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SUPAKITCH & KORALIE "Euphorie" Paris

SUPAKITCH & KORALIE "Euphorie" Paris
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Infinity Pools Dans le cadre de l’Hôtel Ubdub Hanging Gardens à Bali en Indonésie, voici cette installation de piscines à débordement sur plusieurs niveaux. L’ensemble de la surface surplombe la forêt luxuriante et la courbe des piscines s’adaptent aux formes des collines environnantes. See 16 Of Your Beloved Childhood Icons Reimagined As Psychopaths Barbie has become a literal man killer and Bambi has impaled the creatures of the forest on his razor-sharp antlers. This is the world of "Badass," a series of reimagined popular cartoons by French artist Sylvain Sarrailh. It's a world in which Babar is a drunken nihilist not above crushing hapless humans, Ronald McDonald is a lunatic who's just impaled Grimace and the Hamburglar and Denver the dinosaur proves himself an entirely unsuitable human companion. And for Sarrailh, it's a world that exists just adjacent to the decidedly fuzzier world we knew as kids. "I find some suffering or violence [in each character] and I multiply it by a thousand," he says. Sarrailh admits that the project might seem a little immature.

7 Billion People Une belle animation typographique, sur l’initiative du magazine National Geographic, pour le cap franchi cette année des 7 milliards en population mondiale. Un aperçu de la croissance et de ces tendances démographiques, de la géologie ainsi que les impacts sur la planète pour demain. CINEMETRICS Get a Skewed View of the American West Through These Bent-Horizon Photos - Atlas Obscura When English theologian and retired schoolmaster Edwin Abbott Abbott wrote his eccentric, satirical novel Flatland in 1884, he created a world populated by flat shapes: squares, lines, circles and hexagons forever trapped in horizontal lives, only able to escape through dreams or otherworldly transport to a third dimension. It’s an unexpected critique of Victorian class distinctions and constraints, and one that inspired modern-day photographer Aydın Büyüktaş to explore his own understanding of escape, in a series of collage images called Flatland and Flatland II. As an artist based in Turkey, Büyüktaş saw something in the colors and planes of the American West that spoke to his own view of overcoming constraints. Using his skills in 3-D animation and visual effects to assemble multiple overhead shots into seamless photographs, he does away with the horizon while simultaneously expanding and constricting the landscape.

ISO - No Fire Ride The Alien » Design You Trust – Social Inspirations! A worker checks the finishing on a motorcycle made from recycled materials of spare parts from cars and bicycles at a workshop owned by Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn in Bangkok July 27, 2011. Roongrojna, 54, creates his artworks from recycled spare parts from used cars, motorcycles as well as bicycles. With four shops in Bangkok named “Ko Art Shop”, Roongrojna also exports his artworks to clients all over the world. Artist Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn inflates air into the rear tire of a motorcycle made from recycled materials of spare parts from cars and bicycles at a workshop in Bangkok on Wednesday, July 27. Spread your love!

Polish Painter Who Learned To “Photograph Dreams” – His Works Will Give You Nightmares Let us take you on a journey through the curious mind of a Polish artist, Zdzisław Beksiński, who made a name for himself with his dystopian surrealism paintings, filled with post-apocalyptic imagery and nightmarish creatures. Show Full Text The artist is no longer with us to better explain the vast roster of over 300 of his works, but he used to say: "I wish to paint in such a manner as if I were photographing dreams.” And that is exactly what popped into my head when I first saw his paintings. Even, though, they utilize recognizable everyday objects, those are paired and arranged in ways only the dream world could sustain in a single picture. These unseen combinations gave birth to mind-bending scenarios, which do build an anxious feeling while looking at them.

Photographies animées en gif Jamie Beck et Kevin Burg utilisent le format d’image .gif pour animer des photographies, si l’utilisation du gif sur des photos n’est pas neuve j’aime beaucoup le principe d’animer juste un détail de l’image pour garder le coté photographique tout en lui donnant vie sans tomber dans de la vrai vidéo. Je pense que ce type d’images a un gros potentiel et pourrait devenir de plus en plus fréquent avec la dématérialisation des magazines. Plus d’images sur leur Tumblr, perdues au milieu d’autres trucs.