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Spherical Flying Machine Developed by Japan Ministry Of Defense #DigInfo

Spherical Flying Machine Developed by Japan Ministry Of Defense #DigInfo
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Getting space-saving furniture right: Resource Furniture Posted by hipstomp / Rain Noe | 20 May 2010 These days people bandy the term "space-saving" about in hopes it will make their product more attractive to us city dwellers, particularly since there are now more of us than there are rural dwellers. But much of the supposedly space-saving furniture I've seen merely transforms from one thing to another, often in a very clumsy way; to me those objects do two things poorly rather than one thing well, and their novelty outweighs their functionality. One company I've found that truly "gets" space-saving is New-York-based Resource Furniture, which distributes Italian brand Clei and other European furniture manufacturers. As seen above, Ron Barth, President of Resource Furniture (along with Trade Account Manager Challie Stillman) took some time out to give Core77 a personal showroom demo.

Urbee: The world's first 'printed' car rolling off the 3D printing presses... By Daniel Bates Updated: 21:54 GMT, 23 September 2011 The world’s first 'printed' car has finally rolled off the printing press. The 'Urbee' was made using a special printer which built up layer upon layer of bodywork - almost as if the car was 'painted' into existence, except using layers of ultra-thin composite that are slowly 'fused' into a solid. But unlike most 'innovations' in cars, this one won't break down after 5 years - Urbee is built to last 30. Project leader Jim Kor, told MailOnline today: 'For us, this unveiling was quite a milestone. Built to last: The highly-durable material used in 'additive layer manufacturing' is said to last for 30 years Underneath is a petrol and electric hybrid engine which helps make it one of the greenest cars in the world. Experts have said the car uses eight times less energy than a similar vehicle and can go can go 200mpg on the motorway. Kor says, 'We are a small group of designers and engineers in Winnipeg trying to make a difference.

Space for Kids - Décollage - À toute allure dans l'espace avec une bouffée de gaz Un modèle de test du nouveau propulseur DS4G (Dual-Stage 4-Grid) a déjà permis d'obtenir un faisceau d'expulsion d'ions atteignant 210 km/s, soit une vitesse quatre fois supérieure à celle des moteurs ioniques précédents. Par ailleurs, à puissance égale, la consommation est quatre fois moindre, ce qui devrait permettre de concevoir des moteurs beaucoup plus compacts que les versions actuelles. Bien que l'expulsion des ions fournisse une poussée si minime qu'un véhicule emploie des mois pour atteindre des vitesses élevées, ces solutions rattrapent sur la longueur les lourds véhicules spatiaux équipés de moteurs traditionnels. " En utilisant une quantité de propergol similaire à celle embarquée sur Smart-1, et avec une puissance électrique adaptée, les futurs véhicules spatiaux qui utiliseront notre nouveau type de moteur ne se contenteront pas d'atteindre la Lune, ils devraient être capables de quitter le système solaire !

Real robot Package Tracker Replacement: None. We're no longer building this board but check out our GPS evaluation boards and maybe you can get started on cooking one up yourself! This page is for reference only. Description: Ever wondered how the shipping companies treat your packages en route to the destination? Assembled PCB only - product does not include media, GPS unit, battery, or enclosure. Turn the Package Tracker on and the default firmware logs the date/time, GPS coordinates, temperature, pressure, humidity, acceleration and battery level once a second for later evaluation. The Package Tracker can use up to 2GB of flash (not compatible with high capacity SD cards). 1GB has the capacity for weeks of continuous logging. The board comes with a JST connector to be powered from our line-up of LiPo batteries or other power sources up to 7.5VDC. By cleverly using the sleep mode of the LPC2148 we were able to get the power consumption relatively low. Features: Dimensions: Documents:

Aldebaran's New Nao Robot Demo At the IEEE Humanoids conference early this month, I met the new Nao. The latest version of the popular humanoid robot, created by Paris-based Aldebaran Robotics, has a more robust body, longer arms, a more advanced motion engine, and a new head with improved temperature control, Wi-Fi communications, and audio input and output. In terms of software, Aldebaran improved whole body motion controls, voice recognition, sound localization, and face and image recognition (Nao can learn to identify objects like photographs and book covers). And the robot has now a "fall manager," which detects a fall is going to happen and positions the arms and legs in a more protective posture. To see a demo, I met with Aldebaran founder and CEO Bruno Maisonnier, who it turns out is a big geek. Nao was the first robot the company created. Next year, Aldebaran plans to unveil Romeo, an adult-size humanoid designed to help elderly and disabled people with everyday tasks. Maisonnier loves to show off the Nao.

Alternative Energy A Car that Runs 200 Miles on Compressed Air Home | About Us | Contact | Subscribe A Car that Runs 200 Miles on Compressed Air The Industry-shattering work of Guy Negre The Future Fuel is Air Imagine: It costs nothing to fill up your car with gas. All engines work with compressed air, but Guy Negre's work involves pressuring the air first, prior to it hitting the piston. For more Alternative Energy videos, click here See the complete catalog offorbidden knowledge tv videos About Us | Privacy Policy | Contact Suivre l’activité d'une équipe Kirobo: Toyota's Robot Astronaut Heading for International Space Station