what needs to happen for your financial situation to be sustainable in the long run. 6. Related Posts